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SPYCEY RYCEY going below $1 edition


>Stock market Words

>Risk Management

>Live Streams

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings

>Suggested books:


>Weekly /smg/ update

>Links for (You)


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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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I fucking hate rycey so much I wish I bought anything else with it

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I thought you said you were up 30k earlier today though?

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Best way to invest in offshore wind? I have 30% of my folio in HLX but I'd like to buy something else too

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I don't even hold rycey but i worked at a company that was in their turbine supply chain - these FUDers are retarded. Airlines and suppliers are gonna keep having a bad time for at least another year, but rolls-royce is going to be releasing the most advanced and largest jet engine ever build in 2025, the Trent UltraFan. It is legit years ahead of every other manufacturer's engines and will be a massive cash cow because it cuts down fuel burn by like 15%. The big airlines will be screaming to put these things on a number of aircraft.

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I lost $800K making puts
Is it over?

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Kanashimi ni torawaretaku wa nai
Utsumuita basho ni namida wo otoshite yukitakunai

Unmei wo furihodoite
Hashiridaseru hazu nanda
Negaiwa kanau hazunan da
Tatakitsubuse kinou no kattou

Cry forthe future from the edge of darkness

Mukaikaze wo nottotte
Arashi no saki wa mienakutatte
Mou michi wa erabenai kachinokore
Mayoi wa itsumo aijou to ikari wo hakari ni kakeru
Saa, tachiagarun da mou ichido

Ima kimi wa sono yaiba wo
Doko e furiorosu?

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for you

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I didn't even know what they made. I wanted to try covered calls and an anon said PLUG was cheap and the premiums were good. I only sold one call and just held because it was volatile. This feels like dumb money in my portfolio that made a 10x

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I always forget about banks, when do the authorized share buybacks start?

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so now that the dust has settled, is it bullish or bearish?

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I can still sell my car and make it all back on puts. I'm going to make it. Just one more gamble and I'll win this time.

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God damn why is everyone on Reddit so fucking boring

Roth ira hold Microsoft forever dividends fidelity investment plan. I fucking hate them

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Are you the dude that sells naked options?

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>rolls-royce is going to be releasing the most advanced and largest jet engine ever build in 2025
>in 2025

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i love PLUG so much

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Gotta see that balance history

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I hate that the market actually closes
I need 24/7 adrenaline to feel anything

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Blow off top-ish

Run to the moon with a elevator into the depths of hell.

We’ll see how high it goes but honestly spy 400+ would t surprise me by March

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Leave me alone :(

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>tfw when didn't ever even consider PLUG because I thought the ticker name was gay

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Short chevron? The comments are wild

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I bought more today

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Box-ticking strivers. There's a whole educational pipeline.

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Election's settled. The Usurper is confirmed now or wil be soon. Markets are gonna be euphoric as fuck tomorrow morning. So on the bright side guess we'll all be rich during the Apocalypse.

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Get into crypto and enjoy losing 50% of your portfolio while you sleep

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Everyone is buying the index

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nobody with that much money would ever be stupid enough to call it that.

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should i max out my IRA in a few lump sum payments or do it over the course of the year?

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Is robinhood the best mobile app for Options trading? The UI for TDA mobile is God awful and uninformative

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>tfw no PLUG but have QCLN so I slightly benefit from its mooning

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SPY will hit $150 again before it hits $400. Trade accordingly.

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Now would be the perfect time. BTC just hit 37K all time high, and even alts are waking up. Link is slowly creaping back up towards 20. Exciting times ahead. Also plenty of pink wojaks ahead. So yeah, if you need a rush, try crypto.

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>tfw friend shilled me PLUG at $5
>bought at 6 and sold at 9
If only I had held

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nasdump huge fake

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I'm bullish on tomorrow. Bring on the bobo blood.

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I already do crypto and stop-losses make it easy to live with it
>not having stop loss and limit orders queued up after each other so you always win

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What is a stop loss

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You are a scared little faggot

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I’m better than Warren buffet

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>stop loss
enjoy getting hit with a scam wick

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You've been alerted time and time again. Have you bought in yet?

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That's pretty much a wash. Your investments or, hell, just negotiating an extra couple k in salary at work dwarf any minor tax advantages of buying taxable stuff earlier in the year.

Personally I just max out Roth IRA contributions at the start so the rest of the year is just mindless transfers to my taxable account.

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Oh no no no.

Top of his head status: Looked at

Anon, now that the election's settled CLF is about to rape your fucking face off with gains. Better cover those shorts soon or else we're all going to see your dick. Pause.

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This year..

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Kek at this nocoiner cope

You retards do have stocks and crypto right? Right?

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Don't worry anon, RYCEY will go back to $2 in 2026.

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based. needed this anon. godspeed.

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>Run to the moon with a elevator into the depths of hell.
sorry i'm slightly retarded and i'm tired, that made no sense

*the* index?

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That's my plan. Now I just need to convince the faggots at Wage World to give me that raise they promised.

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Damn, you think the pound will collapse that much?

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I know that but when exactly?

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>lose no money, maybe $2 fee
>limit order rebuys once the scamwick is done
>stoploss set at limit price
>your bot trades for you anyway
botmaxx wins again

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Max it out on January 1st and don't worry about it for rest of year. Do transfers if you don't have enough or take 0% promotional credit card loans.

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>decade long cup and handle

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500 shares at 8.14
It's not enough!

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I just want SRAC to dump as people realize the launch got delayed so I can buy more around $12. Am I delusional? Is it going to dump after merger for a bit anyways?

