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Whoever "They" are want US to win. The transfer of wealth is coming to us because we have chosen to be a part of the cryptoverse. We're the yuppies of this age. They want us to lead by example for the rest of the population: use smart contracts, live in smart homes, drive electric vehicles, and so on. We're being handed a gift of immense wealth and all we had to do was show up. I hope we all make it and live in our respective make it citadels for the betterment and the advancement of human kind. LFG!

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THanks you for this Patrick

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we are the creators
our collective consciousness is the "they"

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>we are the creators
>our collective consciousness is the "they"

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take your meds

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I could only afford to get .50 BTC before it started mooning like crazy. Going to keep on DCAing but shit man

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False. You STINKers will be punished for your crimes against GOD and humanity.

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There will be no more memes, no more dreams of lambos or whatever NPC tier 'rich person's car' you've picked out in your imagination as you're left in the dirt holding a bunch of link bags. Even a fraction of the money some of you invested in link could have helped you make it during this bull-run in BTC. Imagine that. THAT is what you should be visualizing. Not your stupid fucking holiday home, not your imaginary future "faithful" gf / wife, nor an early retirement where you don't need to toil away at menial tasks for your betters from inside your 9-5 existential prison cell - you should instead be visualizing yourself scraping together what little money you have left in the wake of your devastation to try and ride BTC up, and your dream of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS suddenly becomes a much more realistic 10k-20k at most. I mean it's not bad - more than you intellectual runts probably deserve. You'll all see I was right. I always am.

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So be it!

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I thought it was Terrence McKenna that said it. Maybe he was quoting him.

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they hung out

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>buy link instead of BTC
>walk into grocery store as poorfags outside protest
>the discounted big macs with artifical meat that sergey sells for link have taken their toll, i shop for organic beef
>approach checkout
>emaciated woman rings up my item and gives me my total
>"that will be $289,638 and 71 cents s-sir"
>never takes her eyes off my 6oz organic beef burger patty I plan to grill later
>"o-or 100 satoshis, if you prefer paying with Bitcoin"
>seems like she might have been pretty before the collapse
>"sure thing babe"
>pull out my chainlink wallet
>"here's 100,000 link, keep the change sweet tits. Just need the stores address"
>she looks confused and disgusted
>says they dont take whatever that is, they only accept Bitcoin, Fed Coin or USD since there is still a few months left to turn them in for Fed Coin
>try to argue with her
>security comes and takes my beef away and kicks me out of the store
>walk back in and demand to see the manager
>start yelling at the woman and the manager who calls security again
>"Excuse me, what is going on here?"
>everyone stops, I turn to see what silenced them
>see a 6'2" gentlemen in a suit with a cart full of whiskey and steak packages driven by multiple young virgin women
>"y-your eminence! this man here tried to buy his burger patty with something called..link I think? he is causing a scene..im so sorry"
>the man in the suit chuckles as he looks at me
>"Here you go fren"
>he picks up a phone a tosses it to me, seems old but it has a wallet with some satoshis, enough to last me for years
>everyone in the room is wide eyed, manager looks at me
>"shall I ring up your 6 oz burger patty, our dear customer" he bows his head as the woman goes to the register
>"Not so fast" speaks the well dressed man in the suit
>I turn to him confused
>"He needs to earn those satoshis" he says with a twisted grin
>the girls to his side giggle to each other

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Nakamoto was an aliase used by a hyper intelligent humanoid species. The "creators" if you will. Imagine the smartest human autist ever born with a quantum computer for a brain. That's how smart they are. They realized that there was a fatal imbalance of power and resources on Earth and that it was critical to fix this issue. Introduce Bitcoin, a creation from the alien-human hybrids. Their carefully crafted and subtle solution to this imbalance. Now that humans are starting to decentralize their wealth Earth will be graced with a golden era of peace and prosperity. This is the first step to assimilation with the what are known to us as "God's".

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>use smart contracts, live in smart homes, drive electric vehicles, and so on.
I'll be living in a shack

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