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Oh also try out PIPP guys trust me

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Buy the MARA dip today.

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if id is green BBBY goes to $30 today

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>asking a man with betrayal issues to trust you

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re: semiconductor plays
look in to the supply chain
ASML is a dutch company and is the only manufacturer of EUV lithography tooling which is required for all new cutting edge processes
applied materials is another option

chemicals etc
the list goes on

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Just fucking went to fart and some poo came out.

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why is MARA dipping?

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imagine the smell...

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If you are looking for a "feel good" ticker that isn't just a CEO abusing ESG, take a look at NOVS. NOVS is a SPAC that is just about to merge with AppHarvest. They basically are focused on indoor farming to grow local food and employ people in the Appalachia region (for now). A combination of technology and smart training to use less water, no pests, with higher food yield, etc. Got some good names in management too. A lot of the tech and mission is pretty exclusive to them.
I have a small exposure and as a SPAC, there might be profit taking in the future. Do your DD and maybe add to a watchlist.

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What are people thoughts about Proterra they have the most market share in North America EV buses but have competition in Europe from BYD.

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Dilution ?

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I’m very curious about ASML and Samsung but does ASML have the backing of a strong central bank and corrupt government?

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>CEO sold $13m of shares on Monday
>7 hours ago they announced a share dilution of $250m common stock ($20/share)

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Haha, the dip that keeps on dipping.

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I bought PLUG in May 2020 and sold it in July...

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Checked, buying more

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tesla is just the myspace of electric vehicles.

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Fellow MARAuders what is your opinion on the announcement of the recent direct offering news? While it sucks that it was done below current market price, you have to remember this stock was fucking $2 just months ago. The fact that someone out there is willing to buy 250m worth of shares at $20 despite that fact seems incredibly bullish to me. Yes more dilution blah, blah, blah, but I would like to think it provides some sort of "stability" to the stock. I'm sure you guys remember when bitcoin dropped during market hours last week and MARA went down -20% from 40% to 20% in just minutes. I've been in since $2 and I believe I might start slowly averaging up on my shares. I just woke up to meditate, so I'm going back to bed. Will read any responses when I wake up again.

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nice spam lol

It's okay, PLUG is just the NKLA of energy storage

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whats the facebook

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Gold writting shiny card.

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>posts coom but also meditates and gets good sleep

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Women crave attention. Also SNAP isn't just for nudes anon, it's how young people communicate. In the eyes of anyone teenage to about 20ish WhatsApp and FB messenger are for boomers. There's also insta but genuinely I have a fwb who's 5 years younger and she and all her friends never use anything other than SNAP to message one another.
It's still above $20 though and BTC is doing okay, so hardly end of the road.

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Spam check: reply to this post, or your mother will become a chink indian hybrid.

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Long term bullish.

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>whats the facebook

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Imagine not holding SOXL

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Hopefully they do the right thing.

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not to be "that guy" but nestle isn't an EU stock

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Going to buy 100 shares of GHIV this morning at open and then Im not checking it until March.

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>that tether podcast
Who the fuck are these clowns?
>nice spam lol
Just wanted to bring up something that wasn't about yet another EV meme ticker.

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kek. I guess that makes ZERO decent EU stocks.

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SOXL is overpriced garbo. BNKU is next leveraged moon.

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my mummys sound lad. I mean BUY CLF

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Semis have been flat from 2000 to 2010
What makes you think it wont crash?
TQQQ seems kinda safer

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>>that tether podcast
It's bad isn't it. Really bad.

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>ASML have the backing of a strong central bank and corrupt government

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> dilution
This is why you buy Bitcoin, not stock in a company that buts Bitcoin for you.

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Sorry about that, I was just checking. You passed. There is a lot of spam on smg lately for some reason. They just post some random ticker with either no other content, or some pre-written shit that's not at all like the lingo used here.
>imagine being so desperate as a PnD spammer that you start spamming an imageboard.

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when is roblox gonna get listed?

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The miner's make money while Bitcoin crabs.

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ASML has a monopoly on semiconductor manufacturing machines, they’re the bottleneck for the worlds chip supply

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Found the retards

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>BNKU is next leveraged moon.
Why? How will banks be profitable in a nearly zero interest country?

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$20 per share, get fucked MARA holders

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It's not like they actually lend money for zero interest. Have you seen the recent 30% increases on almost all financial stocks?
>that also means NKNU is now overbought tho

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MARA is up just shy of 800% for me, I don't even know when I'd have had to have bought BTC for that same return.

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>waiting 30 minutes to be able to buy while the kikes are busy buying in
It's not even fair bros

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Lads I couldn't get to sleep last night, I was worrying about the massive loss of biodiversity across the world, the rising temperatres, the increasingly extreme weather.
I swear there are fewer insects about, we need to increase yields from farming whilst simultaneously regenerating the soil quality and reducing our relaince of fertilisers and especially pesticides.
I'm on a mission from God. I need a green portfolio or this will all be for nothing. What are some good green stocks? Any companies out there that are working on fixing some of these issues in agriculture?