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Line go way up slowly/steady

The when nobody expects it

Line go down vertical

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Dumbest shit I’ve seen

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>so basically from what i understand is buy a stock while it is down/cheap/ hope for it to grow, then sell it and reinvest? or make a profit?
> just confused on tactics

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what should i do with my CHU am i going to jail if i don't sell it tomorrow?

>> No.25630327

Depends on how well they do. Fed says if they pass some sort of benchmark (via earnings I think) then the buybacks can fly.

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>I just want SRAC to dump as people realize the launch got delayed
What the fuck do you think happened when we ran down from $20?

>Am I delusional?
Yes, the next launch window is in a month. It's literally a nothingburger.

>Is it going to dump after merger for a bit anyways?
Idk maybe, if it does buy more

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that's basically all there is to it, but you also have to consider taxes and if short term capital gains is worth making a swing trade over

>> No.25630353

>Apply at Competitor
>Land job, negotiate salary
>Take Competitor salary offer to Wage World manager
>When he tries to match, quit and leave for Competitor

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buy good companies that go up and never sell, or ride memes you find here until the peak and move on to the next meme

the most important part is to understand the companies you're holding and not diversify too much

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Reddit is the worst fucking investors ive ever seen

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The people who found the infinite risk glitch?

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You're a bit late, fren

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I respect your opinion but disagree. Past this point, nuclear fusion will always be a dirty word in the minds of the public and that along with red tape have driven nuclear energy generation prices up to the point that they're not economical enough to build new plants outside of China, even in a world where natural gas gets banned. Battery prices are already so good that 95% of the grid can be renewable and still have reasonable energy prices for consumers. Solar panel prices have fallen so much that they now make sense even in most populated northern latitudes and this will only continue. If next-gen nuclear thorium reactors ever gets here, we wouldn't need to mine nearly as much uranium.

I think speculation will drive uranium stocks up but I don't see a future. Most of the planned mines are never going to open, $60+ uranium cannot be sustained long term.


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Give me the next 10x or else

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you are supposed to buy stocks when the green line is at the highest spot its ever been. Obviously if its green its good so buy it. This is the strategy that warren buffet lives by.

>> No.25630400

you're right, thanks for talking some sense into me fren

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i discovered SNEEDFULgambit sir,, its like the infinite money glitch but not a glitch sir,,,

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Shill me your ETFS for 2021 thinking bout BETZ and QQQJ calls

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It's better than nothing and a lifetime of regret.

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>id: jew
i have no reason to doubt you, guess i'll stick to my etfs for now

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my dick is going 10x right now.

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The good thing about my current job is that I do like 2 hours of 'work' from home a week, I don't know if tradwaging is even worth it for a few grand more at this point.

>> No.25630494

Is it worth it to keep buying UVXY weeklies at this point? The market clearly is gonna correct big, and $500 in UVXY calls could easily turn into $20,000 or more on 7-10% down

>> No.25630500

tfw you hold PLUG yet you feel nothing..

>> No.25630507

How do I know when a stock is going to have a good run that day? Volume or pre market change?

>> No.25630529

Something to be said for it mooning almost 30% today, even with the SEC fud.

>> No.25630531

WKHS to 50 fucking blow me trannies

>> No.25630532

Is there a place where you guys talk about stocks? I like talking to people more than this format.

>> No.25630548

ETFs eat shit in a crash, too. Look at SPY or QQQ in March.

>> No.25630549

Scan for pre-market news.

>> No.25630554

How realistic is Lithium batteries being 1/10 the their current price in 5 years (the timeframe I'm talking about)

>> No.25630556

News is your best bet. TA will never tell you if something is going to go up on a particular day, but if a juicy news story comes up you have a much better chance.

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File: 1.83 MB, 288x377, alexjonesshocked.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting ready to write and film the new /smg/ update. Lord knows this thread could use one on a day like this.

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go back

>> No.25630567

so you have 40 weeks until that becomes unprofitable, less that year. minus march/april, there were 2-3 volatile days last year?

>> No.25630571

Anon, there is no fucking way we shift to a majority EV future without Uranium. All this hippy dippy solar and wind horseshit isn't nearly enough for our power needs. UUUU and WWR are both going to be fucking huge. WWR especially as its in the sweet spot of specializing in both Lithium and Uranium.

>> No.25630579

Jesus those bones

>> No.25630581

no, the format of 4chan is and always has been our strongest normie filter

>> No.25630582

I only know one person that is interested in stocks and we only communicate through texts unless we are at work.

>> No.25630583

If you see that the sector that it is in is doing well
it is trading well in premarket with high volume
and then also track the volume within the first 15-30 minutes of trading
you should know how much volume is typical by 9:45-10:00am, so if you see 4 million shares trading when normally there would be 2 million in that period, and everything else is trending up, then it's likely to continue the run, as at the end of the day there will be even more volume than usual
especially if you see it past the previous high/resistance, or if it's at all time high

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So, I’m 90% weed stocks atm. pic related plus 150 $MSOS, roughly 6k more.

I’m assuming holding here is correct, with the senate being narrow blue now?

>> No.25630617

Shares and selling cash secured puts or covered calls?

>> No.25630620

What's a good website for news?
I'll check it out

>> No.25630643

You should do more drugs.

>> No.25630648

What's your opinion on weed stocks as someone who watches them? I've been looking at dipping in, but dont know the industry well

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AMRS if you want to gamble. It's working for me so far
>Is there a place where you guys talk about stocks?
Are posts like these bullish or bearish?

