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You stupid fuckbois who are selling are going to Kurt cobain when PayPal+link gets announced


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You're going to Chris Cornell when the oophorectomy just doesn't change things.

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This shit is going to x2-x3 whatever the current price is when the news drops within a week.


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are linkies the new xrp schizos?
this shitcoin is bleeding out to 0 where it belongs

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Hahahahaha look famalama we still fudding!!! Dis is so much fun. Hooooo heeeee

Fucking retardatello

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Chainlink was a play to get more btc during the bear market, it's over. No one gives a shit about oracles.

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we're all gonna make it

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xrp tried to copy and replicate the energy of link marines. did btc maxis ever need a general? did eth maxis ever need a general? did link maxis ever need a general? no because the behavior is organic and the energy speaks for itself. cope harder nolinker

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i think you mean orchiectomy

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Explain this to a white women fucking big dick 70iq gorilla nigger like me

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I've had a read around and there doesn't seem to be much to support Paxos and link. To preface anyway Paxos isn't exactly a big player so it's not that exciting.

The news i've found is that a dev from Paxos moved to chainlink labs - okay... Paxos has it's own API services which paypal uses, chainlink is really a competitor in that sense. I read an article hypothesizing paypal moving AWAY from paxos to link for feeds but it mentioned nothing about the price issue as it stands and it also suggested Paypal was going to get BitGo, which likewise had a dev just move to chainlink labs, but this has since been quashed.

Was interesting to read but i don't think there's anything there anon.

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> the news drops within a week.

oh yeah just like last week! i believe you, im sure youre right this time!

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I did. The site hasn't turned me into a tranny yet so forgive my lack of familiarity.

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You stupid nigger. Look at the chainlink github

PayPal is paxos.

This depressed linkie fud that all comes from link holders secretly seething that btc is raping link is pitiful. Listen I’m all in link too, but let’s have some educated discussions instead of this linkie bullshit because you fags are low key suicidal watching everything else pump. Our day is coming soon faggots

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Idk when the news will drop. I’m saying this news will pump link 3x or so within a week just like the google/coinbase news.

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Paypal uses paxos, they're in no way the same entity. We have a paypal adapter, but that doesn't necessarily mean much and even then, as said, i see it as more likely that one day paypal will change to link. If you have evidence otherwise then i'll happily read it.

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Re-read what you just typed.

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Chainstink has all kind of adapters its a shill tactic in disguise so sergay can dump his tokens

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Oh just saw only your image referred to Paxos.

Well I've gone over the paypal thing - the BitGo speculation fell through and i'm inclined to think until the price and frequency of updates improves paypal won't swap over. As said if you have evidence otherwise then post it but i can't find any and I've just been going through the recent githubs.

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There are quite a few breadcrumbs fren. The recent usd-aud and all the other currency conversion feeds from link seem like a perfect fit. The PayPal breadcrumbs have been around for years. Either you are skeptical, or u drinking bull semen

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I'm gonna hold my stinkies so I can hopefully Chris Farley but probably David Carradine.

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>Our day is coming soon faggots
Keep up the hopium. That's what I am living on.
Nothing will happen though. And even if it does, the price propaply just dumps

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At least your not following the sheep who are so depressed that they turned to fudding link out of depression, being disguised as fudding to keep the price down. Have some patience, load up a large cup of coffee and wait until q1 is overs.

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Oh i missed that, well okay. That will effectively make paypal use link if paxos uses it, and i'd say the adapter is a good indicator compared to the paypal adapter. Hopefully they finish it up soon, it's been a painful few months.

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It hasn’t been painful. We are down 25% from ath. These fudders are making you feel like you lost tons of money. Don’t play mental “what if games”
>what if I sold at the top and bought btc
Nobody did, all is ogs are holding. Don’t fall for the fud from depressed faggots.

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Not so much the price action, though that isn't anywhere near where i hoped, but more the missed targets and silence from the team. The start of the year is looking good but it's kind of demoralizing that it's all things i well expected in Q3/4 last year. It will make the releases a bit sour.

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I am blessed to be able to hold the amount of LINK that I do and am thankful every day.

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Insider here, I’ve posted this before but just dropping by again to say that PayPal/Chainlink is real, they’ve been working together for ages, years actually. I don’t know any more than that. I don’t know if Paxos is part of the equation but reading the recent crumbs that have been put together caught my attention because of what I know.

