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>only started caring about money at 25

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>bought 10k of link when i was 17 in 2017

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Me too but don't worry, a lot of these incels that are wealthy with great jobs didn't have much of a life and may have never touched a real woman's vagina. There are always trade-offs in life and everyone experiences them.

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>started caring about money at 18 and have a 350k portfolio at age 24
>Only gave me more anxiety in life
wish I could stop caring about money desu

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Didn’t start investing until it was too late

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>lurk biz for years
>chainlink starts being shilled
>sort of ignore it
>not even a full cent for 1 LINK
>LINK hits a dollarino
>LINK hits 10 dollarinos
>manages to double from there
never buying LINK possibly biggest my fuck up

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better than 26

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>>not even a full cent for 1 LINK
false, retarded newfag

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Try 29. I would give my entire stack right now to be able to go back to your age and prep for the run in 2017

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It’s unironically 100% fine to not care about money in your 20s as long as you’re acquiring EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE. In your 20s, you’ll be entry level in your career and not making much cash - it really doesn’t matter what you do with it. Later in your career, you can literally make in a month what would’ve taken you a year of saving. As long as you’re working in a promising field and/or studying something worthwhile, you should just enjoy your small amount of money while you’re young.

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kek, I remember talking to some college zoomers about investing once and one of the responses I got was "nah dude I don't really care about money, I'm gonna travel and teach english that's why I'm here getting my english degree"

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I started caring at 27. fucked me up bad but hey, real close to 6 fig hell after starting from basically scratch 3 years go so it's not hopeless.

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Your 20s are the most important years to snowball your money later in life for compounding purposes. Having $100k invested in your 20s vs your 30s is a drastic life changing difference assuming you don't just lose it all, but having all that money does warp your worldview

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Same. I've only managed to scratch up like 5k. Where do I start? I want to buy some stocks but I literally have no ground floor on this, what App to use, anything.

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I'm 24 and make 75k in IT consulting but I spent the last year just partying and chasing tail. I probably have $10k saved. No student loans though.

I don't regret it, but I am going to start to seriously changing my habits now that I'm approaching 25.

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>have always cared about money since I was middle schooler
>started investing in high school
>now 24 years old in mid six figure heaven ready to make it off link and avax in 2021
>gf worth high 7 figures
How did it all go so right bros?

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Me too. Now 35 and btc holder. Now also UNN, UNI and ETH holder.

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You’re blessed! Make good use of your fortune, there are plenty in your position who have done great things

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I'd say 27 for me. Tbqh i still only really care now because of my wife and future kids. If i was single again i wouldn't.

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>be 20
>be fascinated by new tech
>buy LTC at $1
>buy buttcorns at $300
> sold way too early for weed and video games
>7 years later
> be broke at 25
> starting all over

I'm hoping to develop some diamond fucking hands this year so my future me at 29yrs doesn't kill itself.

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same but I was a NEET until 25, at least I have a linklet 6 figure link stack and back to NEETing. I won't make it, but at least I won't have to work again

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tell me an app to use at least you dickswinging faggots

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I'm 27, and still do not care

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I dismissed the board as retarded after holding for a year into 2018 winter crash. Finally the ponzi is dead. Biggest mistake of my life.

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>tfw /fit/ engineer with my own apartment, earning 300k year at 25

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Thanks anon, what should I do? I plan to have a big family and raise a bunch of chads but other than that I’m not very inclined to charity
Six figures in link tokens or dollar value of said tokens? I’m assuming dollar value. Even still you will probably see at least another 10x from link this year so you will have a comfortable foundation to build from

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I thought I would get a job out of university, I would earn lots of money and then I'd be set.

Now I'm proud unemployed gang. Started my own business gang. First business failed and now going for a second gang.

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Family would be a great start. I have no clue. I’ll probably have an idea if I’m in your shoes one day. But I’m sure you can come up with something worthwhile.

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I only started vaguely caring in march. Had some lying around, cuz I don't hate my job, and threw it in crypto and did a 12x.

Gonna try to get another 4x out of it to buy a giant warehouse somewhere because I'm immature about money and don't want a house.

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robin hood it is i suppose

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>born with legacy wealth
>throw millions at top 3 in any sector
>it goes to 10 millions.
>give legacy billions

It’s a mindset, anon

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I wish it was 6 figures in LINK. I was here for LINK sub $1 but figured I still had a year or two before anything substantial happened, so I didn't actually buy any until mainnet. Got cucked by boomer banking institutions waiting on the 5-7 business day meme where I sat there and watched LINK pump from 40 cents to $1.20 unable to buy any.

