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Peter schiff tweet is in. btc about to rise to 50k.

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it has definitely disrupted his sleep

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hes got a fat stack of btc, hes doing reverse psychology.

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Why is this nigger so mad about BTC?

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At this point he is just trolling. I'm 100% certain he has a position in BTC which is non-zero.

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>nobody has lost any power
>meanwhile USD and gold

He realizes oil is going up because of USD falling, right?

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He's been trolling since Occupy Wall Street

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then these dumb fucks send him more lol

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More like if the fiat system collapses all on its own gold would go to 10k. Gold only has tiny gains unless hyperinflation hits. Gold has been around for longer than bitcoin obviously and it hasn't threatened shit, in fact fiat came around because the gold standard was so easily compromised in the first place just due to duping the masses who just wanted to go about living their lives instead of looking into monetary stuff. People can't go around lugging gold so they naturally wanted something more convenient, then fractional reserve banking creeped in compromising that aspect of gold which requires trusted third parties.

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If he trusts gold so much why does he have a business selling it? Shouldn't he be buying it?

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so $2.5M btc would collapse fiat good to know

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He literally is trying to shill people to buy his gold to buy Bitcoin. He has been doing this since the start of Bitcoin, and is the richest person ever secretly.

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He is shrewd, having this little BTC/Gold war actually creates competition and arbitrage opportunities which benefits both.

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He’s unironically shilling it to buy bitcoin. It’s really not hard to understand. People trust people too honestly on here. Also I’m a hot teenage girl with very perky breasts does anyone wanna send me free bitcoin?

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Peter Schiff is Satoshi

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>compromising that aspect of gold which requires trusted third parties
Doesn't that apply to Bitcoin as well? Normies are not going to hold it on their own.

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Is he 4d chess-ing us or is he a few fries short of a happy meal?

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gf just told me not to spend over 800 on a ring. Boomer rocks invalidated.

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I mean I can't rule out people being that stupid far into the future. It's at least less likely to happen than it was with gold.

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At the peak of the Y2K scare gold was about $300 an ounce in 1999. 20 years later gold is nearly $2,000 an ounce and we're supposed to believe that there really isn't any significant inflation.

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Aren't you tired of this clown. Peter better SUTER up.

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based gf

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>Tfw you realize his entire business model is to sell gold and buy Bitcoin with every penny of profit.

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Jesus Christ, how does this logic make sense to him? I don't even know where he's coming up with this idiotic bullshit.

How can a fucking moron like him be that successful? Fucking Christ.

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This Grayscale Trust fund is actually demonic. The first big fund in the crypto space that is essentially creating derivatives for Bitcoin, which if you ask me, is absolutely horrible potentially, as it would turn Bitcoin into Gold essentially.
>why are they creating derivatives?
They offer shares in their trust but these shares are purely speculative because they do not represent direct ownership over Grayscale assets or holdings.

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He's obsessed

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Nobody can buy anything with it, they always have to cash out. I don't think it will ever be able to disrupt anything that way

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Through the old school way of making money. Now he thinks he's an expert on all things money related. Similar to how Warren Buffett will bash on Crypto yet all of the tricks he used to become wealthy are obsolete. Would be nice to see Schiff just admit that he's wrong instead of this nonsense.

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Definitely. You can even pay in BTC on this hand-rubbing oven dodger's site.

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Based, you're lucky. Anyone that pays absurd money for a ring deserves to be broke

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>yet all of the tricks he used to become wealthy are obsolete
How are they obsolete?
Youre buying BTC; to what end? Wealth? Lol.

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That's already too much for me

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I am also a busty Latina teen, if any lonely anons want to respond to this with dick pics I’ll send each one 5 eth :)

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Bargaining phase

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You gotta be able to smile at this. He is a literal horse salesman trying to FUD cars at the end of the 1800's.

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As I thought this was a sound foundation to capitalize on I invested everything I and my wife had saved from 57 years as a Fire Marshall and teacher for the mentally disabled.

With our 843k we meet with peter bridled before being quickly passed to a "broker". Although salesman/ con artist may be more apt.
He pushed us to invest in a South-East gold mine- in just 3 weeks we lost a 347k. Although we had plenty of worthless shares..

Our original "broker" quickly fell out of the picture and after no communication for 3 months- short of occasional email with links to his pod cast- we went to the office in person.

After many frustrating conversations we were provided a new "broker". Although we were charged for this transfer of accounts.

For the next few years we continued to lose time and time again. In total we had 4 different brokers.

In 2015 my dear wife of 52 years passed.

The only money I had left was still wrapped up in our accounts.

After much effort I was able to speak with Peter. I told him about Mar's passing and that I needed to close the accounts so I could pay for the funeral. I was also hoping to bring our mentally disabled granddaughter to Disneyland.
A sort of distraction from the grief we all felt.

After reviewing our accounts I have as told that ; of the initial 750k we were down just 4K , plus the many many hundreds of shares in company's that we're essentially worthless.
And although he was aware that I needed to draw down and close our accounts so I could give my wife the best funeral she deserved and take our mentally disabled granddaughter to Disneyland he said I would have to pay a 2% closing fee.

Ultimately I had to cremate my wife as I didn't have funeral costs.
And I could not afford to take our grieving disabled granddaughter to Disneyland.
Please do not invest with Peter.
I have since lost my home and live in a nursing home. I'm on a fixed income with my military and fireman pension.