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Tale off your pants when you fard.
It’s common knowledge...

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When is the BCRX news today?

Buy at open?

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i guess there are some decent ones but they're mostly boomer tier, like bayer or oil companies like total, or airbus. as a britfag i pretty much have equivalents of them i can buy in london

although i just thought of a good EU stock

there you go. knew i'd think of one eventually

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so you have no idea what you're doing, thanks for letting us know

>> No.25915247

last I heard late this year

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>How will banks be profitable in a nearly zero interest country?
Exactly. Bank rates have gone up with no interest from government. It's free money.

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japan news, as always, is in 6 days

JPM conference is today. potentially during their presentation BCRX will drop company news. so if you want to buy, buy before the conference pres which is 11:40 amerifat time

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Holy shit stop trying to pushing your shitty SPAC so hard dude

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Banks have tigthened, not loosened, lending. Because ZIRP bleeds them dry.

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>What are some good green stocks? Any companies out there that are working on fixing some of these issues in agriculture?

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I've heard good things about XOM, MA, RTX, maybe GEO

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I'm balls deep in CD Projekt Red currently. I think it's decent enough (especially since it's cheap now)

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EST time I presume? Thanks

I'm loading up on the BCRX dip at 7.75 limit buy. Think it will go lower?

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what a deal, do normies really fall for this?

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What do people think of Lucid motors going public, they are a luxury brand and their main competition is Tesla but also other EV manufacturers like Nio, Ride, XPENG, etc

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where was he in the last few months?

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>ASML has a monopoly on semiconductor manufacturing machines, they’re the bottleneck for the worlds chip supply
specifically they have a monopoly on EUV lithography machines which is used for cutting edge fabrication processes

other players in the lithography are canon and nikon, but they only have ArF machines.

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car stock hype, like TSLA, NIO, and SOLO.

CCIV has already hit the moonshot for now so it doesn't make sense going into it


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if they make a big splash about going public and everyone catches on buying the IPO would probably gives some easy gains like Nikola did

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Unironically Monsanto (now Bayer). The more you can cultivate on the land, the less land you need to destroy for Ag.

RIDE is making making cheap trucks, so they are not competition. But mainstream automotive is, because they are coming out with nice EV sedans and suvs.

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>EST time I presume? Thanks

>Think it will go lower?
honestly i have no idea. all i know is i'm expecting the line to move generally up as more approval news comes in (japan/EU) and as they progress with their drug trials

BCRX is often pulled down with the other biomemes in XBI so you can't really predict it accurately at all, short term

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That's from fucking Cyberpunk2077 and you know it.

>> No.25915439

You sure it’s not commodity chips and intel’s incompetence that’s the bottleneck?

Uhhhhhh is this RK bullshit?

>> No.25915444

Thoughts on trading 212 ???

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>Unironically Monsanto (now Bayer). The more you can cultivate on the land, the less land you need to destroy for Ag.
what about investing in vertical farming tech as a long term play?

>> No.25915455

180B mcap tho, does it have a room to run?

>> No.25915467

What if the deal fall throughs? CCIV back to 10?

>> No.25915470

Pay attention

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oh boy

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>siemens, airbus, osram, phillips?

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buying LVMH etc. really is the way huh

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I see. Thank you for your wisdom. Going to buy at 7.80 and hope for the best

>> No.25915505

has a wide range of stocks. easy to use. CFDs are dangerous. seems to go down more often than most brokers. if you want US options you'll need to use IB or tastyworks

i use freetrade but it's new and still fairly limited in terms of stock choice and functionality. but i like the UI and customer service is excellent

>> No.25915506

Way too complicated and expensive. There's a reason they alwaysonly demo with lettuce: that's teh only thing they can grow this way. Maybe tomato.

In the end, the bottleneck is the solar energy coming in, so it makes no sense to farm vertically after a point.

I think it's investor-bait scifi bullshit right now. Then again, so is PLUG, but people buy it like there's no tomorrow.

>> No.25915519

>ASML has a monopoly
doesn't mean that they have more to lose than gain? not trolling, just interested

>> No.25915529

Also, ThyssenKrupp, aka. the european CLF.

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as I mentioned earlier:
>specifically they have a monopoly on EUV lithography machines which is used for cutting edge fabrication processes
look at nip stocks with exposure to EUV tech

canon and nikon used to be huge players in the lithography tool space but they scrapped development of EUV tools because it was too difficult

>> No.25915550

What are you expecting them to present? I've been reading into it but can't see it being anything other than a regular update, am I missing something?

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Thanks bud they have seperate accounts I use the invest cause I a m new to this. CFD's are a bit too spooky for now.

>> No.25915602

Yes but most chips would be made on EUV if it wasn’t for the shortages, all computer and server chips, console, gpu, phone socs, etc are made with it, or wanted to be but couldn’t due to shortages in those machines(or intel’s incompetence). EUV will be far cheaper and faster as the tech keeps maturing, so everything will eventually use it.
I have no idea if anyone else will be able to make similar machines in the near future. Is it a matter of patents or just precision manufacturing? Because the latter could be replicated if someone with deep pockets tries.

