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Did you buyed?

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I bought at $14.42

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I'm happy that I never sell to swing but my hands are starting to get weak. It seems whenever it pumps it goes back to square 1 eventually. How do I get out of using swingie logic and be happy with what I already have?

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I sold at the top will buy back in after the correction. Missed the swing on the double top tho feels bad

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Asking /biz/ this question should be rhetorical.

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Do the opposite of your instinct then

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Already happened.

Swingies will never make it

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bag holder alert

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I bought at $14, sold at $17.

Should I buy back in?

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I opened up a new long at around $20 and you should too

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Why would you buy higher than what you sold for? Do you enjoy losing money?

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and back to crabbing we got. What a fucking shitfest

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This pump will go on for a while. If btc didn't show any weakness it would be at $25 now.
It needs to catch up to polkadot, though I dont think it will have a much higher marketcap of around 15 billion for the moment

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Bought at 0.6 but fell for the token not needed fud so I only got a 2k stack. I am a bitch investor.

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I'm worried it will go much higher in the near future

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kind of. closed my shorts at 9.8 and 38K sats

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>t. increasingly nervous retard who doesn't see that BTC will violently shit the bed in the next days

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It was supposed to happen today though.

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>t. guy who claims to know what BTC is going to do in the next days

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>opens long at major resistance
It might be an all-time high but still in a resistance range. Don't open a short with a extremely tight stop loss. Time to go long was at 42K sats or around 10

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Yes but at 2 dollars

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dollar cost averaged for the whole dip to 14. too bad I'm poor college student and still have less than 500 link

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singularity soon :3

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get your screenshot mate, boomercoin is gonna suffer

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I bought in the dip at 18.17 and an anon made fun of me. Now im up two hundred bucks. May we all become kings

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Based crabCHADS

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It broke ATH and my health factor is still high. I'm good, nolinkers

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>no linker
oh its retarded

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I opened a 2nd long here because I feel that it'll get to 30 or 40 before going where it wants to go

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hope you don't get liquidated, it's way too volatile today

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It's just an AAVE loan. I won't get liq'd until like $4. I always play super safe

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good luck, high risk territory. At least put a stop loss at 17 something

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its going to dip soon

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bought in at 21
feeling comfy.

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I haven't invested anything into chain link yet. I have about 1k worth of BTC right now, Should i switch it to chain link? is a good buy around ~19 or should I wait for a dip.

Please advise, I've only been trading for a week or so now.

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Yes, but not enough. I was hoping the dip this morning would be lower. Waited too long.

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chainlink is a great buy at any price

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No bias here. Swap over to LINK.

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No one who doesn’t post sell and buy orders and stack count is not to be trusted
Plus you can just manipulate any blockfolio number

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>5% from ATH

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bought at 14.15 the other day, feels fucking good man

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Please... give me them back... this time was supposed to be different

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swingers get the rope

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lol you niggers keep saying this but the swingers always win in the end

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Not larping, I have bought at LEAST one single penny in the $0.18 to $20.50. And I’ll never stop.

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who else here in 7 figure hell?

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one single LINKY* for every penny in the

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be happy with what I already have

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>not larping
>post proof

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Buy even more on the dip. It will eclipse $20 before EOY.

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i buyed

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Then why did you sell

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good go- I mean boy

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Right about a milly on paper here. I think it'll feel even shittier when I'm 1MM post taxes. Then I'm a real potential millionaire but 1MM isn't shit. Being a millionaire is a joke. If you don't have at least 10MM you're never really free. Even with 5 you still need to figure out how to make your money work for you or you won't keep up with inflation. with 10 you're guaranteed to have enough to put away to build generational wealth unless you're a degenerate and blow it all on entirely stupid shit.

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Waiting $10

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It's going to $1000 with no breaks

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just entered today lol

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Think in the long term. Use your enthusiasm to read more often than you trade. Put some change aside for investing in new projects or the same ones if you want, even if it’s $10/mo

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Sitting on 160 rn. I don’t sell it often, just experience euphoria when it goes up and depression when it goes back to baseline. The way I see it I stand to lose more than I stand to gain day trading

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I bought at $16, sold at $19. I plan to buy back at $15-$16.

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this is exactly what happened at $5
you'll win once or twice and then get screwed
dont be greedy

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Not if you're on a KYC exchange

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I feel like vomiting
swingies get the rope they said...
Little did we know we would be hanging ourselves

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