>> No.25630665

I look through Yahoo Finance daily and follow a bunch of stocks on Stocktwits.

>> No.25630677

Finviz is great. Your broker's trading app might also have a news feed, like Streetsmart Edge.

>> No.25630689

Don't forget the based anime lyrics poster

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File: 191 KB, 774x1024, 666 4 pack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, you little pogchamp you :-)

>> No.25630699

AMRS all day. It's been printing me money for the past 2 weeks.

>> No.25630715

bought a week ago!

>> No.25630742

Got it, thank you.

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File: 218 KB, 1623x1145, 35E99E27-9B5A-4267-9C69-EB910BC4CE13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trying to buy or sell an option
>Ok I’ll outbid/under sell these guys
>Move price
>Automatically 80 other people doing the same thing
>Ok I’ll just move the price again
>Another 50 other people on the same price
>Cancel order
>All of those bids or asks disappear entirely
I fucking hate algos bros

>> No.25630757

90% is high risk all it takes is one bad market day to wipe your account out

>> No.25630766

Write a counter-algo specifically to fuck with them

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All I know is that tons of dudes in their own companies get payed in equity and they hold (I install cabinet displays for new storefronts for a sweet 18 bucks an hour). So I felt that fomo hard after learning that.

>> No.25630810

Not anymore after all the 2016 and 2020 election tourists

>> No.25630827

The prices are already near the point when grid energy storage batteries are economical, it will be decades until we approach the 100% renewable point where we need batteries that are 1/10th of the cost and that study I linked assumed that solar was $1 per kWh and it's already under that so it's possible to decrease how much battery capacity we need by have excess panels.
>All this hippy dippy solar and wind horseshit isn't nearly enough for our power needs.
Why specifically? Renewables are the cheapest source of energy, storing it is completely viable, and they'll easily scale enough to meet increased demand from electrifying the global fleet. I'll eat crow if even half these proposed uranium mines ever open, let alone sustain business over the next few decades.

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>there's still retards here that shill and buy garbage that performs worse than SPY
>muh tankers and airlines and cruisers
lmaoing at you smg.

>> No.25630851

I've only experienced this with UTZ calls

>> No.25630859

Isn't AMRS one of The Watcher's picks? That dude made me 1k today from shilling CGC yesterday. Redpill me on AMRS and I'll start looking into it. Is it not too late?

>> No.25630877

How would you do that? You would have to have a faster connection than them wouldn't you?

>> No.25630880

We've been calling the air and cruise line shills retards all year fren

>> No.25630889
File: 275 KB, 1145x1595, AMRS_Barchart_Interactive_Chart_01_06_2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just cant buy into something like this cuz it'll top out right when i do, if i don't it'll double

>> No.25630896

>Renewables are the cheapest source of energy
Tell that to the krauts.

>> No.25630933

Not too late for AMRS. Yeast-based molecule production - for example, they're producing squalene, CBD, and a no calorie sweetener. They have multiple, multi-million $ deals on the table. Biossance is expanding its market share and is moving into China. Pipette makes awesome baby care products.

>> No.25630939

virtually anything performs worse than the s&p, given a long enough time scale

>> No.25630957

>short one commodity
>long another commodity
>inflation is high as fuck and set to climb even higher

yeah you're a retard

>> No.25630958
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alright seriously whats the next meme stock im still holding some PLTR after selling most at 32 and been slowly buying green energy/ARKG but i want the most retarded stock imaginable to balance those sane choices

>> No.25630962

Past returns are not indicative of future returns

>> No.25630964
File: 88 KB, 730x783, 46695D6A-02A0-4FBC-9FB8-0D6A2D996979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve been selling cash covered puts on MARA with good success. But the more I learn about covered Calls, the more appealing it is. I’m actually going to start soon, probably at the next dip.

This shit beats buying single call options by a lot. Sure it’s not as much upside, but it seems WAY less risky provided you go for like a .10-.20 delta so you don’t risk getting exercised.

Am I missing anything here? I’m glad I’m finally learning options more and seeing some consistency.

>> No.25630978

Eh...your loss. Keep a watch on it and buy a dip if it presents itself.

>> No.25630983
File: 321 KB, 661x522, 1601209471623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine investing in something with 'poor' in its name

>> No.25630993

Senate faggots just entered the House with Pence

>> No.25631001

the garbage they spouted was worse on any time scale

>> No.25631007
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>> No.25631022

Is tomorrow too late to load up on more ICLN options? It's been going up pretty steadily so I don't see an opportunity to buy the dip anytime soon. Anyone else holding/buying any ICLN?

>> No.25631042
File: 37 KB, 206x188, F69140E2-3061-449F-98B9-83D74F1CA6EB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m a nigger

>> No.25631052

>The prices are already near the point when grid energy storage batteries are economical, it will be decades until we approach the 100% renewable point where we need batteries that are 1/10th of the cost and that study I linked assumed that solar was $1 per kWh and it's already under that so it's possible to decrease how much battery capacity we need by have excess panels.
The article you linked said the cost of storage is $175/KWH for Li-Ion batteries and solar/wind become as economical as nuclear as sources of base power (as opposed to intermittent power) at $10-20/KWH batteries.

So I just took your numbers and asked how long is it going to take to get lithium batteries to cost $17.5/KWH.

>> No.25631061

>Renewables are the cheapest source of energy
Not the other fren you're talking to but I don't think this is true at all. EV is a terrible return for what it takes to create and we're terrible at scaling it right now. Not to mention, sooner or later normies will realize its not as wonderful for the environment as they think.