>> No.25915605

How illegal would be "buying" US ETFs using put options on IB as a european?
Is MIFID a restriction on the broker, or the retail investor?

>> No.25915609

yep, there are others too, I just said the ones I first thought of

>> No.25915631

options on us etf are ok, just the etfs themselves aren't (kek, i know)

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I mean what if you get assigned?

>> No.25915656

>ZIRP bleeds them dry
Nope. Their cash flows are all excellent. The major banks have are getting upgrades for it. BNKU holds the major banks.

>> No.25915661

wtf lol

>> No.25915678

Guess it was worth buying it this morning after all. I was ready to be a baggie,

>> No.25915686

didn't understand, you mean like exercising options? don't know about that, just know that buying/selling options on those etfs is allowed

>> No.25915703

I use Trading212 as well, if you're in the UK and haven't opened a Stocks and Shares ISA yet this tax year it's a good idea to use that tab. Just ensures you'll never have to pay tax on the gains from those shares

>> No.25915705

Should I buy? if so how many?

>> No.25915711

ZIRP bleeds them out if they didn't tighten lending. ZIRP punishes creditors by design. I am not arguing banks are a bad play.

>> No.25915712

it's gunna take 3 years to permit though.

>> No.25915723

Sry man Dutchfag here. Good for you tho.

>> No.25915724

nak is nakj.

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>> No.25915733

what are some good stocks?

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most chips don't need to be fabricated on cutting edge nodes where EUV is used (think about the billions of random ICs and microcontrollers out there). the cost of building an IC on a cutting edge node where EUV is useful is fucking high: https://semiengineering.com/going-to-gate-all-around-fets/

>At 5nm, it will cost $500 million or more to design a “reasonably complex SoC,” Johnson said. In comparison, it will cost $271 million to design a 7nm SoC, which is about 9 times the cost for a 28nm planar device, according to Gartner.

>Is it a matter of patents or just precision manufacturing?
patents + difficulty in development

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>> No.25915742

mdwd, odt, sklz, ten

>> No.25915745

Yeah, I mean if I sell a put option and it gets excercised, I will basically buy those stocks.
Or maybe excercise calls (which may or may not be allowed)

Pebble mine. A fucking pebble mine. What do you even do with pebbles?

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>ZIRP bleeds them
Nope, ZIRP has given them a God-like cashflow. They loan out money they get for free.

>> No.25915770

to add:
>To put it simply: in order to generate 13.5 nm EUV light in a special plasma chamber, you need a very powerful laser (because a significant amount of its power will be wasted); a generator and a catcher for tin droplets (in addition to a debris collector); as well as a special, nearly perfect, elliptical mirror. To make everything even trickier, since EUV light with 13.5 nm wavelength can be absorbed by almost any matter, EUV lithography has to be done in vacuum. This also means that traditional lenses cannot be used with EUV because they absorb 13.5 nm light; instead, specialized multilayer mirrors are used. Even such mirrors absorb about 30% of the light, which is why powerful light sources are needed. This level of absorption can lead to ablative effects on the mirrors themselves, which introduces additional engineering challenges.

article is from 2016 but it shows how hard it was to develop EUV litho for volume production

ASML will have a monopoly for a long time

>> No.25915771


>> No.25915803

So how bullish is right-wing domestic terrorism being the new thing for Palantir?
I'm sure FBI would like a nice data platform so they can find all the schizos to give weapons, ideas, and bombs to so they can secure even more funding for their counter-terrorism unit. They've been manufacturing ISIS terrorists for years so they should have some very good training by now. Maybe they can even secure $10billion in funding.

>> No.25915806

Futures ....

>> No.25915811

The good ones are the ones that go up, if it's gained 60, maybe 70 percent in the last few weeks you're going to want to buy that. If it's red, the company is actually losing money and is a lost cause, avoid at all costs.

>> No.25915824

>implying the US gov't doesn't already spy on its citizens since the "patriot" act

>> No.25915829

who here can list THREE (3) stocks?

>> No.25915830

i dont know, they will update with how the clinical trials are going. there's excitement for the factor D drug. i dont know if it will be good news or bad news or a nothing burger, it's just a potential catalyst so on the off chance it moons, i bought in prior. they might mention how sales of the HAE drug are going in the US, or how many insurance companies are picking it up. that could move the share price

i haven't thought about doing that before, but i dont use options. however i DO know that there are US tax issues as a foreigner investing in US ETFs, so you should look into that. personally i dont think it's worth the trouble. we have equivalents, in both UK and EU, of the big vanguard and blackrock ETFs. we dont have ARK ETFs but it's very easy to look up the ingredients and make one yourself

>> No.25915841

Patriot act expired, but isn't Biden gonna bring it back big-time?

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When will the coof be official over so we can start the once in a lifetime golden bull run?

