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Do you feel like a productive member of society watching charts and trading magic internet tokens all day?

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Fuck Society lmao

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I also employ a nigger

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>productive member of society

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It feels even BETTER to know that I didn't work, that I contributed nothing, and STILL made a shitload of money. It feels like I'm fucking robbing society and hard working people off their money, and this makes trading so much better than any high-earning job. It's the equivalent of robbing a fucking bank without the risk. I love it.

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>implying you should be proud of being exploited by some other faggot
>implying wealth doesn’t benefit the people around you
>implying society shouldn’t literally burn in acid

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utterly based & mustachioed burglar pilled

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I lie on my resumee and pretend to be a 6'2'' blonde danish chad, then i sell my sperm online.
Pic related is how i really look like

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>imagine being invested in clown world

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no but they wont allow me to be one since taking my license so fuck em

Ill go back to work when i get it back in 3 months

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the boomers turned the world economy in to a ponzi scheme
so yes I am a productive member of society by buying crypto which is equivalent to a put option against the current system.
You're welcome, faggot. Now wash my car.

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>be productive to make money
>play the meta by using money to make money
its not our fault this is the way it is.
t. chemist retiring next year

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Contribute to a nigger loving society?

No thanks

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If society was functioning properly, we wouldn't need crypto. That's kinda the whole point.

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is OP implying that people who sit at a computer and send a couple emails a day are contributing to society?

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cope golem

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all of the answers itt are already good
fuck society

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Haha that pic is almost perfect, now only Bitcoin needs to shit out the dollars and ETH picking that up then its perfect. Or maybe another layer with LINK.

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Only 20% contribute to society. The rest do useless jobs so they can pass the time

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No and that's a good thing.

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I pay taxes, last I checked something like 60% of the population doesn't pay anything at all in taxes.

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Absolutely not! I do watch my relatives buy lottery tickets, learn Spanish after visiting Spain just once, share inspirational quotes with each other on Facebook. They inquire me about setting up a trust fund to avoid paying inheritance tax after they pass away and leave their $20k summer shed to their kids. I listen to stories about the (((((jooozzzz))))), who run pretty much everything and made Martin buy a used BMW that bankrupted him. I turn on the TV and there's adverts to buy investment gold. My workplace encourages every single employee into buying company stock. I mean there's no such thing as a clown world, son. You are growing up and start seeing things. Everyone, except the ones as the very, very top, are in a race. Survival of the fittest applies to everything in life, magic internet coins included. When you sell worthless meme numbers and make $10k out of thin air, you've done the same as the guy who hired 5 Mexicans to build houses for $10k a piece, later to be sold to some boomer for $150k.

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Why would I want to be a member of niggerworshipping society?

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But I also "work from home" every day bro. And I actually do work for 1-2 hours daily, it's not just dicking around for 8 hours

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That’s true

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>productive member of society
Holy onions, FUCK off

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I dunno, does my boomer boss feel like a productive member of society for copying and pasting spreadsheets forwarded to him by other boomers into emails all day? Dude doesn't even know how to filter Excel tables or what the fuck a pivot table does. His entire job can be done with like 3 scripts that I can write within a week. I know, because I automated my job this way and only need to check work emails for dumb shit like helping boomers download Zoom. Boomers are too retarded to google "how to download zoom" so pay me to do it. Don't worry. They get six figures and end of year bonuses though. They'll send you a cheap $25 CVS gift card as a thanks.

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Nah he’s from /pol/ obligation to race and country etc

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No, but I stopped caring about being a productive member of society when my career field stopped giving raises, started demanding a ton more from us, and then laid off tons of people in order to hire new graduates who are desperate enough to take the same job at 60% of the pay because they're desperate to pay off student loans.

Now I make more money just playing around with internet money, fuck it

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>having any concept of society in 2021
>caring about anyone other than yourself
>not trading stocks and using profits to buy material items essentially creating something from nothing

Read some history books you fucking nerd

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Fucking based as always

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Accurate. Fuck boomers. They are far more selfish than any trader on biz

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I never thought I'd see my creation leave /pol/

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its called price discovery
/biz/ is a vital part of the economic ecosystem

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>Do you feel like a productive member of society
I was a productive member of society once. It was a ton of work, extremely stressful, and I was actively punished for it by all my superiors. Fuck being a productive member of society. Fuck society in general.

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fuck the puritan work ethic. if you can avoid work without being a parasite to other working people, you are based and made it. time is the most valuable possession a person has, and spending it on some office drudgery is the definition of a wasted life.

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Criminally based

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same but its an Ukranian, at least an useful slave

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Yes. In hindsight I should have just let the world fall and damn the consequences. I ain't picking up shit anymore.

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>(((productive member of society)))
of course

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I live in Scandinavia. If I earn over 100k the government takes half and gives it to the least deserving. If it were to help out the young, old or simply unlucky countrymen of mine I wouldn't mind at all. Things being what they are though, I am doing everything in my power to change things.

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The societal definition of 'productive' is usually ones capacity to add to somebody else's unearned wealth. Magic internet tokens lowered the bar for entry to trading for fun and profit, revealing conventional markets as scams for the benefit of the privileged, which they always were.

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based scandi bro hope more think like this

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