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how do people get rich off crypto?
i bought and lost 20% in my first week

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1. Buy Chainlink
2. Wait

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buy high sell low

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you buy shit like LINK at ico and wait 4 years

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That is exactly how.

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zoom out

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Most of us held for years through crazy pumps and dumps. We deserve it right now.

Kek @ your expectation to make it after 1 week. Prepare to hold for years or gtfo.

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You buy high, I sell high. You lose money, I get rich. Understand?

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But in reverse

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You didn’t buy AVAX last week? You’d be up !00%

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It's all about luck, just like in a lottery. You have to be lucky enough to pick the right coins.

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this,most people lose,everyones is getting rekt and larps,only 1% make money

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20% is pretty normal
If you hold a legit project, chances are you'll be in profit in 1 years time.
If you swing, get in and out fast, especially if it's a low-cap.

It'll take you a while to become familiar with the patterns.

You'll find that holding over time out competes swinging. I'm in profit from swinging the past year but had I held onto my original portfolio I'd have 5-6x more cash. Just a heads up.

t. Got into crypto in 2019, up 32k.

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Dont day trade. Just watch charts until you see a good entry and then buy, hold and sell after you get at least a 2x.

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Pay attention. Investigate everything that is shilled here. You easily find the 80% scams (usually doesnt take more than a quick look at website/whitepaper). The 20% decent projects will typically 2-5x

My API3 stack (schilled here a lot) just doubled today

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Did you sell or hold though?

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by not buying the top

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Be patient. If you’re serious about improving your financial situation, do some research, buy a stack, and sit on it for a couple years.

If you just wanna play the trading game, that’s fun, but it won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

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Daytrade feeds that gambling dopamine high, but that's about it

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Buy low sell high
That's it
>t. 40% up in the first week of crypto

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Started in 2019 up $220,000. All in chainlink because of the memes and because I realized it was destined.

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you are doing it exactly correct Op.
wait, this is still 2014, right?

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Right after the big $1k crash

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>Have hodlbag
>take note of whether it's bitcoin season or alt coin season on the index
>go all in on sure bluechip bet which after a halvening is bitcoin
>take note of corrections in past cycles and watch BVOL1M and logarthmic growth curve like a hawk for parabolic breakdown
>buy dip with hodl bag that was sold at top after minimum of 30% drop
>have swing bag ready for you could be going through this period for two weeks
>wait a month or so till next correction to do it all over again except now you've diversified into DEFI
Also utilize these charts:

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It takes YEARS to moon faggot

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The dumbest post on /biz/ in 2021 (so far).

If you buy Bitcoin or Ethereum 1-2 years ago, you would at least have x5 your investment.

Chainlink, being chain-shilled 24/7 for 3 years on /biz/, literally the most talked about project by far on this board, have done a x200, if you bought in a year ago, you would have x20, if you bought in two years ago, you would have x40.

the idea that only 1% can possible make money is beyond retarded, the reverse is the case, only 1% are unable to turn a profit over a 1-2 year timeframe.

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Basically buy and hold and fuck bobos and haters.

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>how do people get rich off gambling

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1. dont buy the top
2. see 1.
3. if 1. is still too hard for you, at least hold and dont sell the dip

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Ok thanks for your comments folks.
The question now remains: do I buy more bitcoin?

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dont sell at a loss
its that easy

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buy GRT for a 2-3x in next couple days, keep some GRT in to hold long

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BTC is always worth buying but it may not always be the best coin to buy for the most gains. If you're willing to wait though BTC has never failed to push higher eventually.

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Is Cardano considered a decent project?

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this. also since we're down from the BTC ATH it's not a terrible idea to buy now.

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you dont get it do you?

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>he doesn't know

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Buy low

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Where can I buy XSN?

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Yes. It will only keep going up IMO

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1. Buy Bitcoin, by which everyone sane means BTC
2. Wait.

That's it.

Don't trade shitcoins.

Don't trade, period.

Just relax and give it a minimum of four years.

