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Hey, guys check this project out. It's an AI-based project tackling Defi and automating yield on the smart contracts.

Website: finance-ai.org
Telegram: @financeAI

Presale: https://unilock.network/app/#/swap/0x6128299411Ae4bf0b96D6A3dD5Cf909fb1BD4d86

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That's a man!

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what man?

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The man in the taxi.

Also, checked and fuck you pajeet.

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haha pleb 4chan eating curry in ur mums basement but too poor to ape into a presale. What a trash

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20 eth softcap, hmmm...

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Kek nice cumback

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Yeah it's on unilock so I'll give it a chance. At the very least it means they can't take the eth and run

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yeah, I'm gonna wait until before soft launch hits and ape in

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Your english is worse than that shitty wordpress website, pajeet.

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if its on unilock it should be legit, and devs are non-anon

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Non anon Devs are a good sign

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hahahaha have u seen a word press website? What a retard, the web is javascript when you click inspect element. Oh wait you dont know that cause youre the village of chennai eating curry

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Sbeve? Is that polish?

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t. ivan mueller bjornsson

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Not an expert but the site looks neat to me..

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Ai and blockchain to mega bombs creating the ultimate pumpamentals. Might ape in

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Wordpress, wordpress, wordpress, wordpress.
All over it. Nice shill campaign, pajeet. How many devices do you have? Lazy, self hating, curry eating, street shitting pajeet.

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wow WordPress has a "Connect your wallet" button and interacts with your meta mask LOL

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Same shitty grammar. Both gonna "ape in".
Lazy lazy faggot pajeet, eating curry and shitting on the street.

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Great lineup. I know these guys

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Wow is that you? U have ugly parents

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nice faggit face mate, please dont have kids

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Lol no, you couldn't even get that basic function. Where on your lazy wordpress site is that, pajeet?

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Pajeet, pajeet. Pathetic attempt.

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hmm did i fire up some nerves, boy?

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Jeez so many haters here haha

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You fired up a shitty scam. In America we use toilets. Three days left, pajeet. Gonna have to try harder than that.

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Lmao not really my business but I inspected element and didn't see any of this.

Did you just get liquidated and have nothing better to do?

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ok rajesh, its time for your bed time. The only scam here is you.

1. It is not a WordPress website. WordPress doesn't have webhooks to interact with web 3.
2. You have baseless accusations on this thread.
3. The devs are non-anonymous, they have linked in and Github.
4. Please brush up on your terrible English, i am getting cerebral palsy reading your replies.

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Where on your lazy wordpress site is the wallet connection function like you said, pajeet. Show me. No, connecting your wallet to unilock isn't connecting to your wordpress site. Must have made that in less than an hour lol.

Do you have nothing better to do than scam people and shit on the street?

I have 10k link btw, bought at 20 cents. kek

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why the racism towards indians? thats not very nice

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Link the Github, pajeet. I'll wait.

You're trying to scam people on fucking 4chan, retard.

>> No.25910186

??? i didn't build the website retard, its the devs look at the website navigation bar dude there is a collect wallet. What a dumbass

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haha find it on the website blind rajesh

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Nothing related to the post but it irks me when you think 10k link is a lot.

Go fuck yourself and stop living under a lot.

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Than it should be really easy for you to just give me the link, right? Whats the problem.

1) Pic related
2) You couldn't be more obvious
3) Show me the fucking Github
4) You've completely reverted to mimicking my own insults.

Eat curry faggot.

>> No.25910369

Someone is butthurt from a rugpull

>> No.25910645

No github, no get curry.

>> No.25910776

It's literally at the footer of thw website lolol

>> No.25910879

HAHAHAHA Holy fuck, if this isn't a scam signal I don't know what is


>> No.25910894

her czech gangbang video is peak porn.

>> No.25910932

The footer says "wordpress.con" LOL.

Just link it faggot. Link it and I'll go all in just so you can buy a toilet. It's literally the simplest thing you could do.

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nice try mate

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Thats not a Github link. Thats not even on your wordpress site kek.

You want a toilet, pajeet? Just give me the github link like you said.

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cute rajesh

>> No.25911764

thx for bumping my thread :D
youre a good slave fren. based asf

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Unilock DDOsed

>> No.25912236

yeah lol...terrible time to run a presale

>> No.25912283

Hey. Haven't seen the pajeets here for a while! Did you guys have a religious dindu holiday or something?

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>dat islamic-green site background
Great design

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Dev sounds like SN. Its happening lads, he's here!

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Admin please ban. This guy is astrosurfing hahahaha

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Yeah the year long holiday of DinDuDu in a toilet.

Github, pajeet. You said it was easy. Show me. The more I bump the more people know to avoid your curry coin.

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LOL literally at the footer, dont you have hands to click?

you can keep talking here sure. All your points are invalid and baseless so thanks for bumping fren. very based indeed, sergey approve

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How do i sign up for the presale????

>> No.25913775

unilock is being DDOSed...

>> No.25913955

cool. so pajeets now steal pictures and create fake linkedin profiles now? have to applaud for ur effort though

>> No.25914035

it doesn't look fake to me lol

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Unilock rugged?

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lol im not suer why they arent back live yet,

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Lmao wanna ape in but unilock is down

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