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bald and gay

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Ok boomer

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this guy is the type of person that is an ugly freak but copes with it by thinking hes super smart

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seething poor

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I like it when the nocoiners get creative with their cope

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Pretty accurate desu

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no one gives a shit about twitter

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yes, and besides that, it will be the new economy based on solid and proven tech

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that's a woman

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twitter is the intersection of people who dont know they are collosal faggots but are and people who will never be a women but think they will

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I dont care if hes right im making money and thts literally all that matters

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I have a degree in computer science and got a 5 on my AP economics exam. Crypto has some problems to solve in terms of speed but it's a good idea that world governments will latch onto one day. For now, it'll make me rich.

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if corporate life taught me anything, its that nobody actually knows what they are doing and everyone is just winging it. If they say they do, they are full of shit.

so I agree with the other retard. bald and gay.

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look at that gyno lmao holy shit
imagine taking an estrogenic freak seriouslt

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well judging by the minimum wage threads around here the first part of that statement is definitely true

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Sweigart means jew?

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i think the guys who tweeted that understands much much less about economics and technology than he believes he does.

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Can't speak to the CompSci part, but I can the economics.
He's right
He's wrong, likely the future of finance as it does a lot of things the field can't do right now.

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This is startlingly accurate

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fake it til you make it. applies to everything, I am an IT contractor for $47/hr and have no idea what I'm doing most days. And they ask me to do presentations and never figure it out that I'm retarded.

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Work at FAANG, and cryptocurrencies present a lot of interesting problems at the forefront of research, IMO.

Can’t speak as much to the economics side, but it seems like Bitcoin has some fundamentally flawed assumptions built into its foundation, and I doubt it wins out long term.

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>Mfw senior software engineer at 200k a year
>Most days have no idea what the fuck I'm doing
>Spend most of the day watching YouTube or fucking my girlfriend during breaks (thanks covid)
>Eventually stumble my way into a working solution
>They praise me and give me more money
Nobody knows what they're doing and that's a good thing.

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bitter narcissistic nocoiner who cant cope with others being more successful than him

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the cope is so big with this one

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>Financial profits are only for "institutional accredited finical experts" Jews

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found the brainlet nucoiner

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studied CS
most students didn't know wtf they were doing
now working
most workers don't know wtf they are doing

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Really it’s 10% cypherpunk libertarians/ancaps and 90% scam artists and get rich quick retards.

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Sounds accurate but I'm making money for now so whatever. I don't believe in crypto in the slightest, desu.

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Twitter is the intersection of people who don't know politics but think they do and people whose opinions don't matter and think they do.

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This sounds like me, how do I become a professional?

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This tweet is the intersection of:

1) Having fun
2) Staying poor

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no coiner cope

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Crazy to think there are people on this board right now that do not hold 1 Bitcoin.


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I have a graduate degree in economics.

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it's true, no one buys shit with BTC. You "legally" have to pay capital gains tax, sales tax and currently a $7 transaction fee just to send it. Or you could use a credit card and get 2% back...hmmmmm......

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The biggest detraction to bitcoin as a currency is the logarithmically declining rate of inflation. We still see price effects because of that, in part. It discourages spending, which can slow down economies. It also discourages lending at reasonable interest rates. Given that bitcoin appreciates against the dollar around 800% per year, any lenders would realistically need an interest rate in excess of that 800%. Otherwise, why take the risk? It is the best performing asset of these past ten years. Right now no one should rationally choose to invest their bitcoin in anything else in a hypothetical world where bitcoin is the standard currency. There's also the problem that it's slow.
Regardless of these things we've had it pinned as a haven for years. Non-correlated asset. However you want to think about it. That is the application that makes the most sense.
I also think we're going to continue seeing volatility decline and the price range will stabilize, but I don't know where or when. You're going to see it trade like gold someday. Provided nothing external and materially adverse happens.

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