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So I ended up buying myself an onahole for the first time. I’m in my early twenties but still a virgin and wanted to know a bit more about what a vagina feels like. Before using it I bought a small bottle of toy cleaner (Berman Center AntiBacterial Toy Cleaner) to make sure its safe to use.

After spraying it, I accidently bumped my mouth (lips, tongue, etc) against the onahole’s vaginal opening. It’s been several hours and my lips and tongue are still burning. I’m also getting scared because I think my throat is starting to burn too. I’m too embarrassed to tell my parents or call poison control. Should I be worried or should I just wait it out?

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What a dumbass. Natural selection.

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u ate your own semen out of an onahole?

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TAKE ANTIHISTAMINES ASAP! cetirizine,loratadine,desloratadine, anything to stop the burning.
you're having an allergic reaction to the material

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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post onahole with timestamp

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>Before using it I bought a small bottle of toy cleaner

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>Toy Cleaner
Was dish soap too good for you, big boy?

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Did you buy it second hand?

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You fucked the chicken didn't you?

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You forgot to ask how to make money off this.

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this market is so fucked

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bought another stack of XRP thanks bro

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> business and finance

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better than a hooker, having sex with a condom on feels like your fucking a 8 year old

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green id gang

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this is historical anon, thanks for the chuckle

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See, you wouldn't have this problem if you had just bought a garloid instead. They just need water

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fucking schizos youll still be buying xrp when its illegal

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tell me more

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A thread died for this. On /biz/of all places...

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fucking roll i must know

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rolling for the timid witch

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