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So how can you retire on it?

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In what normal city you don't get a house for 1M you absolute fucking retard

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i can get a nice cozy 2 story in a nice neighborhood here for <500k idk what ur on about

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also ugly bitch

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It's faggots like you that don't understand anything at all.

>Live in the city

You lose.

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>he considers Libland, Commiefornia "a normal city"

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This bitch is so fucking ugly, those breasts are wasted on her.

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Not everyone wants to live in a city.

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London, SF, NYC, STockholm, Munich

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are you guys gay?

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It's almost like...... you shouldn't be living in a city.

It's better to live just outside a small town that has all of the essentials.

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I found a house in cali under 1M in the first search result

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I plan to FI / hodl cryptos then move somewhere rural and pretty where housing is cheap. Cities are modern day slave plantations for wageslaves who are fed the illusion of freedom.

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no, theyre' racists, Lol.

she's no model but come on, she's def. fuckable. i know i would.

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This isn't true, and $1mil houses is abnormal basically everywhere that isn't the west coast. The average price for a house in my city of around 800k people is $250k

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those aren't normal cities you fucking stupid dweeb, you just listed some of the most expensive cities in the world. nobody with a brain as small as yours will be able to afford a house anywhere

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this is a normal london house for whats like 1.2M

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>our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better aka the more you make, the more we take
Kek how is this a selling point?

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>in a normal city
Cities are full of subhuman trash.
Living 10 minutes away from a city is where it's at.

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ratchet face and feet. only tits good.

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Ya but London isn't a "normal" city. It's one of the most overpriced cities on the planet. This is like saying
>The average price of a car is around $150k
And then pretending that lambos are your regular everyday car most people drive, and linking supercars to back up your claim

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OK then, What I meant was maybe then a "normal house in any city". and this is where the jobs are too

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by not living in a normal city

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Why would you do this to yourself? London is great to spend 1 week per year in, it gets depressing afterwards.
> SF
> Stockholm
You can definitely find cheap housing near the outskirts, also kek
> Munich
with German autobahns you can live 80km away from Munich and still be like 20 minutes away from the city center. The city itself is filled with turks and other roach-y specimens anyway.

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why do you give a fuck about jobs if you're talking about "making it" aka not wageslaving any more?

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You can get a pretty comfy house in my neighborhood for less than $1M (safe, white neighborhood in NYC). You won't really get any land though but it will have a yard and a garage. Id rather pay half that and live out in the suburbs on several acres though.

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show me fren

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With that money you can buy 17 houses with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in my country in medium cities

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This, plus "normal" cities attract the lowest scum on the planet.
We all get the appeal of NYC and we'd all dream of living there like OP does but people around you > building around you.
They'll learn.

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Look up houses for sale in Woodlawn and North Riverdale in the Bronx. Metro North and Express Bus service to Manhattan.
The Bronx gets a bad rap but because of that the nice areas are still relatively affordable.

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S(he), makes me gay nigger nigger nigger

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Leafbro here, just found out I live close to a nuclear plant in my retardedly crowded city. This will surely go well in the future. I can't go further north because there is another one. FUCK

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It has a higher capacity than chernobyl so everyone within 50km is toast. Beyond that it's cancer

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Those aren't "normal cities". Those are "world cities". You can get a nice house for 300K in most cities.

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Every anon dreams of moving to SF or NYC after he/they make it

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that's a good way to die

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Yes, most anons are poor and suburban. To make it = to move to the city at last.

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Just get a house in Staten Island desu

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people are fleeing NYC by the hundreds of thousands

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"Making it" for me is being able to leave the US and never return.

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just white beta male cucks. would bang 6.8/10.

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I'm sure Tottenville is super comfy but I've barely been there. I'd rather live outside the city limits where gun laws are slightly less restrictive. Either the Hudson Valley or Fairfield County Connecticut. The only thing that living somewhere like Staten Island has going for it is low property taxes.

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if you want to live to the fullest in a major city you don't retire on 1m, duh

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guys I live in california why is everything so expensive

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Anon, we both know you'd move to the Bay Area if you had the chance...

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What do you want in one of this urban hellholes, degenerate consoomer retard? You zoomer assholes should really be gassed. All of you.

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but if you're smart and value time primarily, 1m is enough to last for the rest of your life
not to mention if you keep in bitcoin, you'll have 100m+ in 5 years

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Cities aren't for retirement.

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where is peak value for money friends?
i can appreciate country living as well as the onion hustle and bustle. Prefer warmer states but would consider elsewhere. No 3rd world recommendations please.

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nah i don't take the city pill. 8m networth, live in a dirt cheap smalltown. visit cities when i get the urge only

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What an absolute fertile and gorgeous milky Latina mommy
>ugh unf *sniiiiiiifffffffffffffff*
“Your mammaries feel so soft and smell so good through your sweater my Latina queen”
>unnnnnffffffff *SNIIIIFFFFFFF*
“What’s that? You want to March down Broadway with signs? Okay mommy but let me get a quick drink if your breast milk mmmmmfffff baby so thirsty thank you mommy Cortez”

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you can buy a rental for 300k that generates 2k per month cashflow
you can get a room for 500 and food, exercise etc for 500 more. you are now retired on 300k.

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Eastern Kentucky looks ridiculously based
they do have winters but it's probably not nearly as bad as the Northeast or Midwest

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>London, SF, NYC, STockholm, Munich
You don't live in cities like that when you're retired. People move to places like that for their careers and then leave.

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theres work with rentals fuck that

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Nuclear is safe, its not the 60s. Nuclear >>>> (((green energy)))

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More like leave the city at last. Cities are decent to visit, trash to live in, unless you must to wageslave

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Why are you shilling cities so much fag. If Sf, LA were so good why are they leaving to shit up all the uncucked states?

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Literally any first world capital.

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You can easily get a decent house for 1M in London.
It won't be anything glamorous, but it will be an upper-middle class dwelling.

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Ontario? I still wonder about the emergency alert we received last year.


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Who the fuck want to retire in London? Dirty city, animals on the street and far everywhere

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(S)he looks like AOC. Hard pass

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i can buy total mansions for 1MM with 10 acres of land in 99% of the smaller cities in the USA.
not sure why u are a big city faggot but kys pls.

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In Lisbon you can easily find nice 300k euro houses, and you also pay ZERO TAXES on crypto.

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