>> No.25915845

Magic 8 ball, is AMD going to break $100 today?

>> No.25915857

I only really buy long positions and ooccasionally swing trade, I find it good enough for that use and I'm not looking for anything else. I use their Stocks and Shares ISA to avoid the tax man.
It's okay, can struggle when there's a lot of market activity at opening bell. Has lots of stocks available in the ISA and regular Invest accounts and it's easy to request stocks to be added on their support forum. Only things I would improve
>easier dividend reinvestment (it is possible to automate but in a slightly convoluted way)

>> No.25915868

I'm specifically interested in ARK
>it's very easy to look up the ingredients and make one yourself
And the reason I want to buy ARK is because I don't want sync with it manually.

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Sell before the storm, buy gold and salt

>> No.25915879

GHIV is making me depressed bros...

>> No.25915901

We have 2-3 more years before the crash my tinfoiled brother.

>> No.25915903

Walgreens Boots Alliance sold one of its ulcers, so now it is:
>cash rich
>recovering well
>possibly the only single retail to sell and administer COVID-19 vaccines on the same spot

>> No.25915904

is it worth going all in on this MARA dip or is it bait?

>> No.25915905

Patriot act literally doesnt matter when there is Five Eyes.

>> No.25915909

How do I pay as less tax as possible?

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>Patriot act expired
It's had several renewals, and I can only assume they've expanded their reach.
>Biden gonna bring it back big-time
This whole congress raid reeks of glownigger activity. I'm confident they will use it as an excuse to further violate the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments.

>> No.25915918

I kid anon

>> No.25915926

Yeah I have Feb $15 calls and they hurt to look at

>> No.25915934

Good. Youre a retard for even buying that shit.

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>just hit $71
this is getting ridiculous

>> No.25915955

well. "tough titties", as they say

check this out

i do not think that bullshit is worth the effort of getting there via options

>> No.25915958

What country? I'm a bong so I only know (a little) about bong tax

>> No.25915964

>announcing it before market opens
fucking malicious

>> No.25915985

Looking forward to it man. I just want my rabbi to give all the oldfags their goodgoy shot and kill this virus once and for all

>> No.25915991

card stock
beef stock
wood stock

>> No.25916026

do you believe in the BTC/crypto bull market or not

>> No.25916028

Jesus, fuck the US tax code.

The meteoric rise of PLUG used to make me angry. Now it just makes me sad. The worst thing is that they will soar for 1-2 years.

Too bad my investing choices are mostly based on economics and engineering. It should be based on psychology.

>> No.25916045


>> No.25916056

no one else is competing in that space and it's too difficult for new entrants due to the high capital cost and long development time

>> No.25916065

Declare your income is less would be a start, along with an increase in your expenses.

>> No.25916066
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With jews, you lose. Even Okamoto doesn't look remotely Japanese either.

>> No.25916077

The Netherlands does this on a large scale already

>> No.25916081

i dont know anything about cryptos, you faggots do the research I just go in

>> No.25916101

Hey goyim this marketcap is going to triple be a shame for us to have to buy the stock up from you retail traders at the current price. How about huge liquidity for us at below market price???

>> No.25916112
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>that's teh only thing they can grow this way.
Found the city slicker. Grapes, tomatoes, and other viney plants can easily grow vertically.

>> No.25916122

>>25913762 kek fucking called it, racial justice announcement

>> No.25916123

facebook up 5-7% if this posts ends in a 4

>> No.25916125

buy OSMT, trust me on this one

>> No.25916127

yep, the mkt loves these fads, same with weed, ai, ev etc, just buy buy buy, the difference tho is that this sector will be huge and has some real 'timing' behind it, but valuation and common sense makes me go LEL

>> No.25916141


>> No.25916146

Hope it's a red day for Nvidia today, lads. I'm gonna put 7k in.

>> No.25916150

sorry Zuckercuck

>> No.25916152

Britbong here. Can I declare losses on my taxes even if I don't fall into capital gains threshold?

>> No.25916163

I'll be treating this stock as a PnD from now on and ride the wave appropriately.

>> No.25916164

video games, weed, streaming, booze

the only stocks you ever need

>> No.25916176

We are in an age of speculative stocks that can change the world, look at TSLA and QS. Mining companies and dead gaming stores, these are not on the same level as the above.

>> No.25916184

I specifically mentioned tomato. Also grapes are grown as vertically as they can already. Not to mention that grapes have very specific soil needs, and are basically impossible to grow it with hydroponics or similar artifical substrates.

>city slicker
That's true, but I actually grow tomatoes on the balcony.

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What in the fuck is going on.

>> No.25916192

>This whole congress raid reeks of glownigger activity. I'm confident they will use it as an excuse to further violate the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments.
Definitely bullish for PLTR.

>> No.25916193

based. name some

>> No.25916196

When is the KTOS event thing?

>> No.25916206

>this sector will be huge
EV and AI will be huge. Hydrogen, not so much, because its a non-viable storage method. Batteries will run circles around it.