>> No.25631069

Who is The Watcher? Some insider?

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>muh dividends! bros!!

>> No.25631106

It's free money on top of growth

>> No.25631110

Resuming electoral vote count now


>> No.25631119

I made $2 in divvies from my savings account fuckface. Stay jelly

>> No.25631130
File: 270 KB, 1200x896, FAEC0F25-5AAB-45C4-9EC0-F1F5DC9CB72E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too late too get into XLM?

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I shilled it to you last week at 2.50 and you fudded me. I shilled it to you the week before that at 2.30 and you fudded me. Are you going to fud me again at 2.70? Or will it be next week at 2.90.

God tier divvy. Beat earnings during corona, poised to skyrocket post scamdemic.

Im the same guy who shilled EMAN and MVIS at .50c. NIO at 4 dols.
BUY NYMT. Dont know how else to put it.

>> No.25631135
File: 32 KB, 645x729, 1590443258046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25631150


>> No.25631151
File: 12 KB, 957x62, calls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I wait too long to sell these?

>> No.25631155

Priced in, nobody cares anymore.

>> No.25631156

>on top of growth

>> No.25631161


>> No.25631164

Fuck, 3 not 2. Anyway...

>> No.25631205


>> No.25631208
File: 209 KB, 470x860, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ICLN bros

>> No.25631221

thanks anons

get bent taco bender faggot

>> No.25631239
File: 87 KB, 385x314, 4572.hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any Lumber stocks to know about? I've heard demand is making it expensive currently, and that it's possible supply will outrun demand in the next 5 years. Going to also research companies trying out better building materials, something that can replace OSB.

>> No.25631244

Autists and boomers had one chance to overthrow the gubmint and wreck the market. We big green tomorrow... check ID

>> No.25631245

Bought some calls back when it was $4.50/share a month ago and I wish I'd thrown more more money at it. Recently bought some LEAPs so let's just hope their management doesn't shit the bed again

>> No.25631269

Whats the best degree for grad school to better understand all this shit.

>> No.25631270
File: 1.86 MB, 228x170, 3C051A2A-F886-4117-9FFD-3AFDDEF8F056.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25631271

Green and dubs sheeeeeeeeeeeit this is it bois!!

>> No.25631293

Fucking Melo, man. If he can reel himself in, coupled with new officers guiding the ship, then AMRS is definitely heading in the right direction.

>> No.25631296


>> No.25631301

Just click buy

>> No.25631310
File: 164 KB, 1200x823, industrialpowerprices-vci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see no issue with this chart. Obviously it's expensive to shut down all your nuclear plants and generate electricity another way but compared to building new nuclear plants it's objectively cheaper.
That is for 100% generation from renewables, if 5% other generation is included the prices are already good enough. Battery costs have been falling about 15% a year so they'll be cheap enough for 100% renewable long before we get to that point. Tesla is greatly improving this rate and they may achieve a 50% drop in the next few years. Keep in mind that energy storage batteries don't have to have the most energy dense cells and they can use cheaper and more available chemistries.

>> No.25631351

Why does investopedia say 2x S&P500 ETFs return 19% per year, but 3x only return 6% per year?

>> No.25631358

Economics, accounting, math, statistics
All of them can give you an equally valuable knowledge base from a different approach

>> No.25631362

clearly you havent even tried, also if you werent born jewish just fuck off.

>> No.25631383

So 15% per year the answer is 16 years. Uranium is set to pop off THIS year. So idk that your renewable fud works

>> No.25631386

I’m probably getting assigned on ten of my mara calls I wrote last week. It’s actually pretty comfy but I’ll make only 10k instead of 15k or whatever the price ends up at.

>> No.25631397

I'm going to hazard a really wild guess here. I don't know if it'll prove to be true or not.

But, Trump said he was going to lead the people down to the capitol to watch the proceedings there.

At that point, he disappeared as though he fell into a hole in the ground after stepping off the podium, basically.

Since then, there has been, as far as I can tell, pretty much radio silence from him except for one brief, stilted video where he tells everyone to go home.

My suspicion is, that Pence, Congress, and the Senate MIGHT have invoked the 25th Amendment while Trump was making his speech, deposed him, and named Pence "Acting President."

When Trump left the podium, he was immediately arrested and whisked away, making that video after being seized, just in an effort to prevent more of his followers from getting hurt.

Now the traitors are in control, but they're afraid to reveal what they've done, and blocked Trump's account, etc. in an effort to prevent the news of their coup from leaking out before they figure out some way to soften the blow, or at least wait long enough for the MAGA people to disperse.

Even if they have Trump under arrest, they'd still shut down his Twitter so no adviser or relative with the password could blow the news wide open too early.

At this point, I am extremely suspicious over Trump's silence. I suspect they might have deposed him and arrested him.

It might explain why there was confusion over whether Trump or Pence ordered in the National Guard, also -- they may have been ordered by ''the President," leading some to think Trump was ordering them in, but in fact it was "the Acting President" -- i.e. Pence after an unannounced 25th Amendment-based coup.

I have no evidence for this other than vague but sinister suspicion at this point. But be prepared for anything.

