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After 4 long years, its finally time.

XRP was the sacrificial goat, because its now dead and delisted crypto is allowed to thrive again. You will not be missed, kikes. Thank you SEC.

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>XRP was the sacrificial goat, because its now dead and delisted
something something pheonix something

>Thank you SEC.
something something tesla amazon etc were also sued by SEC, look what happened... something something

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Heil Hitler niggers!

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Cant compare.

Smile because it happened

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Every time I see an XRP fan in youtube comments, they're always doing weird numerology shit and linking it to bible passages

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If XRP becomes a security, all the alts are dead and we’re stuck with BTC BCH LTC

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What is even the point of XRP? What does XRP do that dollars don't already do?

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No salt, but can you fuck off, not going to shout that bull shit usa 10% of total business shit, but fuck damn there are more countries than the fucking USA and your fucking corrupt SEC

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go to atm, pull out money. see 3.50$ transaction fee.

now imagine this on a larger scale to send money across the world.

XRP makes those transactions faster, more efficient, and transactions cost less than .001 cents

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Based fuck ripple get fucked jeb mccaleb you prick lmao

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That shit coin is full of Pajeet pitching it to clients around the world as "we are the next SWIFT".

Good riddance

Pajeets never win

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No it doesnt.
Ripple charge millions for using the odl software

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Unpopular opinion but I would be ok if that happened.

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