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I feel good about this week. This will be a good week.


>Stock market Words

>Risk Management

>Live Streams

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings

>Suggested books:


>Weekly /smg/ update
Full playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3s0W8G-F7AdlU964_8WLh1YsCtQJ4lP1


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thank you baker
based upon your wording of 'investing' I'm assuming that you're looking at a longer than 3 month timeframe minimum
the #1 thing the company needs to have a reason to invest is that it serves a purpose that benefits humanity
the #2 thing the company needs to have a reason to invest is that you believe the price of the stock will rise, with a greater risk/reward ratio than investing in other companies
apply technical analysis for entry and exit, fundamental analysis for entry (and exit, if something changes where they lose their market advantage) sentiment analysis
look at their balance sheet and look at their equity growth, look at their change in EBITDA, look at their upcoming products / services and how they will capture market share
look at their debt and assets and assign probability to the likelihood of bankruptcy
if the stock has no volume, unless you have some serious reason to believe it has a novel feature / improvement to humanity stay away
if the stock has absolutely zero discussion/chatter about it I would also stay away - you want retail and institutions to both be in line - don't fight institutions, look at institutional ownership
use these sites
look to see if insiders within the company are buying or selling

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What do you guys do if you make some major mistakes and threaten your entire stack?

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I bought $10k worth of bitf.v
I hope I didn't fuck up

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Holy fuck it actually is the end of times isnt it?
Best ways to an hero? should I just go out guns blazing and crash my motorcycle at 190 into a semi?

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good. new thread, last one was full of dumb niggers with less than 20k in their accounts talking like they know wtf they are talking about.

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I saw a post earlier saying that if reparations are sent out to blacks we should long Yum Foods and Nike because all the reparations will be funneled into Jordans and Fried Chicken. is this a solid strategy?

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I’m NOT racist I just don’t like Niggers, simple as. Buy GHIV M8.

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Anyone else thinking of selling everything before eod Wensday?

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>trying to time the market

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Yeah, sell low, buy high

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AAPL actually, AAPL is the combined buying power of nigs, yuppies, boomers, and staceys

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Don’t do it. People sold everything before Election Day and missed out on a lot of profit. Shits priced in unless someone kills him in Minecraft.

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I am buying dips on anything in my watchlist from angry Qoomers selling
As I did for the election. And then for the various voter certification days. Everyone pillages Qoomers for their dwindling savings. EVERYONE

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What are some non reddit and /biz/ websites to discuss day, swing, scalping, investing mainly in equities. This place is becoming an arcade for coins. And no guru's and discords that just shill stocks.

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LVMH since they make Hennessy.
It's also Louis Vuitton.

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Haven't seem the AMRS shill here lately.


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Fuck clf

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Will you be buying ARKX shares, LEAPS, or if both, what %?

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I am buying puts for AMRS that expire after their earnings. The short squeeze ends when longs remember that AMRS has dipshit management.

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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sending bad vibes to this week stock market

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>got drunk and listened to a shark themed loli vtuber sing while I make nachos
For a nigger, MLK is alright.

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what cheapy calls should I buy.. inb4 CLF

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Any thoughts on the Stellantis debut tomorrow? 4th biggest car producer. Could be some nice dosh to be earned

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Almost certainly will buy, idk what strategy yet. I only buy shares but it might be time to graduate to LEAPs.

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Give it to me straight, it's going to be blood red tomorrow right?

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Doubles and TSLA opens at 900 tomorrow

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CLF to 100


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I don't know what futures mean or how to check them, I just look for the
wojak every day

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Doubles and TSLA enters a slow bleed for all of 2021 with EoY at 300.

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lol same. Though I bought it Thurs at its literal fucking high of the day so Im already down 17%. Though it regularly had 20% days so I just need 1 to be even

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if Manganese ever does a BLNK I'll be happy. other than that it's all whatever

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Last two digits of this post determine PLTR's closing price tomorrow

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mothafucka market aint even open how the tf did you get fucked

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Throw things and look up creative suicide methods.

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>shark themed loli vtuber sing

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holy shit he's right

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bros am I cute as a girl?

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If stockwits said it, then CLF is probably going to be the first stock with a negative value.

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So it’s too late to get in? Danmit

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Are my ARKx leaps gonna print?