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why are you making up a fake story on a on anonymous board?
to try and fit in, bro thats pretty cringe and pathetic

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whoa dude you're 21 now so old

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I once cared about money. I was 10 and had gotten a "new millenia scratchcard" back in the end of 1999. I won roughly $1k on it and wanted to invest it. My communist dad said "no, stay out of the stock market. it's a scam. do something fun instead" and he dragged me to several toy stores and forced me to spend it all.

Also: When I was like 5-6 years old and was visiting my grandma in Poland I once, on an early morning walk with her, found several hundred GBP laying on the ground, and no other person in sight. My mom laid her hands on the sterlings. She tells me she bought me clothes and toys and stuff, I have no recollection of that.

I was lucky with money as a kid. Today I have no luck with either money or women.
Oh well.. I have patience, I hope I'll make it some day with my 100k LINKs

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sounds boring

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>bought + mined $200 worth of crypto 4 years ago
>current net worth still at $200
>still no source of income
>still no spare savings to put into crypto

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>mined a few million dogecoins the week it came out

imagine buying crypto with money, enjoy buying my bags to gamble for money

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>obsessively caring about money since I was like 20
>missed out on a lot of experiences, lost the love of my life and many friends because of this

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link crabbed around 50cents when it was being shilled.

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what were you mining? if it was bitcoin that should be worth at least a few thousand now.

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ethereum, the most profitable at the time, but as soon as i got access to it i moved it to the exchange to trade
the real problem was that i lost money all the way to $40, i'm only back at 200 because of this bull run

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me with Ether back in 2016/17. I would scroll past the hundred Ethereum threads to go to /smg/ back when it was called /rgt/. I would've been a multimillionaire now if I'd listened.

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Ive made 5 figures from crypto and I still don’t have a credit card

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>only started browsing /biz/ in late 2018, never invested before, knew nothing about crypto

>within the same month managed to buy 5k link a few weeks before it went over $1

Jesus that was too close

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DONT SAY THE LORDS NAME IN VAIN, but congrats anon.

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Same, my parents took 500€ out of my savings and bought me clothes when I was 8. That literally traumatized me and made me never trust my parents again.

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I started caring seriously at like 26 years old , im 27 now and have barely 10k. At least I fucked a bunch of average single moms and thots while taking xanax and adderall in my apartments for a couple years. Ass was cash

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Love you /honest/ frens , Not a hater though I hope you all get rich and have kids and stuff, even the 21 year old 300k salary anons

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With what, daddy's money? You have to be 18 to buy crypto.

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my god you're retarded

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>have friends who started saving their money at age 14 instead of buying toys
>wasted their youth chasing grades in school
>wasted university studying like mad
>while I cruised all the way to my bachelors degree then really started caring when I did my masters and had top grades
>put in a shitton of work my first 3 years working and managed to leverage that and my masters degree into 100k a year salary
>invested in BTC and 10x my initial investment easily

oh and all the money they saved back then is worth fuck all because of changing currency to euro and inflation. While my meme pokemon cards and gamecube games are worth more today than back then , sold them on ebay and put that into crypto as well kek

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False. Gtfo

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I suppose you could use localbitcoins like some schizo. But you have to be retarded to think that there are children on this board buying crypto and investing.

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Here's to a prosperous 2021 to all of us Anon

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Plenty of time dude, at-least your not 60 years old and losing it all.

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Sounds like cope. At least I can go have fun right now and not worry.
At least you started caring.

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>the moment he realizes that in order to change anything whatsoever you need to be in control of money

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>started caring at 13
>still havent made it

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Eh, money is just the means to an end. I don't think Musk or Gates cared as much about money as they cared about success, power, and influence.

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I still don't value money as much as i probably should, it corrupts people. Jewish green cheddar grabs hold of man, leaving man powerless in the end

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Money buys you freedom to pursue your own goals.

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Money is just the abstraction of success/power/influence... lol. They didn't just announce "I am powerful! I am successful!"

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I started focusing on building up a passive crypto income since about 25, atm I'm focusing on pic related, which is paying me about 30k satoshi/day (about $10/day)

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Get a job where you learn the stuff you need to start a biz. Start a business on the side. Once the side business 2x-3x your normal income quit your job and go all in on the business.