>> No.25631398

Because of decay

>> No.25631402

Yeah the premiums on calls like that are dogshit, you're selling your moon mission rights for like literally 8% APR
Calls are, in my opinion, best sold in the money to cover downside risk solely. You make gains from both theta and delta crushes that way, with your ONLY risk being giving up any further upside on the underlying. If something spikes 25% in a day just sell ITM covered calls and buy them back when they tank 25-50%

>> No.25631405
File: 874 KB, 955x1506, oyvey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in calls fren, nothing is stopping clown market and ultra mega money printer man

>> No.25631407


>> No.25631423

you wouldnt want to hold uvxy because it will trends to zero. he was talking about buying weekly calls.

>> No.25631438

Buy AAPL during bear market
Accumulate until 2024
Apple Electric Car released
Rich millennials,, celebrities, tik tok stars, Instagram influences, blockbuster movie characters all have them
Wait 1-3 more years
Repeat as infimum
Millionaire by 2030

>> No.25631440

Ignoring the technology they have, it's essentially a small cap version of IFF. There's a lot of room for growth, assuming they can break into the food industry. But management is awful and a major liability
It's a meme stock below $9/share. Definitely better than something like TLS and RYCEY lel

>> No.25631451

You miss the biggest, most glaringly obvious question though-- from where is all the energy going to come that's needed to charge all those batteries?

>> No.25631462

Take this tin foil hat shit back to /pol/ where it belongs.

>> No.25631464

That's not a thing in my country so idk
Sounds like it's accounting lite for normies

>> No.25631480

>not an autodidact

>> No.25631485

Such noob ass investors buying weed stocks over that news. Just retards thinking theyre Wall Street buying useless news

>> No.25631489

tldr lmao buy OPTI

>> No.25631503

thats too much go back to pol

>> No.25631531

lol that's >>>/x/ material buddy

>> No.25631534
File: 17 KB, 474x383, senfhjr fjre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Trump but holy fuck get out of here with that wall of text r/The_Donald tier boomer shit you fucking nigger

>> No.25631543

just tell me what ticker to buy goddammit

>> No.25631556

divvies are fine if you have like, 10 million dollars sitting in a 5% return.
you can literally just chill by the pool and never look at it again

>> No.25631568

What happened to all the OPTI support

>> No.25631582
File: 831 KB, 500x445, v15.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you quoting this from a Tinny video?

>> No.25631584

Either or works. Delusion is a hell of a thing.

>> No.25631589
File: 231 KB, 750x1203, 75FC1FDF-903C-4974-A4EC-06D52706D610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reddit is bad at investing

>> No.25631603

you should go back there, and stay this time

>> No.25631604


>> No.25631626

Hey guys what if instead of paying a flat dividend every quarter a company would instead invest that capital into itself and grow its fundamentals exponentially? Sounds pretty crazy but if you think about it makes way more sense

>> No.25631644

Fuck off uncle

>> No.25631658

companies don't do that they either do dividends or buybacks to justify their salary increases

>> No.25631659

gonna need you to explain it in a different way. im slow

>> No.25631663

Bests me, I like how the chart looks right now stabilizing at .07.

>> No.25631668
File: 135 KB, 1080x1350, DickTogo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My goal is too get a job and a trailer to live in...
I'm starting from zero how should I do this? I'm 30 yrs old if that means anything.

>> No.25631669


>> No.25631693

You should come up with a better pasta you retard

>> No.25631718

Walmart you baboon

>> No.25631724

What are you doing for income now? You need to find a job and save as much income as possible for a few years.

>> No.25631731

Or maybe you're bad at investing and good at pressing buy on meme stocks during the most braindead bull market ever?

>> No.25631733

Like the other anon said, weekly calls are incredibly risky because UVXY is volatile on only a few a days, so wouldn’t it be viable to buy shares and sell covered calls on them?

I feel that we’re going to have another spike soon since sub 10$ never gets broken, so I’d prefer to hold shares and liquidate on spike rather than pray to god and hope to divine the crash dates.

>> No.25631734

no way bro, your conspiracy is Q tiershit. repubs and demos are the same side of the coin, trump is façade to disenfranchise the right, who are majority white men, so that the elite can easier implement oppressive government with more immigrants and media deception.
convenient how pence was supposed to recall votes and all of the sudden "trumpers" cause a shitstorm and fuck it all up. now the media is in full swing demonizing the right, demonizing whites, making people terrified of guns, associating this all with terrorism and white supremacy.

>> No.25631742

>t. sad GNUS bagholder

>> No.25631757
File: 677 KB, 717x720, 1609399862723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"This is really insane"
Ok you win, I'm watching this.

>> No.25631782
File: 20 KB, 576x287, eia-no-ptc-equals-no-wind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just what the U.S Energy Information Administration is predicting and countless other authorities. Very few of them think nuclear is going to stage a comeback. Solar panes are almost entirely recyclable and in places like Europe they have to be recycled at end of life which is done by the manufacturer. Just think about it, they're mostly aluminum and silicon.
It's not even close to 16 years, the decrease is compounding and only a 88 percent decrease overall is needed.
>So idk that your renewable fud works
What? What your meme stocks do have no effect on what will actually happen. Nuclear is not going to beat renewables, that is just stupid and misinformed.
The same way energy production currently scale to meet rising population and higher usage. If the global fleet was 100% electric, we only need about an 18% increase in generation. Solar power over generates during the day producing electricity at a low cost without any storage needed, that alone will be able to charge many vehicles.

>> No.25631812
File: 63 KB, 951x558, 1583800241569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25631820

I love next to one uwu..