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Are the Jews pumping the stock market to give themselves all time to get out and it’s going to randomly crash 75% soon?

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>shark themed loli vtuber sing
i literally googled it right now out of curiosity and got it first try

actually pretty cute if you ignore the vtuber part

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I would rape you so hard if you were a girl

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Stop shilling your stocktwits account here you fat retard

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I'd fuck the right

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Post the Excel export and brokers request for funds here, farm (You)'s.

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It's always been an arcade for coins, newfag

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what would you guys invest in with 5k?

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This is insider information, so don't go snitching on me to the SEC or anything...but here you go: https://www.investing.com/indices/indices-futures

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50/50 split NTDOY and CLF

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yeah that's the one

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5k? that means 10k margin to all in on PLTR

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Go back.

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enjoy the ponzi scheme.

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Gold and developing markets, the current shitshow in the US is going to collapse any day now.
Subhumans are literally saying inflation won't happen because "people don't expect it." Fucking retarded.

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is she japanese speaking english or am i being tricked by an english roastie

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Do you hate making money?

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Something that will give you the best returns with small risk. IMO I'd go for a small cap oil stock. Look how high the prices were during the Obama admin. Expect high as shit gas prices again with Biden. He already has said fuck off to the keystone pipeline.

I'd wait till after the 20th though. You never know...it's a small chance, but some fuckery may still happen with the election.

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guys can you redpill me on tesla stock? if i buy 2k worth how much will i have in 5 years? ??

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Without specific details.

I will be going away for 2-4 years. I would like to take the last bit of money I have and dump it into some stocks. Hoping it will grow while I am gone. I will not be able to actively tend to or manage my portfolio. I will have someone looking over it, but they won't be able to communicate updates in a timely manner.

I'm thinking of ARKG, ARKK, QQQ, ICLN, MSOS

I want to get into weed and psychedelic stocks as well as biotech and regular tech. Also REITs. I have my eye on quite a few individual stocks and quite a few ETFs.

I have less than 3k to use wisely. But I also have an aggressive mindset and relatively high risk tolerance.

Thanks in advance

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the same amount, now fuck off retard

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that's retarded

im buying NTDOY soon because everyone thinks it's normal that they have DLC/paid online/mobile games now

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CRSR $60 EOM screencap this

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100% PLTR

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What the hell are you fuckers freaking out about? Futures are moderately green. Did you short on Friday? Why the shit did you buy shorts on a -150 points nasdump day?

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About $3,076. Just don't sell it all In the first term of the Harris-Rice administration.

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Cry, usually

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People speculate it's Senzawa, but her times are in EST and JST, so she's probably at least American.

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They allow girls dressed like this in the stock exchange?

>> No.26177822

its predicted to go from 800 to 2700 in 3 years.

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We're having a laugh, mate.

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divide 2,000 by 825

now multiple whatever the product is times 0

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Jahy hopes CLF goes below $12 tomorrow

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> GetYourIron
Totally unbiased I see. I have a feeling we will meet again in few weeks.

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invest in cigarettes and xanax to smuggle in with you so that you can pay to avoid getting raped by the other prisoners. no amount of money will buy you a cure for AIDS my guy

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Careful for tomorrows bull trap

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Forget all that noise, unironically put 100% into TQQQ if you're guaranteed not to touch it for several years. It will beat any of those other ETFs.

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so you admit your post was retarded and pointless?

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I'm pretty sure they search the local colleges to pick out girls like this for trading hours.

>> No.26177932

It's required

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Holy fuck, I have 240 shares at 9 average, but im buying calls for next year next paycheck.

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>worth more than any other ticker despite all of its profit coming from tax credit sales
I am the Musk Whisperer. Here are the DEETS
1. TSLA admits they are wrong and starts putting Lidar on their cars (already happening now).
2. Fremont plant will not exist by 2024
3. German plant delayed into 2022
4. Musk starts selling shares in Q2 2021
5. R&D budget will go to zero

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Tomorrow's gonna be a rough day, I can feel it bros.

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>Always ignore this shit
>Follow this like
>See a video where she sings big iron

Yeah ok I'll give people a pass on liking this.

>> No.26178091

BFARFy bois [email protected]

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what the heck I have zero

>> No.26178132

What purpose do they have? To bang the rich brokers?

