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>tether no where to be seen for days since 15th
>btc price starts falling
>tether just transfers 30 million, probably their reserves
>bitcoin dancing at 35/36

Its gonna drop to 12k. Tether is a scam and its so clear that the fact that everyone just yells "hurr durr 4 years" means they lack any argument.

We are gonna get an announcement from the AG and its gonna trigger a sell off.

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you had 10 years faggot

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Me in the background

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And I have been buying and selling. I love my BTC, I hate Tether cucks and scam artists

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You will never be loved by jesus

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tether cucks have no actual responses literal NPCs, did you just buy your first btc yesterday?

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Is that the Bogs daughter?

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There is no proof most of the USDT is unbacked and directly used to pump btc, but there is also no proof it is not. All speculation. What I can say is that if it was entirely propped by Tether I think it would have already crashed, instead it's holding decently.

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Have you noticed that USDT Market Cap hasnt fall since October 5th? Tether just prints tokens and buys BTC, this market is rigged.At this point BTC only goes up if tether decides it

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luckely for me I went 50x during the past 5 years while you tether faggots stood on the sidelines posting fud.

im so glad i never listened. if it collapses now i already profited big neway.

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