Don’t ask me for proof because I don’t have any. I’ve posted this information a few times already. You don’t have to believe me and I wouldn’t believe it either. Just want to help fellow linkies.

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Silence. Honestly bro maybe you should sell. Link has never announced anything or hyped anything. Idk where you are getting this feeling that the team has not been vocal, they never have. Are you a sub 1k link newfag?

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Iv read your breads fren. I believe you. What iv saw over the past couple weeks just confirms what you said and what I think. God speed anon. We will make it. There has never been a huge link announcement in a bull market. Between PayPal, arbitrum and staking announcements which imho will all happen well before summer, I don’t see how we don’t pump to levels lots of people think are simply a meme.

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>measuring in usd
Link has been slaughtered in SATS.
You’ve lost a shitton of potential gains by not swapping for BTC or even ETH

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It's happening

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I buy luxury goods, houses and cars in usd. Fuck outa here with your sats. You are probably a satsgang faggot.

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>Notably, PayPal’s new bitcoin offering is powered by Paxos’ crypto brokerage service.

“We want to make sure that we’re aligned as we grow together,” Cascarilla said of PayPal’s investment.

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More crumbs. There are a few. It’s a damn shame all the quality link threads are gone. I have to use fucking Twitter to get data now because /biz is so gay and fake now.

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if chainlink and paypal are officially working together, than why did they leave it up to a hackathon project to create linkpal?

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I've been in since 18 and am known for loads of posts/threads years ago. I'm not a mad hopium addict though, the last few months have been bad and that's just how it is. In previous times of crabbing/dumping the team was a lot more active at talks/on sm etc.

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Massive COPE
How many houses did you buy after the run up to $20?
What’s that, zero?
That means you could have swapped to BTC and had ~6x the amount of fiat buying potential you have with your link today retard.

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> junko

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That was just a hackathon. A good source of quality faggots who can become link employees due to their imagination and execution. That’s how it usually works.
Have you thought of it from this perspective
>we are taking over the world, we are gassed up, look at what we’ve done and make your own decision
I think the link team is continuously pivoting to more and more of this ideology.

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We all moved our profits into garloid cultivation operations, most of us set to take in 7 figure profits just from this first quarter, get with the times kid.

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Why would Courtney Love murder me and make it look like I committed suicide?

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I’m not a poor fag. I already own 2 homes, have 3 cars and make 6 figures a year. I don’t care about sats.

If you care about sats with link your an autistic retarded in the worst of ways that is completely out of touch with reality. We are going to get rich off link. This is not simply a “gain sats to roll over to the next shit” project.

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Extremely based. The only anon who is truly enlightened
>not 42 knowledge, actual knowledge.

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Well when they rely on link price to be able to fund node operation and thus any chance of taking over the world there should be a certain obligation to updating those they rely on. It's really not asking much to just touch base with what's going on, especially when stated deadlines pass. It's beyond stupid to blindly say it's been a great few months and such an attitude doesn't help link in any shape or form.

It's why /biz/ is so bad these days, the inheritors of link are just college kids and pajeets who inanely spam the same meme and hopium with no discussion or investigation.

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You could have had 6x as much link as you have today if you had done a simple link->BTC->link transaction but instead you head onto it because you’re a retarded cultist that actually believes it’s going to 1000 USD EoY and you reek of cope. I’m going to laugh hard when your family finds you swinging from the rafters when BTC rockets to 200k usd and link is sitting prettily at 10 usd.
But that won’t mat the r, “you’re in it for the tech,” right copie?

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LINKies have always been the OG schizos. XRP "schizo" threads showed up early-mid 2020 out of the blue, it was forced and gay. i never even looked at the threads because they and multiple other shills were just parroting original LINK sentiment.

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I didnt read chainlink anywhere in the article

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Here we go

Send me dated sell and buy orders. You won’t because your a larping poor fag. All of us 6 figure and 7 figure ogs did not sell. I won’t sell until I can retire.

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No one cares what you do with your lunch money kiddo

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The team owes you nothing

The team doesn’t give a fuck about the price

You sound like a faggot ambrosus holder. Drink bleach.

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COPE from retards holding onto a dying shitcoin high off of Hopium. Many such cases.