>> No.25916210

I've been swing trading a lot of these mining/blockchain stocks and after my recent by in I'm left bag holding. I really hope we see a reversal but I feel fucking trapped.

>> No.25916216

The only way TSLA is changing the world is with accounting fraud
>DUDE WEED portfolio

>> No.25916219

Fucking CITI assholes put out a hit piece downgrade on PLTR. Should I sell now in premarket or hope it recooovers on open?

>> No.25916224

>plug goes to 1000
>i-it's just the NKLA of energy s-storage

>> No.25916236


>> No.25916249

>hit piece
Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha haha!
>Buys SPACs and IPOs; calls it a hit piece

>> No.25916250

PLAY, UTZ, Jackie Chan

>> No.25916254

Clown market...

>> No.25916259

"Using losses to reduce your gain
When you report a loss, the amount is deducted from the gains you made in the same tax year.
If your total taxable gain is still above the tax-free allowance, you can deduct unused losses from previous tax years. If they reduce your gain to the tax-free allowance, you can carry forward the remaining losses to a future tax year."
That's all I could find - basically you can use the losses against a future gain for up to 4 years before they expire, I think

>> No.25916260

People arent buying TSLA theyre Space X.
They didnt buy a car stock. They bought a Falcon 9 thruster stock.

>> No.25916261

Positive news for mortage (GHIV), refinance demands spike +20%.

Doesnt move an inch in pre-market, still trading negative

This stock is really dead, isnt it ? Pt before merger ?

>> No.25916262
File: 42 KB, 967x282, nkla.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which mining companies are speculative? I mean there is NAK and that other canadian manganese shit, but both are jsut penny stock PnD schemes.
CLF and friends are up for a reason, because steel prices are up.

PLTR will collapse under its own support and maintenance costs. All its current contracts are below-price.

Be sure to post the pink wojaks.

>> No.25916271

Holy fuck the stupidity is strong this morning

>> No.25916276

NTDOY and BLAZEIT420DELIVERY are going to be the biggest winners of the Biden economy

>> No.25916277

seethe harder, no-pluggy

>> No.25916282

Within the last 24 hours:

>> No.25916287

>Unironically Monsanto (now Bayer).
This anon fucks. Also take into consideration the 2 BILLION Niggers that will be born in Africa within the next 2-3 decades? Who's going to feed them? Hint: Not Africans.

>> No.25916291

How about storing hydrogen as ammonia?
And the future of hybrid hydrogen vehicles?

>> No.25916292

Sell AAPL at open?


>> No.25916301

seethe harder no pltr-ree

>> No.25916308

>People arent buying TSLA theyre Space X.
SynRM engines are vastly superior to induction motors. They're inveseting in SynRm tech, even if they don't know the term.

>> No.25916316

How is feeding those cunts going to be a profitable business, what are they going to pay you in?

>> No.25916318

Being boosted by the SK deal and a new Renault deal. Mainly being pumped by FOMO Robinhood traders

>> No.25916327

When 401K plans are offering ESG retirement funds as the default choice in 5 years, you’re going to want a company that knows how to virtue signal

>> No.25916337

Organs and whole people I assume, like the good ole days

>> No.25916338

Post me some cheapies bros. No airlines.

>> No.25916345
File: 35 KB, 600x539, Golden Laughing Crying Pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>support coding students in Detroit
This kind of shit gets me every time. How did Hyde become such a great prophet?

>> No.25916348

How do you think the majority of third world Africa pays for anything? IMF debt of course.

>> No.25916355

The main problem with hydrogen is its roundtrip efficiency. It is currently <40%, and the theoretical maximum is 70%. Batteries are 95%+ right now.
Storing it as ammonia or methane will have an even worse roundtrip.
So other than a few prototypes, I don't foresee any hydrogen-based EVs.

Feel free to lose money because you fell for PR and did no DD whatsoever. If you'd be smarter, you'd ask me to explain it in detail and do your own thinking.

>> No.25916360

TSLA is a tech stock no matter how it slice it. Its not just a fucking car stock like Ford or some shit.

>> No.25916364

Can you imagine the quality of the code these chimps will pump out? LITERAL code monkeys.

>> No.25916378

Ay yo, man, this compiler's racist

>> No.25916382

I meant green energy as a whole, don't know much about hydrogen, just that it has problems

probably a squeeze, secondary offering coming

>> No.25916388

>How do you think the majority of third world Africa pays for anything?
Sell its natural resources and labor up front for infrastructure and things they can't afford. This model is vastly superior to colonialism. We used to have to invest in 3rd world shithole's infrastructure for free. Now we take everything they own, make them pay for the infrastructure, and they get nothing. It's hilarious.

>> No.25916390


>> No.25916399

Primary Revenue sources:
1. Selling stock
2. Tax Credits
3. Cars
Everything else is less than 1% of revenue. They also have no R&D budget any more

>> No.25916401


Hydrogen cars arent going to save the world and neither will the power the electric grid.

