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what i was seeing today was the biggest sell signal u can imagine.
There r so many Crypto shills from TikTokers
i couldnt believe it.
The Party is over.

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watch and tank top is all i need for a good fap i swear to god.

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Where still in stealth phase next is phase is awareness.

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Huh, thought I was the only one who thought cute girls with watches were cute

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Shes only 27 years old you sick fuck

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>cute girls were cute

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this man is a work of art

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Who is this whore

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Not enough hype yet

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that's a man

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slut made for sex and nothing else I am going to degrade the fuck out of whores like this when I make it

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newfag gtfo

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link some of these tik toks

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It's a dude

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>taking crypto advice from a little kid who uses 'u' instead of 'you' and 'r' instead of 'are.

time for a nap little man, your 16 Linkies will be safe for now.

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you're a godsend
the planet needs more people like you to cleanse itself

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Say something stupid, post pic of attractive girl so people lower IQ and sell. You're going straight to hell bro.

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Should I dump a few webms of her to bless this shit thread?

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We’ve been keeping up with Angie since she was 14 newfag

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Yes please sir

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pls, i need to coom

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and what is the name of this dude?

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I know that face

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muh diiiiiiiickkkk DO IT

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Angie is pretty based for an influencer. She's starting to get desperate though. I've met her several times believe it or not.

I deliver. If you want more OC, I have over 30tbs of thots I dump mainly in Saturday BAT threads. Come make a request later.

Angie you fucking zoom zoom
>t.BATThotposter aka The Best Thotposter on 4chan.

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I have like 8 gbs of clips of her, some might not be as good as the others.

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I'm anti-coom, but I must admit that you are a blessed poster.

>Not Angie but I still good

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Why bother

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Request more in the Saturday BAT thread later. I always deliver.

Those are pre implants. She just got implants like 2 months ago at the most.

Heres an implants pic. I have a few clips since the implants but she hasn't shown them off as much.

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Appreciate it. I do it for you lads. 30+tbs of OC youll never see on /biz/ until I dump it.

Find me in the BAT thread later and make any board friendly request you want. I can post for years on Cooldown lol.

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fun things are fun

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always lurk those threads hoping you post lol

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Post ARK for waifu. I want to cover my keyboard in paste.

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why are fucking bitches using the assisted pullup machine for their fucking ass? fuck you

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Head to big for her body
No thanks

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Imagine having that body and that face. What an ironic wist of fate.

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Did you ever see Jennifer’s hardcore video where she gets double teamed?

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did she ever use her law degree?

its easy to find

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God I wish I would get turned into a pickle and get used as her personal dildo

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>Bitcoin has gone up only 2x since ATH, we are still early!

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>Glowies glow in the dark

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my god. can you imagine putting your penis in her pussy?

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I watched a streamer go all in at ATH and saying he's going to hold for as long as it takes.
What a fucking idiot. Then he keeps checking the chart live on stream like he's daytrading.
I told him you don't buy at ATH for a long hold and he said "That's what yall said when it was at 19k". Yes, fucking idiot because then it crashed for 3 years and could have been bought for 3k!
Fuck these people.

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why is she still unmarried?

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Lmao just realized what I said, my apologies mr cat

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instathots never get married

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If you’re a grown man and you need to use the assisted pull-up machine you need to get your shit together lad.

Glad to hear you enjoy the content. Only reason why I continue to dump so much is for you lads.

MissB. Her cousin, and her ex husband has a mini orgy in Dubai from their last trip. Her ex husband leaked some kino nudes, other than that most Angie leaks are bunk.
Sadly I’m involved in social media work, but I get all that kind of stuff when it gets out.

She’s a lawyer for Bang energy, her biggest sponsor.

Just in the process of divorce and she’s already dating some old boomer on TRT.

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Jennifer from delta misfits, not Angie.

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cute girls with watches are cuttier

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lmao go away cuck

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I wouldn't being slutty is a turn off for a man like me.

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nice larp

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I am 31 and fuck you, I will not lurk more.
Anyway, this whore needs to fix her nose.

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Bitcoin will be the primary currency on other planets. Your descendants will be the richest people in the universe.

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She's had stuff out there for a while. Never seen the latest though.


You want younger than this?

I might dump more later, if thread dies you know where to find me to get more.

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Start off media attention

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She did recently. Im the thot lore master sadly.

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