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The team literally depends on the price of the token in order to fund the current node system - you're coming across as more pajeet with each post now.

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You’re a financial ant and you typing cope a bunch doesn’t change that

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You are not looking at the long game. I’m not going to spoon feed you.

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That’s right bro
>follow sergeys plan!!!!!!!!!

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> there should be a certain obligation to updating those they rely on
you think they aren't constantly updating their integration partners of relevant progress?

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Of course long term the system won't need that nor retail buyers. In fact they could probably allow the price and network to collapse now, wait until they've got tsigs and staking working, with Eth 2.0 fully deployed and just start it back up again without the boostrapping.

Doesn't change the fact that that's not what they're doing and they currently require a valuable token for the system to operate.

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He’s obviously a newfag moon boy who bought at 10usd. Imagine wanting link to be like tron, hyping announcements with announcements of the said announcement. Anybody like that needs to fucking sell. I don’t want to throw these fags over board at the yacht party and face charges.

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probably have a way better chance of getting unn integrated with real-fi over chainlink. just sayin

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Imagine driving a 1999 Toyota Camry with a Casio digital watch just to show people how based you are. Kys poorfag

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Or you know, they'll just sell their bitcoin and swing back in at massive profit.

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Got most of my link well under $1, average buy around $4 though due to continued buys.

But thanks for bowing out with no response and just effeminately going off elsewhere, confirmed the pajeet high oest suspicion.

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Brother, why don’t you just sell for btc. Anybody who does not have absolute faith has not done research and do not deserve to make it. I’m being 100% honest. If you cannot spend multiple hours every week to get it, you should not. The data is out there, everything you need has been discussed here. If you beleive you should be all in LINK, if not fuck right off and buy the goats eth or btc.

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Imagine not being all in Chainlink

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Based and knowledge pilled

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should i buy more link now even though btc and eth are about to correct hard?

given link's past price action i halfway expect it to pump as soon as btc begins to plummet

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kek, based KFC id

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>btc and eth are about to correct hard
says who lmao im all in link but theres literally no indication of this. btc is going to 100k with only minor corrections

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Cringe go back

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Easy to tell people like you have neither had much time/skin in the market nor made significant purchases/sells in any investment class. Wise up or you're going to lose your $5k worth of crypto, kiddo.

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based backwards 1488

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>babbys first bubble
please for one moment take a look at normie sentiment bro. there was an instathot with 2mm followers today shilling defi plays. 30k before 100k


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SAying number go up ain't no fucking revelation, whye boi, Wee need to KNO when it gon' crash an how far

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That man is a degenerate in every sense of the word. Zero class pushing gambling, drugs, alcohol, and prostitution onto the youth of today. Yet it is the conservative opinion that gets banned from the internet. I can't wait for link to hit 1000 so that I can personally start tearing his whole operation apart somehow....

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bullish for LOKI / oxen.

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who is dat whyte boi

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wait, that's a dude!?

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LINK is not an exchange. PayPal needs an exchange. Hence paxos. Paxos needs accurate price info so PayPal doesn’t drop them. Hence LINK. This isn’t hard, use your brain.

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Stevewilldoit/NELK boys. Their shit is constantly recommended to me on YT when all I do is watch lectures from opencourseware and stuff like that. Watch 10 mins of any vid and if you'll see how degen their shit is.

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I also lost a shitload of potential gains not winning the lottery but that kind of thinking is retard tier. Best strategy I’d buy and hold, and so far LINK has paid off more than any other crypto in the last 3 years.

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Reminder that Chainlink will be harder and not easier to hold as it increases in value. Will you be able to handle $50 and $100 daily swings?

>> No.25722841

Will you learn how to use the potty?

>> No.25722874

Depends on whether or not staking exists. Not going to worry about swings when I can cash out $100-200k annually in staking gains.

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I'm set to take 4 figures profit from this quarter, and I'm here since 2014 kek

>> No.25722924

Good one. I'm just about to retire after buying a lot at $0.18-$0.40 - how about you?

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What are we talking about realistically EOY?

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Imho. 300 at the least. I honestly believe we will follow eth and see 1000 eoy

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God I hope so.

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God dammit

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literally has nothing to do with chainlink maybe find some real crumbs retard

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