>> No.25916406

I should have gotten rid of my MARA bags yesterday. I'm a jackass.

>> No.25916410
File: 47 KB, 552x571, nested loops confuse femoid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25916414
File: 20 KB, 500x500, att_globe_500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who's enjoying a cup of fresh coffee this morning? I am.

>> No.25916427

Whats the play today boys?

>> No.25916432

Hundreds of NGOs, United Nations Aid Programs etc. The same institutions that feed them today, just at a larger scale. BAYER (Monsanto) will provide farm produce and (You) will pay for it to be shipped to Africa.

>> No.25916439

Don't forget GRUB and DASH

>> No.25916445

Is PLUG really gonna moon forever? I’m getting serious FOMO... I always miss the craziest moons

>> No.25916453

I saw an actual tv ad for Lucid yesterday

>> No.25916454

Horrible. this is just pure stubborness. You could be right, but doesn''t matter who's right, it's what people believe.

>> No.25916464
File: 26 KB, 598x574, 1604833853751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25916466

the state of americans

>> No.25916473

>PLTR will collapse under its own support and maintenance costs. All its current contracts are below-price.
Kek if PLTR dropped to that fake and gay $15 price target I'd double down and average up to $12.50 so fucking hard it wouldn't even be a decision, it'd just be instinct.
There's probably a joke about monkeys and typewriters in there too...

>> No.25916475

Me too bro, I didn't fomo into Tesla, and I won't fomo into this.

It hurts.

>> No.25916481
File: 273 KB, 1536x2048, 1587123136460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats the next hyped sector to ape into, /smg/?

>> No.25916489

well that after mkt pop was probably risk mgmt force cover, a small squeeze in pre and know things are getting more realistic, will look for a short if it pops

>> No.25916492


>> No.25916494

>green energy sector
I think it's mostly a meme due to political reasons. I also think nothing substantial will be done, because Oil interests still has politicians in their pockets.

The reason for green energy is purely economical: solar and wind are simply getting cheaper than traditional power generation TCO-wise. That's why you should only look at economic viability when buying into green energy stocks.

FOMO is literally the only thing that keeps it rising. Your last-minute FOMO feeling should be a serious red flag and a sell signal.

>> No.25916496

Who's we? I think you mean China, even when it is ""us"" it's about 70 billionaires who get it all.

>> No.25916502

most people here will tell you no, because people here are quite... pessimistic about the hydrogen power (vs batteries).

I think yes

>> No.25916507

MARA is down 19% premarket. This is your chance anons.

>> No.25916510

Container shipping

>> No.25916511

Nobody here even talks about CRSR anymore. So shitty how that stock fucking died and I’m left bagging while everyone else is mooning

>> No.25916513
File: 421 KB, 604x624, 1589756146105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All I had to do was write a double for loop
>I keep staring at the problem trying to think of two loops flowing at the same time
Jesus fucking Christ, women in the workplace was a mistake.

>> No.25916516

VR idols
throw all your money in Bilibili and Qualcomm

>> No.25916518
File: 65 KB, 480x717, 81A6B84D-39C0-464A-B446-DD962501B625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Learning opportunity, I could’ve sold the top and bought the bottom many times, and didn’t.

You sure? It’s not getting short squeezed or something?

>> No.25916532

zoomer detected

>> No.25916538

Cramer might pump GME

>> No.25916544

t. tanker bagholder

>> No.25916560

Many were saying the same about CLF.

Coal isnt going anywhere. Especially high quality metallurgical coal. Its how we make steel. Its how we power our electric grids. Its what makes the cement to build every building thats erected and every road thats paved.

Coal is here to stay for the immediate future and time the market face that fact.

>> No.25916564

if those have legit exposure to vtubers I want to go all in and try to get /jp/ to get rich with me

>> No.25916571

What are you talking about

>> No.25916579


>> No.25916586

Please, anon, stop hurting yourself. And I'm not talking about the coffee.

>> No.25916596

i thought it was bait, but then I remembered that all females get an easy pass with STEM jobs.

I studied EE, I remember talking to a girl on my course and she somehow got a job at ARM despite her admission that she couldn't answer any of the C programming questions in the interview (e.g. "what's a function pointer?")

>> No.25916601

>nested for loops
>too abstract and not applied
Though to be honest her teacher sounds kind of shit if he can't explain how they work. He could even just run a small program with a nested for loop through a debugger and show her the step for step.
Or maybe she's just retarded.

>> No.25916611

Hope your balls are locked in for 2025

>> No.25916618


>> No.25916621

she's working with a mentor, she's already graduated and has been hired. no one should be teaching her basic shit at this point.

>> No.25916630

Fake meat and gmo fish to meet increased demand of food for increasing populations

>> No.25916637

My grandmas been doing stock shit since the 50s and had a fucking solid IRA so shes retired and trading rn at 90+

>> No.25916644

Anons bullish on uranium. What do you make of URG?