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ARKK leaps, set and forget.

>> No.26178138

whats your problem?

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Somehow.... the bull returned....

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I think I'll just shut down my tickers and do some actual werrk, wrook... weroek... You know the thing they make us do from home right now in exchange for salary. Damn it has been so long.

>> No.26178257

im in love already lol
her singing voice is actually good and cute

Her voice reminds me of a cartoon character and it really suits this christmas song

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>fomoing into waging HOURS before the market opens again

>> No.26178292

We're pumping all week the boomer on TV is just mad he didn't buy the dip.

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Buy calls man, this could be you

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tfw you missed the dip because the market didn't open

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I think I might buy X calls, since I hate CLF faggot with a passion but steel does seem to be increasing. X already doubled since November.

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>he didn't do his weekly 2 hours of weekendwaging from home so he can watch line all rest of week

>> No.26178336

What did that lad do?

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>can you redpill me about tsla
what do you want? it's talked about here frequently, same two camps of bull/bear you will find elsewhere. There's no redpill. Either you believe it is an overbought car/techy stock, or you think it is still undervalued because it is a musk/tech stock. No one knows when or how hard it will correct or pump in the next 2 years.

>if I buy 2k worth what will I have
>?? ?
you will have the same amount of shares at whatever the price is in two years
>but it is projected to be this much in two years
so you asked a question you had your own answer to already. My problem is that you contributed nothing and asked a question like a fucking refugee from /pol/ or a Rajesh who made some money off a shitcoin.

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what is this pattern called?

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>> No.26178377

whos account is that

>> No.26178405

I do "work" for other contractor on weekends frens. Must maximise the profits.

>> No.26178429

The Biden bump

>> No.26178437

the "I hope you bought the dip on friday"

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Forgive my ignorance. I'm just trying to make my future less painful.

If I do a 100% dump into a specific stock or etf, should I do it through a Roth IRA if possible to avoid greedy fingers of uncle Sam?

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>> No.26178469

Cuckshire Cumaway

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>> No.26178527

Some redditor

>> No.26178533

CDEV - short/medium term hold
PLTR - long term hold

Also throw 1k at some potential 10x chink stock like WEI or KXIN

>> No.26178546

i'm new to this, what stocks do you recommend?

>> No.26178558

Roth IRA if long term, if you're gonna pull out in a few years just use a trading account. I would always use Roth over traditional IRA. I have a traditional as well but use it for tax purposes to reduce my annual income to be in a lower tax bracket.

>> No.26178577

How many of you guys actually use margin? I've been investing for years but have never touched the stuff

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BB boys, I can feel it coming.

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How do you magnificent cunts feel about putting cash reserves into the ETF CTSH instead of in the bank?

>> No.26178593

You use margin if you short

>> No.26178597

Looking forward to SPCE moon mission tomorrow

>> No.26178627

it's so you can sell then buy something immediately instead of waiting for cash to settle
some brokers let people just buy shit with unsettled funds though

>> No.26178631

I prefer butter

>> No.26178640

Did you get convicted of something biz related?

>> No.26178643


>> No.26178656

Doesn't even beat the weekly inflation rate, much less the 3% rate of daily inflation

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bull trap until stimulus

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>> No.26178710

What’s GME doing tomorrow? Friday had me itching to sell off my calls

>> No.26178732
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Salmon moons tomorrow? Or dips?

>> No.26178745

MMEDF, but you'll need to smuggle a smartphone in your bussy so you can sell when it dumps

>> No.26178747

how does 32 sound?

>> No.26178756

In EU it went up to 42~, in MX it broke 50.

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first for I hate niggers and GME to the moon the official stock of white men

>> No.26178785

Splashes upstream. Then is eaten by a bear.

>> No.26178890

Okay, I'm seeing a massive dichotomy right now. I'm seeing a lot of people saying that the market is going to massively crash either Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'm also seeing people say that the market is showing signs of making a massive recovery on Tuesday or Wednesday. So which is it? Also, how is AAPL going to fair for the coming week?

>> No.26178891

investment time?

>> No.26178901

Gaming is dead in my eyes jim, look at a different market and never look back its all empty promises and broken dreams from here until the next wave of media hits

>> No.26178907

A coworker recommended GILT because of satellites. Is this stock undervalued by $3?