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man, I don't get it; Peter seems to be so cool guy
I would like to to bbq with him; drink a beer laugh about idiots and whores and have a good time
how can be so retarded the same time? ;_;

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Why would gold at 10'000 disrupt economy?

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he's the guy on here posting the tether FUD to try to buy your bitcoins cheap

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Is Peter Schiff our Dennis Gartman?

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>yet all of the tricks he used to become wealthy are obsolete
as in warren just bought stocks cheaper than their value, like their literal value.

not possible in this day and age, 1000x more eyes on listings & computers etc.

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Going through business manuals one by one to find undervalued companies to invest in. Obsolete in the sense that we now have algorithms do all of this. Once everyone is aware of a certain technique to become wealthy, that technique usually is no longer as profitable as it once was anymore. Buffett has openly said that his technique is no longer as profitable as it was back in the 50s-60s.

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He's absolutely right though

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I imagine him on his death bed, rattling on in dementia, mumbling about precious metals as Bitcoin “crashes” to 500k. As he fades, his nurses stop to ask each other, “Gold? Who still invests in gold?”

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peter schiff? the same geek that is losing money in his investments and his company and is a shill for his gold stacks? that peter schiff? yeah sorry I dont take money advice from geeks that are in the red like he is. just another dumb faggot that cant into money thinking he can into money and talking like he knows money but clearly doesnt cuz he's in the red overall.
his son is smarter money wise than peter cuz his son bought bitcoin.

stop posting this retard and his shit posts cuz he's too stupid for money. in fact peter posting should be off topic since he's such a failure at money he doesnt count for money talks.

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BTC living rent free in this boomer head

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for him maybe not
but for a ton of people under currency controls (china), fiat devaluation (argentina, venezuela), orgs (tor, wikileaks) bitcoin has made all the difference in the world

he's just a salty boomer at this point
and 10k gold wouldn't do anything

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love it, mister penis schiff

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hep please
Why would gold at 10'000 disrupt economy?

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what kind of cope is that lmfao

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He's just seething he forgot password to his wallet.

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goldbugs are paranoid about the gov knowing that they hold bullion so it would make sense that many pay in crypto. schiff has probably made millions off this bullrun so far.

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He's accumulating, I have watched every episode of his show for like 4 years now. This is all wwe kayfabe, jews will say ANYTHING for self benefit, Peter isn't the greatest liar though, over the years the way he talks about Bitcoin, it's fairly obvious that he has been stacking.

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Reminder that schiffs a jew who inherited his wealth and his fund returned a negative 10 year roi

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kek he’s definitely on the wrong side of history , his calls are atrocious

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>they naturally wanted something more convenient
BTC p2p was invented
>then fractional reserve banking creeped in compromising that aspect of gold
Then Tether came with fractional reserve (unbacked) USDT printing and ruined it

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>I'm in it for the tech

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His son is buying for him so he can save face

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Bitcoin has only existed for 12 years lol.

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10k in gold enough to disrupt fiat system?
pfff what is this nigger smoking

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no he's definitely against it and doesn't hold BTC.

Goldbug Boomers really just don't want to touch digital assets.

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except bitcoin isn't a replacement for gold, redditard. It serves a completely different financial function.

>> No.25713892

funny, cause his gold is all digital paper gold

>> No.25714375

Horses aren't a direct replacement for cars either, horses still serve many other purposes. As a fixed supply asset however, there is no denying my analogy.

Also, don't project your insecurities all over me, please.

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No doubt! He's an asshole sometimes, but he's definitely not stupid.

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There are people on this board that trust a juden gold merchant more then based Michael Saylor

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Precious metal guys are literally schizos.

I don't care. Its all prepper tier nonsense

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this dude is more deluded then trumpsfags, bidenfans, xrpeepee shizos, chainlink hodlers all combined. i swear to god he is uncleoldfag. just imagine being in the business of investments and everyday you talk shit about an investment that could of make you rich for ten years straight lmfao holy shit.

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is this pasta?
It sounds fake but is so impeccably written in boomer yahoo-comments-section dialect that I have to believe it's real. So funny that old people get swindled because they think the "wealth management" guy with his wealth management job must be the best at managing money. Boomers love job titles like "broker" and can't comprehend how giving someone else total control of your finances is a one-way ticket to sucking a big dick.

Bernie Madoff should have taken this guy's money too.

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>the famous boating accident

>> No.25715405

Really? Bitcoin and gold are different, but serve the same purpose

>> No.25715499

He's pissed off that bitcoin came along to make gold obsolete as a store of value.

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Lmao fuck this faggot boomer. Tell him to bring his gold through the tsa

>> No.25715568

>implying that he is wrong
you just want to cash out and make the quick buck riding the speculation
>muh store of value
come on guys, really?

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>Buy muh coins!

Goldfags are pathetic.

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>it has not disrupted anything.

KEK, i can send money anywhere with one click directly from my argentinean pesos and nobody can seize it.

It's the most disruptive technology since the creation of the printing press.

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I don't know about the shiny rocks stuff but in that tweet he's right about everything else.

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schiff has been wrong almost all the time, i guess it is time to sell.

>> No.25716017

if hes wrong that means its time to buy now anon

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Here you go mate.

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This, it's a classic good cop/bad cop routine.

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> Gold being $10k worth of fiat currency will make fiat currency collapse.

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He is either a master troll. Or insane.

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>Why is this nigger so mad about BTC?

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Gold at 10k would be 50 trillion or so, roughly twice the dollars. What would happen?

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