>> No.25916646

CLF shill is prob sitting on close to 2 million now. Fucking hell I'd sell and roll the majority into a safer fund,voo or total market, and use the remainder for fuck all if it was me. Jesus.

>> No.25916649

It'll stay, but why bet on something that gets its uses slowly whittled away at by new technologies? They'll keep using the existing coal power plants for a while, but there's not so much enthusiasm behind opening new ones. Obviously it's your money, but I put my money in markets that expand, not try to cleverly play something that's largely on the way out.

>> No.25916651

Your brain on holding memestocks

>> No.25916657

Your grandma sounds awesome but does she write her own trading algos?

Coding is one of those things that you either can into or you cannot into.

>> No.25916658

MARA was analyzed by 1 analysts. The buy consensus is at 100%. So analysts seem to be very confident about MARA.


>> No.25916667

Short sqeezes are a myth. Most shorters are perfectly okay with holding a short for a few months.

CLF is only mooning because the chinks decided to not buy coal from Australia.

I've met people like her. There are some people (most people actually), who does not have the proper brain structure to understand some programming concepts. The main indicators are recursion or pointers. Some people just never get them.
Looking at her post, it really looks like she doesn't have the proper mental concept of loops, and maybe never will. These people should just give up on programming and go back to physics or maths. Or sociology.

When the update comes out where you can have 2 dicks, one circumcised and one not, the stocks gonna go up 2x.

>> No.25916672


>> No.25916673

>basedbean futures
What the hell is going on
Not bullish until uranium prices move.

>> No.25916680

are there many publicly traded beyond meat competitors?

>> No.25916683

How are some people so fucking lucky

>> No.25916696

How are you bagholding at $42? nigga wtf???

>> No.25916703

Lol what. Fake meat is fucking expensive. It caters to the needs of rich vegan zoomer faggots.

Real food will meet the increased food demand. Like fucking corn. (look at futures)

>> No.25916706

We're gonna have another crypto bull-run again so soon?

>> No.25916714

people brag about their winners a lot more than their losers

>> No.25916715

>>basedbean futures
>What the hell is going on
That and corn. Did somebody nuke Iowa and we're only now hearing about it?

>> No.25916716
File: 311 KB, 828x631, fired her mentor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25916732
File: 28 KB, 637x483, cde.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody buying BCRX today?

When is it hitting double digits?

>> No.25916749

What new technology? Soloar is still shit. Wind is shit and always will be. Unless some genius finds a way to generate power using ocean currents coal will have its place.

As for smelting and steelworks arc furnaces and electric induction can not compete at scale with coal. And for the methods you must draw large amounts of electricity which again is powered by coal. Its a fucking closed loop.

>> No.25916751

Wasn't there a literal water-less hurricane that swept across the entire state in early spring... nobody talked about it though.

>> No.25916759
File: 28 KB, 400x300, raeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope this is fake. But deep down I know it isn't.

Bullying needs to make a return. IF I could buy leveraged long positions on entitlement, I'd be fucking rich.

>> No.25916762

Not if the tether lawsuit info comes out bearish

>> No.25916771
File: 773 KB, 1021x1146, original_272819600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25916777

It's new tech, overtime they will get the price down and you won't even be able to distinguish between real meat

>> No.25916779

arent basedbeans mooning too? that shit goes into the foods that cater for the group you described

>> No.25916780

> investing in the most subsidized product on the planet
Yeah, hard pass. If it can't make money on its own merits then it's not a good business.

>> No.25916782

ahh I was wrong, it was in August and was called a "Derecho"

>> No.25916787

I have done minimal due diligence, I've seen a couple of Anons shilling it and that's enough for me to throw $1000 into.

>> No.25916788

We are quite literally at the start of one right now

>> No.25916789

No quickly bought "return to normal" so this latest crash seems to be a start-of-cycle ~30% crash rather than an end-of-cycle ~80% one.

Yeah, a derecho but I'd think that would've hit prices sooner.

>> No.25916790

Is it a red day or green day

>> No.25916805

ok this is just a meme account then

>> No.25916806

You can only buy futures on the entitlement index and they trade at contango

>> No.25916811
File: 190 KB, 409x409, 1610027902905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>short squeezes are a myth
sure, just dumb speculators bidded SPI from 2 to 40 in one day, longterm shorts maybe are properly sized and don't care, but swing/dt care and that's why these parabolic moves happen

>> No.25916814

does anyone really have a fuckin clue where BTC is likely going longterm? there's no point in asking this in the rest of /biz/ , crypto mantra takes the cult approach

>> No.25916824
File: 193 KB, 1125x817, 1561183778675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its a snippy snappy day

>> No.25916827

Depends. What's in your portfolio?

>> No.25916828

Nobody knows

>> No.25916833

She took data structures classes without even knowing the fucking basics of programming?

>> No.25916842


>> No.25916851

NatGas is way cheaper than coal. Most steelworks are alread fully electric. Coal is kill.