A few years? Naw I can't do that anymore I want a trailer now. I'm jobless and homeless but I've been looking for a job. Worked today but idk

>> No.25631831

Is this why TAN is doing like fucking 15% per goddamned day

>> No.25631836
File: 138 KB, 482x427, 1592925255156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

futures kinda weak rn

>> No.25631850
File: 20 KB, 550x550, 1601306330948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who /needs to dump UVXY calls on opening/ here?

>> No.25631853
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, 1590888735816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want a trailer now
Get a payday loan then

>> No.25631857

i said made a post with a similar idea and someone said to look up contango. the gist i got was that UVXY will eventually liquidate your position

>> No.25631859

It’s a trick to pull boomer in thinking they’re geniuses for getting free money

>> No.25631866
File: 745 KB, 1536x2049, IMG_8008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Explain and I drop 10k

>> No.25631903

116%?!!!!? Wtf poor people are so god damn stupid and it’s fucking insane they’re in business what the fuck

And who takes 8 years to pay off a 5000 dollar loan

>> No.25631904
File: 41 KB, 249x249, 1595130033346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I would and checked

>> No.25631916

>It's not even close to 16 years, the decrease is compounding and only a 88 percent decrease overall is needed.
A 15% decrease is 20 <= 175/1.15^x
If you work that out x = 16

>>So idk that your renewable fud works
>What? What your meme stocks do have no effect on what will actually happen. Nuclear is not going to beat renewables, that is just stupid and misinformed.
That's not the trade, the trade is the inevitable supply crunch making it go from $30 to $60 and everyone's margins going from 10% to 110% and speculative projects going from being worth nothing to being worth billions

>> No.25631922
File: 56 KB, 830x549, duck_curve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>solar memes are all we need
Every country that tries to go full solar/wind memes turn on coal, oil, or gas plants. Every. Single. One.
You NEED geothermal, hydro, nuclear, or if you can stomach it natural gas

>> No.25631926

Look at my other posts ITT

>> No.25631932

>who takes 8 years to pay off a 5000 dollar loan
people who pay 40k in interest

>> No.25631955

That company was ruled as predatory lending years ago, also Natives on reservations can do pretty much anything they want on their reservations because theyre shit holes

>> No.25631960

Thought about taking out a loan in all honesty. Even just 5k would be enough

>> No.25631964

The fucked up thing is that it's only native americans that are allowed to do this

>> No.25632005

Because some industries are in a decline not an incline, in which case maximizing profit margins and returning capital to shareholders is the best use of that money. If the expected return on capital for a tobacco company investing fully in growth is like 3% then you likely would just want that money returned to you instead to use on a better growth opportunity, considering the reason you buy such a company in the first place is because you want a company that has steady profits at a good price with consistent returns, that hopefully you picked up at a discount.

>> No.25632018

Did people actually call them and take that loan? Holy shit I knew that shit was a scam when I was like 7

>> No.25632028

How the fuck are you going to buy a trailer for 5k that isn't a moldy box surrounded by niggers? I'd rather be homeless. Also you'll still have to pay lot fees, since you won't be able to get any land. You're basically conceding to a nigger tier life. Just save for a year up for some land and then find a box to go on top of it and go from there.

>> No.25632031

I’ll have to keep studying this, it seems pretty fool proof, assuming the underlying decision making is sound.

>> No.25632043

I'm assuming retards who lost all their money in Vegas did trying to break even only to enter into crippling forever debt with all the redskin chiefs and cuties

>> No.25632063

you should only sell covered calls on stable long-term shit, AMD might be one of the exceptions of a high IV stock with actual long-term prospects since it's not widely overvalued (still half the multiples of NVDA)

or else you run the risk of shit like you sell covered calls for $30 on WKHS and it doesn't get assigned.. but your underlying went down -50% during the process so you were better off just taking profits
also I sold covered calls that had delta of like 0.15 but they're at the verge of getting assigned if it goes up another +5% within a couple weeks

>> No.25632066

They built a programming language to program the DNA of yeast to grow any biologically complex molecule (including rare/expensive ones used in aromatics) they want and they put it in a yeast culture and grow a shitload of it at a time. Only other company with this technology is private and they worked together on the language.

>> No.25632071

Nah I'm hodling. Market is running on pure hopium, the 10 year is clearly shooting straight up this week, this shit will tank soon. I wouldn't even be surprised if we shoot red very early tommorow.

>> No.25632081

when would I want to place an On the open order instead of just setting a limit if I'm setting orders for tomorrow morning?

>> No.25632084

They're still around, they just changed their name kek

>> No.25632087
File: 59 KB, 712x890, F0857128-B96A-4CA3-BD96-32416E2F9481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cannabro here. MOREs act will create huge Bull run. There are still over 20 states that still need to go recreational. Once states allow distribution across state lines than the money is really moving. Cannabis market in America is still in its infancy. >>25630757
The cannabis market will always rebound because Americans will smoke more cannabis than alcoholics can consume alcohol.

>> No.25632097

No fucking way

>> No.25632098

I feel like my parents fell for shit like this. They’ve been in debt 90% of their life

>> No.25632132

I almost bought av trailer for 3kv back in 2018. I don't mind nigger tier life in all honesty. I don't need anything I just want something that's mine. They give out free trailers all the time

>> No.25632134

They got sued really bad. Seems buying it was a good idea lol

>> No.25632159

They've done such a swell job with their non-cutting-edge jet engines oh wait that's right they're not able to sell any right now because they're giant muzzie pedo fuckups.