>> No.26178927

Ah yes. I would hope to touch my financial gains in a few years, if I need to use it. I just want to find a way to avoid or minimize taxation on anything.

Thanks for your help.

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>You know the thing they make us do from home right now in exchange for salary.
i dont know what you mean, usually people come to me and just hand me money

>> No.26178969

I'm a gambler now the cards and the dice and the lights speak to me
Is xrp a gamble I should make? Never dabbled in crypto
Also im gonna short GME, buy ARCO

>> No.26179008

>So which is it?
Only Allah knows the future, anon.

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Using margin is how you make it in a bull market. I started with 5k and have paid less than 150 on interest up to this point.

No options.

>> No.26179047

>The company was founded by Yoel Gat, Gideon Kaplan, Amiram Levinberg, Joshua Levinberg, and Shlomo Tirosh in 1987 and is headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Also isn't this just asking for Starlink to kill it?

>> No.26179078

7 white doves pattern

>> No.26179088

Green tomorrow niggers

>> No.26179101

Predicting the market will drive you insane. Stocks only go up, unless the company is going bankrupt

>> No.26179119


>> No.26179125

>short GME

>> No.26179145

Anyone looking at AABB? Penny stock atm but I think there's some good potential

>> No.26179163

Not here to shill GME or prevent you from buying it. Don’t fall into FOMO. A stock went up 85%+ in a week. There will be a pull back. If you believe in it long term, I’m not here to stop you, like buy as many shares as you can.

I know some of your retards are gonna lose in calls hard in the near future because of all the autistic hype.

>> No.26179191
File: 121 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20210118-200131_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26179220

Potential based on what? Also it's not just a penny stock atm, it's been a penny stock since 2003.

>> No.26179226

Good answer

I'm just hoping that it does better since it took a massive dump last Friday.

>> No.26179245
File: 1.31 MB, 952x720, zHpuzR_zcjfYPRJ_.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u guys are fucking mental

20 was a high point for gme
25 was insane
30 is out of control
30+ is squeeze and everybody back august wouldnt be foolish enough to put it above it

that was the extreme high end expectation

people always fomo in at the last minute just literally find a new meme stock and stop letting it linger around its dangerous to everyone

>> No.26179262

I'm a gambler baby

>> No.26179266

Doesn't really matter. Right or wrong, they always win.

I have done my DD on mmedf, cybn, numi, and ftrpf. Mmedf and cybn are my favorites at the moment. I could have my friend keep an eye on such stock investments, but that doesn't mean the sell will happen at the best time.

Ideally, I would dump mOst funds into a relatively safe and aggressive ETF or two. So many potential booming sectors. I would put a small percentage into some specific stocks. (Weed, shrooms, tech, etc) that I can hope will grow significantly.

I have a friend that acted on some smart decisions, years ago, while I sat on my money. He was able to buy a house.

>> No.26179275

i agree, if anyone believes in longterm then it shouldn't matter whether they buy in 3 months or 6 months
definitely no point FOMOing at the fucking spike

Cohen can reveal his hopes and dreams with GME but institution won't buy it until GME actually proves itself after a couple earnings

>> No.26179297

More good news? Nice, going to fall like a rock tomorrow
Just be careful with that shit

>> No.26179298

Clf is a scam

>> No.26179299

They just sold a gold mine and have lots of cash flow atm (50M Cash, 30M Gold Reserve). They are also working on crypto pegged to the price of gold (like USD was before)

>> No.26179321

What caused GME to short squeeze? Was it really wsb?

>> No.26179347

>They are also working on crypto pegged to the price of gold
This already exists with much larger gold reserves

>> No.26179376

Cat food man brought his friends.

>> No.26179379

I've actually never gambled before. It seems fun though

>> No.26179388

I think it was the Cramer tweet. That’s the reason I bought at open that morning

>> No.26179390

If you're gonna buy some shitcoin that's not bitcoin just buy GRT.

>> No.26179412

my guess: one of the hedge fund decided to finally cover but it triggered momentum and a squeeze on the poor retail short sellers

brainlets will tell you no one is covering yet but the volumes and price action was obviously a squeeze, just not a KODK-tier squeeze since only retail short sellers got fucked. Short interest doesn't change because new retail short sellers entered at the top

>> No.26179438
File: 84 KB, 904x864, annoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to bed green futes
>wake up to red premarket

>> No.26179471

I honestly don't know the difference at all

>> No.26179474

Does anyone else here wait with 500k in the bank for a mega dip?

