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And by far. Holy shit. Just googled him for a few hours. Checked his papers, patents and resume. Blown away.

Doesnt smear boogers on the wall like that autistic closetfaggot with his unlimited tokens.

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welcome to the party anon

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Wait until you discover what i know about him.

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>brightest mind

If by that you mean absolute evil narcissist that views himself as a spiritual elite destined to guide cattle and working on a system that will facilitate that then yes you are correct

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Is it bad that I kinda have a crush on him. He is pretty handsome.

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He likes boys?

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Look at this beautiful man.

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Please tell me. I need fuel for my fantasies about him. Is he single?

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oh mama

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this is too much

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he reeks intelligence

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You're kidding. How did I never know this?

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Try to keep up

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How is this related to Ari?

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We can only spoonfeed you so much. Read the thread and look at all the images posted again.

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>flips ip

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mama mia

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I'm blind, just saw the first pic. I knew about sergey and all the weird Zelda game coincidences but didn't know about Ari, this would make for an interesting story if Satoshi is ever revealed as being Sergey / Ari / both

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Top kek

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He uses his pokeflute to wake Sergey when he dozes off.

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>everybody say hi Mr. Juels in this thread
Hi Mr. Juels!!!!

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please delete this thread, i need to accumulate

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That conference was so good. Ari sperging, toaster approaching Ari and Sergey and spilling spaghetti everywhere, Sergey breaking character for a sec to tell us he loves us

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ari, if you're in this thread, please kill my me first

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The term "proof of work" was first coined and formalized in a 1999 paper by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels.

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oh golly

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The thing about this is, he isnt wrong. Sure he is evil, but he is part of THE eilite. Ride his coattails or kys. Your choice. LINK will make you rich, and if you give a fuck about how it does so, you should start a charity instead of investing in it.

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Let’s not forget Team Rocket

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SergAri nakEminoto

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