>> No.25632168

Stop helping coomers god damn it I want them dead

>> No.25632174

Will definitely start looking into it, thanks for the QRD

>> No.25632271

I think gambling is just attractive because it's easier to make big returns. Even with house edge you have around a 10% chance to win 10x your money, but it's pretty hard to find stocks that would do 10x in a year, certainly not 1/10 stocks available on the NYSE would do a x10

>> No.25632280

They appeal to coomers because they're more likely to take an impulse buy on meme stocks

>> No.25632282

According to my broker the gain on my MARA shares are over 700%. Factoring in the premium I've made from selling covered calls and buying them back, my gains are over 1000% on my shares. I sold covered calls monday for an ok 20% gain, but I haven't sold any calls since. I actually trimmed 1/4 of my shares today to lock in the gains. Might buy some back on the next -20% day. Selling covered calls on a high IV stock like MARA is great.

>> No.25632296

Did you shill me on this today. I bought a bunch and it's making move AH

>> No.25632298

can they or can they not grow a giant vat of e-coli to produce psilocybin? if not, not interested

>> No.25632299
File: 629 KB, 840x859, 1606715393356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

futures bleeding like a stuck pig

>> No.25632309

>green in the morning
like clockwork

>> No.25632326

im new here
what percentage of people in this general are day trading

>> No.25632357

That sucks but still a good profit imo. I mean I really didn’t make shit selling cash covered puts. I made like $200 and the stock mooned, so I don’t feel great about it obviously.
They aren’t great you’re right. I guess if you don’t care if you lose your shares ITM or ATM is fine. I’m assuming you’re dealing with pretty short expirations and when you say buy them back you’re talking about buying to close your position? Sorry I’m still fairly new to writing options.

>> No.25632375

Dude it’s happened 2 days

>> No.25632386

what's the point, we get 8 hours a day, the price might go up and down once or twice in that timeframe, day trading is gay trading and swinging makes much more sense

>> No.25632397

Does Spike get paid for all the work he does?

I mean its ridiculous

>> No.25632413

morning u fucking reatard

>> No.25632417

I would sell covered calls only to buy multiple OTM calls honestly man. It's a little redundant to buy the underlying if you just sold calls, considering if it ends up in the money your premium spent on shares has the same delta as the calls you sold and if it ends out of the money you likely lost money on the underlying and would've just been better holding the cash

>> No.25632418

90% of these posts are mine.

also did baggie go to dc or something?

>> No.25632431

probably with a mediocre allowance, just like any kid ordered to do chores
though him and toaster sparks undoubtedly get a stipend from the crown to cover their expenses, given that library late fees are unlikely to cover living expenses

>> No.25632437

>tfw only debt is $600/mo car payment
Should I sell my car bros
I love it so much though

>> No.25632450

I'm swing trading

>> No.25632451

okay sounds good to me, I'm just starting to learn so thanks for the tips pal

>> No.25632452


>> No.25632455

Battery prices have fallen 87% in the last decade. Another decade at that rate would see us at $20, and this argument is retarded because we won't need 100% renewables for 20 plus years and again, it assumed that solar panel prices didn't fall past $1 per kWh. You can greatly decrease how much storage you need by having enough generation during cloudy days so that you don't need multiple days of storage.
>That's not the trade, the trade is the inevitable supply crunch making it go from $30 to $60 and everyone's margins going from 10% to 110% and speculative projects going from being worth nothing to being worth billions
These speculative projects are never going to become operational. You're misleading people to try to support your case for expensive uranium. There is no future in the industry even if prices temporarily hit $60.
There isn't a great incentive to create energy storage while natural gas and other sources are still allowed to supply enough base load and most countries are just focused on getting off oil and coal. It only recently became economical to include storage in solar projects to flatten the duck curve.

>> No.25632460

That’s awesome man. Out of curiosity what were the expirations/strikes you sold? My cash covered puts we’re all 15Jan exp.

I’m living MARA. I’m a little afraid of getting assigned on my calls if I sell at the money like one anon said. But the premiums do look great.

>> No.25632462

Owning a car you don't need is for retards.

>> No.25632464

no, you still need it to do basic functions
just keep growing your account and you'll sail past it in terms of costs

>> No.25632470


I wish I could be like the Jews and just step on them and soak every last bit of money out and leave them die

>> No.25632472

which car? are you even using it? id keep it as an optics thing but if you're alone and don't use it it doesn't make sense

>> No.25632481

New cars are for niggers, women, and retards, but some dumb ass like you has to buy them so we can buy used cars

>> No.25632488
File: 89 KB, 410x598, 1589590715758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25632513

you pay more for a car per/m then i do in rent..

>> No.25632516

88% in the last decade*

>> No.25632525

I’ve been using ride share apps for over 2 years. I have a listen every but I live in a city so it’s cheaper that way. It’s wayyyy cheaper to do 10$ rides.

>> No.25632539

For AMRS, do they have a target price?

>> No.25632544

I do deal with pretty short expirations, you can make insane money selling leaps but if your play goes bad then you end up having to shell out thousands to buy them back or else you end up holding that bag for a long fucking time just to wait for expiry to get your capped gains back.
Yeah I'm talking about buying to close, it just never really makes sense to wait for expiry when your sold calls lose 75% of their value in a week and the other 25% in another week.

>> No.25632559

Ya I'm new to this whole covered call thing. First stock I've ever sold covered calls on was MARA since I could afford more than 100 shares back when it was $2. It probably would be a lot easier to just fucking swing trade it, but I'm an autist and don't wanna lose my average. I probably should just swing it...