>> No.26179486
File: 70 KB, 700x700, BFEF093D-ABCE-4829-80F0-C86F33222505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep, its been the inverse for almost 6 months at this point.

buy FUSE

>> No.26179490

I've basically had %30 growth in a half year being extremely lazy. But I need to get more income to get even richer faster. What do you niggers do for jobs?

>> No.26179506
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, 1574636481723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26179524

post holdings

>> No.26179546

I saw those headlines last year of people like you and supposedly how bearish it was that there was so much money on the sidelines. I thought it was the most bullish thing ever and went all in. I was right and made 7 figures.

Seeing your post makes me think 2021 will be the same :)

>> No.26179549

If tinny is saying it won't go any higher... it's going to 50. Remember inverse Tinny on any GME.

>> No.26179556

FUSE actually had a nice drop, so it might be a good buy tomorrow.

>> No.26179579

the next hour is absolutely pivotal for ethereum

>> No.26179584


Your 7 figures will be reduced to 2-3 before you'll be able to sell

t. morgan stanley insider

>> No.26179602

Why won't you fucking die?

>> No.26179606


>> No.26179607

scared money don't make money

>> No.26179622

why doesnt 4chan go public?

>> No.26179632


Fuck you!

>> No.26179633
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1276, wife_.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im not attacking gme it could go to 50 im saying theres better stocks just find a new meme stock

theres no reason to be in GME specifically anymore

its higher than any of our expectations several months ago

what the hell dude im trying to help

>> No.26179638
File: 68 KB, 620x675, 00CE50A4-41A8-4074-A914-3FAD3C7FDD16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. morgan stanley insider

>> No.26179642
File: 560 KB, 1108x1028, 1604279010462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop trying to FUD us already.

>> No.26179644

im learning about options and i'm not seeing the huge reward potential that people talk about. the only scenario i see for huge gains is if you buy a contract that you can't financially cover, but that's basically just russian roullette

>> No.26179647

imagine having 500k and not doubling or tripling it with 0 effort last year


>> No.26179662


>> No.26179666
File: 316 KB, 444x468, 1442706283694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought DCA'ing and bought 100 ARKF, ARKK and ARKG calls expiring between April and September

>> No.26179667
File: 209 KB, 750x755, F5016D7A-A244-4B69-98AA-3A82A1642F78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26179668

Thinking I don't watch the market literally all day and will just sell the first sign of actual trouble

>> No.26179681

lol you guys imagining such dramatic shit, sure corrections will happen but this is retarded

>> No.26179692

Yep, it's professional gambling.

>> No.26179695

Those are just the fomo tards. There are not many people in the EU or Mexico who know what's going on with GME.

>> No.26179701
File: 146 KB, 1200x792, canned food.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright lads. Remember to buy enough canned food to last you several weeks. In the event some emergency happens in the near future, the time to buy is now.

I'm not dancing for sheckles. I just want everyone to have peace of mind. I'm going out to night to buy my food for myself and my family. I suggest you do the same in the unlikely event there is an emergency.

>> No.26179706

The huge reward potential comes from contracts that go from intrinsically worthless to intrinsically valuable (or the reverse if you are a seller)

>> No.26179730

>30+ is

>> No.26179738

I'm not sure I believe that helmet would form an airtight seal with that suit. No wonder she looks alarmed.

>> No.26179767

Options themselves have value so even if you don't have the money to execute them you can just sell it for a profit/loss

>> No.26179787
File: 282 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20210117-125050_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Short it if you dare bobo

>> No.26179794

It’s fast money. I’ve boughten PLTR or PYPL months out. And it becomes a quick $100+ profit if it takes a stupid spike.

Not encouraging doing this, but it is fast money or big returns on stupid plays

>> No.26179795

Its gambling if you dont do spreads

>> No.26179811

>volume 2K for entire day
lol come on, don't take it too seriously
Similar thing with germany, ~19K volume

>> No.26179813

Let him lose money it’s his destiny. Isn’t it tinny?

At least you’ll pass through the eye of the needle :^)

>> No.26179830

this is my portfolio, will I make it?

