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>send $100 in BTC to my grandma in Europe
>pay $20 in transaction fees

Tell me why I should bother with using BTC as a currency, especially now that $30k is the floor and this shit will be $100k in a few years.

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For avoiding capital gains tax desu

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Same transaction fee as my bank would give me. Switch to ETH

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still have to pay CGT when you purchase goods and services dude

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You should have bought tomorrow. BTC will crash to 28k USD in 15 hours from now.

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send $1,000,000,000 to myself, $20 transaction fees, no paperwork, no need to disclose shit to anyone, transaction can't be blocked.

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>the gubmint will track down every chicken bucket and pizza you bought and didnt pay CGT on

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use ethereum faggot
or wait for sunday when fees are lowest.

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bitcoin is deflationary and thus literally destined to fail as a currency

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that's the thing they actually will lol

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>no need to disclose shit to anyone,
lol imagine actually believing this

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>wants to send money across borders
>doesn't need massive liquidity pool because it's only $100
>I know, I'll use bitcoin, the system that can only handle 4 tx/s!
>wtf why is the fee so high?
>didn't realize he could manually set the tx fee to whatever he wants, even zero, and given network congestion it might even be processed with no fee

Basically you're a fucking idiot OP. If you're sending small amounts, use an altcoin with more transaction capacity and lower fees so long as there's a crypto-fiat offramp available to the recipient. In Europe LTC would have been an easy choice. For only $100, even DOGE would have worked, the only problem would be getting your grandma on an exchange that accepted it.

Bitcoin only has one real advantage over altcoins at this point: its massive liquidity pool. Bitcoin is accepted on literally every exchange and orderbooks are deep enough that sending hundreds or even thousands of bitcoins won't appreciably change the market price. Effectively what you did by using bitcoin to send $100 (which of course you probably did fiat-crypto-transaction-crypto-fiat) is like chartering an entire panamax cargo ship to ship your laptop overseas. Use the right tool for the job next time.

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>lol imagine actually believing this
lol imagine actually believing this

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Use eth or stellar or some fast shitcoin on coinbase or bitstamp so she can cashout

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>he thinks the mempool clears every day

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Tx fees:

BTC: $10
ETH: $6.40
LTC: $0.03

>Just use ETH bro

Genuinely laughing here at how miserably fucking stupid this board is

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It's literally $1 right now faggot.

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Send a different coin genius, if you’re grandma hasn’t figured out how to swing trade shitcoins at this point she’s Ngmi

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I paid 0.70$ for a BTC transaction yesterday.

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Yes, but in a lot of countries, you only pay CGT when you sell for fiat and don't pay any on crypto-crypto trades.

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I wouldn't use LTC at gunpoint

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ETH: "$1"
LTC: $0.03

>Just use ETH bro

Genuinely laughing here at how miserably fucking stupid this board is

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If you make your money in BTC you stop worrying about timing its value in usd and you just buy things.

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>he unironically volunteered $20 for his transaction
Aaaahahahah you execrable mong you are ngmi

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I said might. I'm fully aware of how the bitcoin protocol works.

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look at the backed up volume, markets open, cryptos well below ATH in incredible bull market season, reckon on big gains tomorrow

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Whatever if OP has ETH and has no LTC like many fags on this board, exchange fees will eat up more than $1.

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also use lightning next time mong OP

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use a hardware wallet. tx fee is like 20 cents. exchanges rip you off homie

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>Send 100$ in btc as a gift
>Receiver cashes out 150$

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It's $100, if you don't have that much cash on hand, you need to rethink your life.

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transfer nano to your grandma phone, convert it back to BTC and pay just the exchange fee.

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>uses NANO
>grandma receives transaction immediately
>no fees
BTC transaction delays are so long that grandma can literally forget about it before it confirms

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have fun staying poor

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>30k floor
A-Anon, I...

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