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>ask mom to buy 5 euro of btc back in 2012 after seeing a tv program about it
>she tells me to fuck off with fake internet money

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Based fellow LINK zoomer. I bought LINK in 2018 January. By July 2018 I was all in LINK and had about 22k LINKs. Currently have about 19 000 LINKs due to earlier expenses when LINK was still below $0.5. Bought Bitcoin first time for "web activities" in 2017 February.
I bought through cash in Localbitcoins in 2017 and through Coinify online when they still didn't have kyc. Was 17 back then.

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Brown hands typed this post.

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all those druglords and weedfags that invested btc early and legit forgot about it, or pedo's, or degenerate gamblers using it for poker.. i guess they're all 'successful' now in your eyes eh ?

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I started at 28.

I was never being able to save up at least 30% of my income. I was spending it every time on clothes, video games, and take aways. I could save so much money and invest it, but nah.

At least now 2 years later I'm out of this fucking normie zone, made nice gains with crypto, and looking forward to save, invest and make even more money.

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That’s 5 months savings in your 30s if you played your cards right

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not everyone can have an OnlyFans account, or at least most people aren't anywhere nearly as successful as you on there.

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Average wage here is 300€ a month.

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25 isn't bad at all. I got into to investing around 18, but put all my money into boomer shit that one year of LINK gains eclipsed by a multiple of 5 so it really didn't matter. I'm 26 now.

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Still don't. You can't take it with you.

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This is unironically me

More anxiety + no friends left

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Really didn’t give a fuck till 30, became a multi millionaire 4 years latter.

Weirdest part is how easy it is as Long as you stay open and don’t think everyone’s out to get you. That’s what separated my rich friends from poor friends. Easier said then done with the toxicity of pol on this website.

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Is it too late to invest?

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What is some advice you would give to a broke 18 year old who comes from a financially illiterate family?

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I'm new to crypto so I didnt miss out on any shilling. Just on the look out for some small safe returns.

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>have been in crypto since 2017
>only made 500 euros in profit
I'm the biggest loser on this board.

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It's never too late to invest, anon.

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You lucky bastard

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Military. I'm about to be 24 next month with a $40k net worth, and looking at the numbers I'll probably have to join the military too in a few years. Sucks but it is what it is.

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>tfw was youngfag with no debit card or money in 2017
>tfw still managed to get to 2k from an investment of 10 through very lucky and good trades
>tfw squandered it all and starting again from scratch now

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same and it’s only because my gf is pregnant lmao

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>Remember when link was $0.30 each
>Remember when ETH was $13 each
So many missed opportunities.
Stuff like that was once in a lifetime baka.

>> No.25935228

It's always too late to invest, anon.

>> No.25935322

Is there any promising crypto on the horizon?

>> No.25935456

Lump sum now and pray to God we revisit sub $13.

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Link and avax dummy

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try only caring about money at 30. Fuck me that was a bad summer when everything hit me at once

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Fucking retard. You think that’s bad?
I remember being on /g/ and /v/ hearing about mining crypto Bitcoin bullshit back in 2009 and I could have stacked at least a few hundred mills worth had I not thought it was a crock of shit at the age of 15. In totally forgot about it as I stopped browsing 4chan for years. Coulda bought in after my mother died in 2018 and I would have had a shitload of coins. Went for boomer stocks instead.

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I had friends who were the same way. It's just a poorfag cope that not having money is some sort of virtue

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iktf. almost 28 now, got like no prospects besides warehouse work and some BS entry level insurance company shit. naively prayed that crypto would save me, but with fed regulation likely in the next few years that seems increasingly unlikely. oh well. i cope by knowing that i could buy a gun and kms at any point, so hey

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>have like 4k dollars in savings between crypto and mutual equity funds.
>gonna be 40k in debt by the time I'm done with my degree

Most people don't actually save a ton before age 25-30, anon. It's not a bad time to start saving and investing.

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>no friends left
How does one lose friends just because one starts caring about money?

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one thing that has always been so distant it feels unreal to me is all the high paying jobs. the most i could ever hope for is about 35k if I continue to devote time to learning and building a (full stack) web dev portfolio. those other jobs you see people flaunting on biz look completely unattainable to someone like me who didn't have the rich parents/friends to lead me to it, or to share what course to graduate in to get them. im really thankful I eventually checked out biz at 26 rather than 36 but God I can't shake off the inferiority syndrome that tells me I'll never make it. being poor really is a mentality

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