>> No.26179833
File: 36 KB, 431x535, floyd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The key is to not be a retard buying weeklies. Leap calls on ETFs like ARKK or QQQ are legitimately free money.

>> No.26179875

wow. DENN holders from June are finally in the green

>> No.26179902

yes, if you sell PSTH on merger

>> No.26179919
File: 344 KB, 1400x980, free-roulette-table-vector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's more like roulette, but there's a fog of war. The wheel isn't a 50:50, and the more research you do the more of the wheel you uncover and increase your chances of winning. If you find more of the board black than red then you're betting on the chance it'll rise and vice versa. Not all of the wheel can be uncovered, but you can do enough for an educated guess. And the greens like 0 and 00 are those random off chances that fuck you over if you're betting a stock goes up or down

>> No.26179921

i make about 50k-80k a year selling covered calls on top of ETF appreciation. And im nowhere near what some of the folks on here do regularly just buying calls.
There is definitely reward potential if your willing to learn

>> No.26179924

Meanwhile stanky tankies never made a profit.
RIP /tsg/!

>> No.26179927
File: 6 KB, 250x373, 1597544250974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> /GC and /SI and /NQ moving in unison

>> No.26179928

BB bros how much we mooning tomorrow?

>> No.26179931

I bought in a few weeks ago but yeah its been making heavy moves upwards

>> No.26179939

Pro tip: Crude oil is about to take a tumble. Buy SCO to profit. You have been warned.

>> No.26179967

Im not attacking you fren.

>> No.26179987

We just had a mega dip in March 2020. If you couldn’t bring yourself to buy that dip, you will never make it.

>> No.26180012

>chink shit
no, you're never going to make it

>> No.26180013

But potassium pills also and potato's too offset the sodium

>> No.26180016

10k in Bitfarms. I'm strapped in, hope to go to orbit not hell.

>> No.26180033

If we do have a mega dip again it won't be over weeks, but over weeks or even years like 2008 was.
Imagine trying to time a "dip" in a years-long bear market.

>> No.26180040

$100k on WKHS calls in one day. Shit was cash.

>> No.26180046

Leafs, what did BB end at AH burger dollarwise?

>> No.26180070

>but over weeks or even years
but over months* or even years

>> No.26180093

what is this pattern called

TSX has no after hours, what you see is what you get ($10.37)

>> No.26180098

You god damned werk from home faggots are the ones begging the government to extend lockdowns. I hate you.

>> No.26180101

XRP is literally getting delisted off some exchanges tomorrow. Buy GRT and thank me in a year.

>> No.26180106

CLF to 100


>> No.26180114


10.37 USD, nothing impressive

>> No.26180132

Three years to buy the dip. Fuck it another 15 year bull run. Puts most of us into perfect retirement age

>> No.26180140


>> No.26180145

Based and prepared-pilled

>> No.26180155

ya I think you are confused on who is actually pushing lockdowns

>> No.26180166

do you own real estate yet? if you don't, do

>> No.26180168

That's still good then, I bought my calls around $10.50 so if we open up above 11 again I might just dump them and see what happens the rest of the day

>> No.26180169
File: 130 KB, 1079x698, Screenshot_20210118-173009_Kiwi Browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is THIS pattern called

>> No.26180177

no, that's still gambling. if you buy a call option that you can't fully exercise so you sell it, then if that person exercises it, you can't cover it.

>> No.26180182

based and bfarfpilled. did you see the news about them 'threatening' to expand to the US? they can't get enough electricity from syrup nigger power companies, apparently.

>> No.26180183

yeah I fully intend to sell off the day a deals announced
Yeah I thought so too then I went on this chink shit website, there were 1.5 million lonely ass china man watching this one heavily modified bug women sit there and do nothing. And they kept throwing money at her over and over again just to get her to read their name. The man idea behind it was i'm making a large bet on the chinaman becoming more and more lonely as their male to female ratio is terrible due to the lasting effects of the one child policy.

>> No.26180187

It's the Classic Fakeout Fakeout June 2020 Reflation/Inflation Knockout Market™

Based on technicals or are you a Saudi insider?

>> No.26180203

How’s UUUU looking this week

>> No.26180207
File: 44 KB, 500x667, 1603483354158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whew much better than the what it ended on friday. good thing I only panic sold a third of my stack. i can make up the loss and then some if i hold i think.