It will never be cheaper than actual meat. Maybe cheaper than beef, but then again I consider it to be a luxury. But it will never ever be cheaper than chicken. You get 1kg off chicken for 1.6kg of feed.

Subsidies are not going away, you can safely calculate with them.

>> No.25916853

Yeah because the retards yoloing into the top of mara clearly are wiser. You have idiots asking what's a pre-market in these threads

>> No.25916857
File: 66 KB, 1113x957, 1606172265733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red, then green in 2 hours, and I don't know how long that pump will last.

>> No.25916866

Didn’t read, not buying, didn’t watch that anime and I don’t even find this picture attractive, there’s something strange happening with the hip bones and thong

Thank you for being a part of this blessed community. Remember to be bullish

Oh you stupid idiot


>> No.25916881

Yes, but you're asking in /smg/ so almost nobody here does. Post your own thread and maybe 1 in 5 will give you the smart, correct valuation for the next 18 months.

>> No.25916885

I think we fundamentally disagree on the viability of renewables, and by the end of the decade, I'll be proven correct in this matter. All I can suggest is that you educate yourself on the huge shift that is happening right now to offshore wind and solar.

>> No.25916887
File: 19 KB, 544x255, route to 6 figures at faceberg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see: >>25916842

>> No.25916890

Guess what NatGas is a product of? Coal mining. A FUCKING CLOSED LOOP

>> No.25916891
File: 16 KB, 307x148, asdasd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god.

>> No.25916893

Isn't most power generation, and will be for a good couple of years, from coal?

>> No.25916901

What will the biden inauguration have for effect on the stock market /smg/ ???

>> No.25916919

Just buy the civil disorder ETF. Trades under the ticker RIOT.

>> No.25916922

it wont have any effect at all unless something unexpected happens

>> No.25916930
File: 26 KB, 579x282, trends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Isn't most power generation, and will be for a good couple of years, from coal?

>> No.25916934
File: 2.51 MB, 500x500, 1604460736895.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

expect the unexpected

someone please throw me some tickers to dump 10k into today

>> No.25916941

i don't know how she got an aerospace eng degree from ut austin, I thought that was a reasonably respected institution

>> No.25916945
File: 249 KB, 400x400, 1595731190824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>civil disorder ETF
You made me look

>> No.25916951

New thread

>> No.25916953

priced in

>> No.25916957
File: 24 KB, 1244x550, wut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold, her magnum opus.

>> No.25916958

thermal coal maybe, still gonna need coking for the time being

>> No.25916969

GME. Our guy is in the board now, it’s coming.

>> No.25916971

What even is it?
Only thing I could find was some example webpage.

>> No.25916973

imagine if someone actually fell for this meme a couple weeks ago and made a 50% roi

>> No.25916975

kek. How great would that be though, PLTR, SWBI, and, like, GBTC bundled together.

>> No.25916976

i will be buying SSTI should that begin to happen

>> No.25916993

Are you talking about the S2F model? You know that shit only looks vaguely correlated when displayed on a log chart and has no real predictive power, right?

>> No.25917001

Not in CS, can someone explain?

>> No.25917003

Red day today boys, time to buy more BFARF

>> No.25917004
File: 39 KB, 649x489, 1604048019759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if other in seen

>> No.25917010

Right, it has no predictive power. Except for the predictive power it has.

>> No.25917106

What catalyst is likely to move it?

>> No.25917107
File: 371 KB, 1027x1202, 1601276887299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am but a simple programmer tending to my catamorphisms.

>> No.25917144

That's like saying the population of Africa predicts bitcoin prices just because both go up in a roughly parabolic way. It works until it doesn't.
Ask yourself this, why do ALL s2f charts show you the supposed correlation in log scale? Because log scale removes detail and makes every raising chart look roughly the same.

>> No.25917160
File: 803 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210113-095334_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ummm... NAK bros?

>> No.25917161

People wonder why 737 MAX airplanes come crashing down out of the sky. The reason is outsourced software. I'm starting to realize that diversity initiatives are already responsible for dead people.

>> No.25917223

im moving some to my IRA I think

>> No.25917235

Didn't they outsource their shit to India?

>> No.25917280

Yeah, weird how every halvening it bottoms out one order of magnitude higher. I'm sure it's nothing.

>> No.25917282


The new one

>> No.25917387

Yeah, because it's checks two boxes, the "cost reduction" box and the "diversity" box. Literally a win win for everybody except the passengers hahaha

>> No.25917848

It's easy to find patterns after the fact. Doesn't mean the price has to keep following the pattern in the future. If anything expect it to disappear as people try to take advantage of it.
And just because you are making less of something doesn't mean the price automatically goes up proportionally, especially if it was overvalued in the first place.

>> No.25918128

"At first we thought crashing was bad, but then we learned that life is about change. Changing the way we think. Changing the ways we act. Changing the way we we fly.

With Flying 2.0 we, as first plane company ever, will guarantee a quick death and total indifference to you falling victim to our Pajeet engineers. We just don't care anymore.

Boeing. You know what you're getting into."

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