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Is this a good start for a newfag?

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not sure. also a newfag and currently 60% eth %btc %grt

decent 'folio for newfag?

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risky shit man. with that kind of money you should want BTC and ETH, then you can fuck about with shit coins with what's left.

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60% 30% btc 10% grt*

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newfags will never learn. LINK is not just a meme.
been here since 17 and have over $200,000 in LINK

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Fuck off retard. $10k in Link 3 years ago would have been a good move, now it's not. $10k needs to go to lower MC coins to have a chance of making big gains.
Your holds are shit. Get some RSR or LGCY

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It's money that I don't mind losing if I'm honest. But I appreciate the concern.

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Get into BTC and ETH if you can, WAGMI anon

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>down 3.42%
Well what do you think retard?

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Newfags should stay at 75% BTC 25% ETH, the ratio that performed the most the past few years.
Work your way up to at least 0.5 BTC following this ratio then and only then dedicate 10% to shitcoins, as opposed to your 100%.
t. former newfag that got raped by scamcoins and a portfolio much like yours

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yeah keep peddling absolute fucking shitcoins that are a pipe dream.
why invest 5 figures into something that is 100% proven to be reliable, with hundreds of paying customers, the single largest collaborations with real world institutions and the largest team in all of crypto?

better to just go buy a fucking 20m mcap pipe dream. fucking retard.

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Worrying about a 3% dip.. This was it in DOLLARS a week ago.

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Fellow newfag here. I have $3k, 40% ETH 20%BTC 20%LINK 20%PNK.

How am I looking

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Listen here you stupid nigger. LINK will never reach $100. You will never make it. LINK will only provide boomer stock tier gains. fuck off. So goddamn tired of you LINK shills every fucking where.

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idiots that ngmi still dont understand BTC ETH ARE A MUST NOT FKN PAJEET SHITCOINS YOU DUMB AS FUCK

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I genuinely hope you never forget saying this. You are so uninformed and incorrect its astounding. Good luck with your fucking LGCY scam

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Already up 600%. Good luck with a 100b Market cap @ only 40% circulating supply. LMAO!!

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good lord have mercy on this newfool

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