>> No.26180215
File: 488 KB, 1280x1280, 1610855268837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26180222
File: 1.41 MB, 220x146, Cyberstocks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.26180231

Bull flag

>> No.26180236

I'm actually long on CLF, and sad about it being destroyed on friday, it was more like a pessimist take when I said it will fall, I secretly hope it doesn't

>> No.26180269

Actual Saudi insider here, don't listen to that fag it's going to be the opposite.

>> No.26180290

Will do. Thank you

>> No.26180296

Options ARE gambling, but if you sell an option you have purchased then it isn't your problem anymore. You didn't write the call so it doesn't fall on you if it is exercised

>> No.26180299
File: 64 KB, 925x750, 1606685685752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The person that bought a bunch of uvxy, soxs, sqqq calls and shares is completely fucked pattern

>> No.26180303


>> No.26180329

i dont understand. if you're selling a covered call, and it goes up a lot, all you get is the premium when you could have just gotten a much higher selling price for your shares. if it goes down a lot, then you get the premium, but then the shares you hold are worth less. how would you make any real money from this

>> No.26180339
File: 46 KB, 639x607, 318CF9CD-EBD2-4D43-BA47-C2AD27E4E5D0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

50% into a safe ETF of your choice, 50% into high risk plays (you can split 30/20). I bet on PLTR at 12 and doubled down with margin when I saw its movement into 13-15. Rotated the money into NAV SPACs I was tracking along with the longterm ETF, de-leverage and re-leverage margin when appropriate i.e., SPAC rumors (hint: buy the rumor), catalysts, etc. Park money into ETF.

I'm holding PLTR and ARKG long. FUSE and BTWN risk plays.

>> No.26180356

kek, I saw that retard

>> No.26180366

They've got to set an example with someone.

>> No.26180370

Making America great again one organic diet at a time

>> No.26180382

>he'll get out when he's 60
Yeah ngmi

>> No.26180392

Technicals. Also the guy claiming he's a Saudi insider is a fag who knows nothing. My read could be wrong but I highly doubt it. Easy money in my opinion

>> No.26180394
File: 288 KB, 750x672, 1610843849326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>niggers literally declare downtown Portland a no-go zone and kill multiple people
>dindu muffins
>peaceful protestors storm the Capitol with their demands
>25 years without bail or parole
Your government is the enemy.

>> No.26180409

always was

>> No.26180421

Imagine wanting to be part of a terror attack in a country where you can go to jail for 10+ years for being caught with weed.

>> No.26180447

what did the viking hat even do ?

>> No.26180474

oooooooooohh..... I was thinking the liability to cover the option was whoever was the last person to sell the option, not the initial person who wrote it. that makes sense then. so you could pay a huge premium to buy call options to buy shares you cant afford, but if youre really really confident, it goes up and you sell the contracts for a much much higher premium, then your obligations are gone

>> No.26180498

No anon, the media already explained that all the riots over the summer were white supremecists false flagging. Everything bad is someone else's fault. Trust the party.

>> No.26180502

It's to protect large amounts of capital while slowly increasing it anon

>> No.26180504
File: 544 KB, 1521x1065, cunts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't you here?!?!? They were all going to run a giant rape train on AOC and she got really scared :(

>> No.26180531

>'m holding PLTR and ARKG long. FUSE and BTWN risk plays.
whats your margin rate? how much in $'s did you pay last year?

>> No.26180533

Actually stand up to the government instead of burning down liquor stores.

>> No.26180534

so bernie sanders is head of the budget committee

>> No.26180551

>as predicted, the last night of a 3 day trading weekend is slowly becoming Qoomers
Abandon general

>> No.26180574
File: 1.20 MB, 952x1332, 1610466156149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The media is part of the government and is the enemy.

>> No.26180601
File: 202 KB, 1062x1341, Screenshot_20210118-093214_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Thread


>> No.26180604
File: 57 KB, 645x588, 1603818523295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can understand having some of those to try and have a small hedge just in case line go down since the election finalization is coming up, but having ALL of those? :|

>> No.26180623

the point is to cover yourself if it doesn't go up that much. if you sell an out of the money covered call you guarantee yourself cash off the premiums plus you'll get to sell it at a decent price anyways.

