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Way too many newfags on /biz/ these days. This thread is only for OGs with at least 200 link and bought under $10. No shrimp stacks allowed.

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>bought under $10
Try buying when it was $0.20 you fucking bitch ass faggot

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30k bought at ~0.30. Who here got a bigger stack than me?

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newfag, stop being so easy

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>At least 200 link
Nice bait

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>Creating a general
Yeah right, go fuck yourself

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105k, 35k bought at 40c dca then swinged up to 105k

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This thread is for OGs only

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OG here I bought 200 at 8 dollars.


Was that after you boughted?

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I believe that all the 2017-18 OGs hide on /biz/ as the "i made this pepe" posters.
Pic related, the pepe I made.

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This. And 10k was always the suicide stack.

t. Bought pre-Sibos 2017

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stop taking credit for my work you imposter

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>tfw low 7 fig hell

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OG here bought 5 link at 20 dollars
We're all going to make it!

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It makes no sense that you need $2.1mil in link right now to make it since it already is make it money
t. 10k makeit stack

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Since when was <$10 considered none-newfriend?
>Making this thread
You need to take a long hard look in the mirror, fren. Get those pink wojaks at the ready, it's easy to gloat when times are good.

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yes fren would you stop using MY peepee, or I will see you on kleros court

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if you unironically don't have over 50k link you're a newfag and should kys for not buying link after all these threads over the years.

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I made it.
>inb4 old screenshot
Nothing has changed. Check the chainlinked answer yourself.

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Ofc faggot, buyed first at 1$ in dec 2017, then at 80c, then 40c, then 18c in july 2018, etc...
then in 2019, swinged on matic for a x3, then got rekt on google (was on usdt), then had 55k linkies, held until grt, went with 15k link on grt at 14c and sold somewhere around 50c, now 105k link total.
I can't wait for a good guaranteed project to launch, the 200k link club looks attractive.

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You're the Moroccan faggot aren't you

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>10k was always the suicide stack.
So you are not an OG linkie and just spam post late-2018 memes, I see.

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>tfw cheapest I bought was .14 and I'm miles away from having a makit stack

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my first ever buy orders on binance. I wish i could go back to those days.

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You're not good you just got lucky twice, don't be greedy or you'll get fucked

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>under $10
Nigga if you ain’t pre 2018 I don’t want hear it

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What project, t.13k. I used to have 28k but got rekt. Count your blessings dude.

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500 Link Marine here. Many of you can still make it if you buy now.

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>tcw I remember the /biz/ threads about Link pump to 7 dollars from 3-4

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I hope cryptotakeoff bought back in.

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Posting my own sibos meme

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I've never paid more than $2 per link
You all disgust me

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me faggot

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