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i bought and lost 90% 2017/18
more like 98% if you count unrealised gains
not joking

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I literally FOMOd into chainlink a year ago and I thought I was lucky. I bought XRP, at .17 and sold at .60, I fomod into GRT At .10 and sold at .73. You have to be a retard to not get lucky once. I have yet to be burned, but I would not off myself if I had a 20% drop cause I know chainlink will be at least another 5x before I get my engineering degree in 3 semesters

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You LOST 90%? Literally how

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link dumping to 10c

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And you sold low? Why?

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Literally this

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unless you area TA autist it's impossible to know if the bottom or top is in

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i didnt sell
but i lost from where i bought to where it ended up
im up a lot now
im just saying it's possible to recover from obliteration by picking good investments

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hold and dont sell the price will go up

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You just have to wait. The hodl meme is unironically true. I've lost out on so many pumps just because my greed and add got the best of me. Luckily I hold 10 xsn masternodes so it won't matter in the end.

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Time or insane luck. I put 400 in october 2017, saw it go to 3.5k in january and held like a newfag retard. Nine months later I had 600. But I kept holding and buying good stuff. Now I am at 20k.

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By scamming and shilling.
Have you seen this board? Have you seen all the absolute trash projects that people put their money in?
Crypto is gambling.

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Yeah but next week you'll gain 40% if you don't have the patience of 3 year old

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It's hard to tell the pajeet coins from the real ones. So far I have lost money on
>SBREE (got a lot of profit from it but then it went to 0)
>COOM (this one was pretty obvious but fuck it)
Coins that have given me decent profit

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What website would you recommend to observe crypto charts. Thank you in advance anon

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>coom was real
hahahah wtf bro

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dont forget BRAP
i still have 200m BRAPPERS

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>It's hard to tell the pajeet coins from the real ones
it really isn't

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Anon. Lock your bank account. If you can’t tell that those are Pajeet coins you need to leave. If there is a thread for a coin that doesn’t have a white paper, or the only conversation is about price then you’ve found a jeetcoin

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You buy 0xBitcoin.

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Not gonna lie, there were TONS of other coins that I knew look scummy and didn't buy into, as expected they also went to shit, but they get you with stuff like "this is a new coin, it's worth nothing now, imagine all the gains if it gets to 0.1 cents, easy gains".

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Exactly, it takes newfags way too long to learn that it's this simple.

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It takes a good several months before you start to get the hang of this game OP. You’ll need to take some hits before you start to make it

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honestly if you buy any shitcoin under 5 cents that has a non anon team and a decent whitepaper/vision that isn't retarded youll probably make money

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No it's absolutely not.
Believe it or not, but some people are able to identify repeatable patterns and predictable trends.
Been obvious for 12 months anything DeFi will moon Year of the Bull.
Same with Polkadot dApps.
Same with Cardano.
How do you get Polkadot dApps?
Polkastarter. Biggest nobrainer in crypto.

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they get lucky is how.
or through scams, or pnd.
big guys through manipulating the market.
go play in a casino if you want to gample, your money will be safer.
alternatively, read a lot. and i mean a lot. then decide if you like any and put some money down.

personally, i don't like any because they are not physical, fully traceable (most of the time) and require a form of id to trade on non-scammy sounding platforms, and have to be held centrally, or are highly prone to loss. in other words, not for normies.practical use.

if you can find one that has a practical use, and that i can use to pay a hooker, a cleaner, a mechanic, a priest and at the till (or equivalent) with, then i'll start considering it as having potential.

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You could cash out in increments or in time, enough to buy yourself a 200k house, what are you talking about? You can cash out ez.

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It's real simple: browse biz before summer 2020
Oh wait, you can't do that anymore, that's in the past

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tradingview, uniroincally.

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never buy at peak euphoria

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>do I buy more bitcoin?
If you don't mind waiting 2-3 years to see major returns then yes buy BTC. Bitcoin is the most reliable, but slow way to get gains as the major gains usually come when the price of BTC starts climbing around after every halving. If you look at this graph you can see there's still major potential with BTC for the next several years.

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Pace yourself.

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Cryptowatch blows tradingview away. Cryptowat.ch

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Most of the retards here are bragging about gains from a bull market. Literally 90% of crypto is pumping, you'd have to be actively trying to fuck yourself over to not be in profit right now. They'll all turn quiet when there's a decent pull back in the market.

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