>> No.26180640

Exactly, but you can just as easily get burned. The real way to play options is leaps (Buying super ITM long dated options) if you are super bullish on a stock. Look into what each of the greeks mean if you want to further understand options.

>> No.26180642

i am already holding these investments long term, you just sell them OTM and collect premium over and over. if it starts to get close to your stirke you have options to correct it, in most cases making even more rolling them out.
its the most consistent way to make alot, if albeit pretty boring. I mostly just come onto here to read other anons making fuckloads much faster

>> No.26180643
File: 131 KB, 459x448, 1608694365996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no cheapies tomorrow?

>> No.26180644

>if you don't support literal police state authoritarianism cracking down on legitimate protestors while encouraging violent riots in the cities you're a Qoomer
Kill yourself

>> No.26180678

Wow, nearly 90% of my portfolio is in puts. This market top is so insane. The government can't print off enough money to sustain this market. The corporations cannot sell enough to keep up with inflation. I think I might flip these puts into Kroger stock when they hit, unless anyone has a better idea, given that grocery stores are likely to be kept very far afloat in a stagflation scenario and have implicit value in their food supply chains. Even if the entire world switches to rice field farming you will need a centralized depot to send it too... which is basically what grocery store is. Although I say, it's pretty sad to me I feel like worst case scenario population armageddon makes the most sense to plan for. It turns out threatening people with nuclear annihilation begets others threatening nuclear annihilation on you as well.

>> No.26180735

it's an ETF though, wouldn't something that exhibits stable growth like an ETF be the worst thing to sell calls on? i guess if you're selling at really high strike price

>> No.26180738

Not likely to do much since Manchin is the swing vote.

Now 2023 when the post-amnesty Senate has a few more senators from blue states like Arizona and Texas...

>> No.26180739

I only use short positions for day trades right now, otherwise in this clown market you're just begging to lose money

>> No.26180743

Where were you on Friday?

>> No.26180750
File: 270 KB, 1920x1200, ss-tether.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are any of you worried about the whole Tether situation? When they get exposed for all of their fraud, all coins are going to plummet. Sure they'll go up again after that, but I'm thinking I'll pull out before then.

>> No.26180763

No, I didn't. I didn't buy the barf, bought bitf.v cause I'm a maple

>> No.26180778

Don't worry, lean hogs will probably dump 6% for no reason. Get some cheap piggies anon.

>> No.26180801

"the exchange went offline when there was buying pressure"

>> No.26180818
File: 154 KB, 558x743, 1609876382496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not cheap enough

>> No.26180841


>> No.26180902

I buy UVXY calls when its down -7%+ on the day and sell the moment it goes green. Sold my calls on Friday for a small gain. Luckily I haven't been burnt yet, but red days don't seem to last long right now.

>> No.26180929

RH. Rate went from 5% to 2.5% kek. Like I said, less than 150 total in interest since I started last summer.

>> No.26180955

Second or third time seeing Tether FUD since being in crypto. Nothing significant has ever happened. Maybe this time will be different, but I'm not worried at all. Still long on MARA.

>> No.26181016

>you could have just gotten a much higher selling price
That's why you only sell a call on a return you're comfortable with. If you think 20% a month is a good return, then selling a call for next month with a 20% higher strike on something you own just makes sense. Worst case scenario you gain 20.3% or whatever on your money, best case scenario it goes right below strike and you make 19.9% or whatever. There's literally no downside, people buying calls out of the money are trying to time the market and you're making extra money off of them by simply having clear cut price targets, independent from whatever the chart "looks like" to you

>> No.26181238

i gotcha now. yeah that makes sense. problem is reliable ETFs usually have a high spot price and options have to be 100 shares, only have 10k :( but yeah if i ever have tons of money and just want easy income, thats a really good strategy

>> No.26181269

I'm simply wondering who is pushing the tether FUD. If it's banks, then it's bearish because it means China is pumping bitcoin and banks want to shut it down. If its exchanges, then it's bullish and means bitcoin is going much higher in the next year. I have my bets on bearish, just because the bitcoin rally seems to be the most unanimously agreed on trade I've ever seen, which is usually a bearish signal.

>> No.26181426

aye thats a bummer, but we all started there.

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