>> No.25632577
File: 259 KB, 352x237, AAAAHHdoge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Yes, Hello? Klaus? sup pal, so uhh... how do i profit from the great reset??"

>> No.25632604

Buy the jew stocks

>> No.25632605

The curve is slowing down. It's getting diminishing returns anon. I'm not sure how much more can be squeezed.

>> No.25632636
File: 1.44 MB, 2448x3264, 1596074298676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ja, I vill rent you a bug-based protein vending machine.

>> No.25632649

Do rich people really think like this? I used to think rich people are just normal people who happened to make more money but the amount of poorfag hate I see on 4chan tells me they really do secretly hate everyone poorer than them

>> No.25632658

I like the way you think anon. Thanks for the clarification. I used to buy Calls. I lost more than I gained mostly by closing too early. So I moved to the wheel. Then realized I’ll retire when I’m 100 using this strategy because it doesn’t feel extremely effective. But the more I learn about options, the clearer I see ways to mitigate risk and make decent money.

>> No.25632671

Toyota Tacoma
I actually use it a lot to go camping and for outdoors things, but I could use that money to invest... tough decision

>> No.25632678

No I’m poor and hate poor people. My parents took out shitty loans and never did anything but work and I’m surrounded by poor people who are all retarded and do nothing but pop out kids and bitch about money

The world would be better off without poor people

>> No.25632694
File: 22 KB, 521x589, 1606978685812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>toyota tacoma

>> No.25632705

well you're an anomaly
the vast majority of poor people don't hate other poor people

>> No.25632719

POWW 5 dollars due to civil unrest this week easy.

>> No.25632736

if anything we hate rich people

>> No.25632764

I always sell at prices I'm okay selling at. The first covered call I sold was the $10 strike back when that was the highest strike available. The last month or so I've been selling the $20 strike cause I'm perfectly fine with selling my shares at the $20 per share. I always pick the closest expiration so theta is on my side. So just 1 month out. I'll probably start selling the Feb expiration tomorrow since Jan 15 is next week, there's hardly any gains to be made. I plan on selling them if we end up remotely close to $19.57 cause my meme lines say that's the next resistance level after $18.49. My meme lines have been pretty accurate for this trading week so far, so I might stop selling calls and might just swing it and gain more shares. Still undecided though.
>I’m a little afraid of getting assigned on my calls
You know you can essentially roll your call forward to a different expiry essentially forever right?

>> No.25632797

Based, fuck Poorfags

>> No.25632808
File: 273 KB, 1324x853, Volatility backspread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do think it's good your practicing now because you will be able to get really greedy selling them once BTC tops out. You'll sell something deep in the money for thousands and get to keep the full premium basically. I wouldn't swing for tax reasons, but messing around with forward volatility strats is probably what you're looking for. The basic idea is you sell a call and then buy 2 with the premium, so you break even anywhere under your sold call and your maximum loss only happens if your other 2 calls end out of the money but your sold call is in the money. It's a super good strat if you're really bullish on something you own. It's like pic related except you cut the parabola in half and everything under there is just break even no gain.

>> No.25632814
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I hate poor people, but I hate retards more, and I hate retarded poor people more than that, but I hate retarded rich people the most, all of that x2 if they're niggers
t.poor person

>> No.25632819

I envy the rich, I will make it one day and tell Bezos to fuck a tranny on national TV.

>> No.25632820

Fuck, you're right bro I should sell it

>> No.25632828


>> No.25632855

I make money and buy stocks now and don’t take out loans. Not even 2% margin.

>> No.25632863

You could probably get a sweet Porsche for 600 a month. That tacoma better have every single upgrade and bell and whistle because you're already being turbojewed. How much do you have left to pay off?

>> No.25632870

WY is a safe comfy boomer stock

>> No.25632872

I spent $25,000 on a used 2010 mustang GT. I wish I could go back and punch myself in the face.

>> No.25632885


>> No.25632908

It's not bait
You never heard the phrase "eat the rich"?
It's a love/hate relationship I guess

>> No.25632923

i, too, own a mustang, and wish to punch my past self in the face, repeatedly

>> No.25632965

get your priorities straight you dummy
are you going to live in a closet to save money too?
a car is by far the most important thing in north america for freedom with how suburb cities are designed, it opens up your world so much once you have your own car, i think you're forgetting that after taking your car for granted for so long

>> No.25632976

We have many decades left of great left improvements even if the rate is slowing, the economies of scale will drive a lot of the cost decrease even without any great technological advancement. Tesla claims they're going to have a 56% reduction in battery costs in about three years.

>> No.25632995

This looks like some type of spread strategy—vertical or bullish? I started to learn about spreads but decided I’ll take it slow for now and learn a bit more with small single and covered options. Seems logistically sound though.

>> No.25633010

It's a 2018 trd off road with a bunch of upgrades
I have 28k left

>> No.25633070

>I wouldn't swing for tax reasons
Its in a tax sheltered account, so not worried about that.
>The basic idea is you sell a call and then buy 2 with the premium
I've done that a few times now. What's the name of doing something like that? I wanna say its some type of spread. I started doing this after one day I was down -150% on my covered calls. Luckily it dropped back down and I ate like a $20 loss, but I have used the premium to buy calls 1 strike OTM when I sell calls on my shares. I've been practicing making meme lines to help see if I can time the top/bottom for the last little bit. Might give it a live go tomorrow.

>> No.25633108

Not him but the pic looks like a 4 leg strategy. I’m the other guy you’ve been replying to obv so I’m still newish to this as well

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