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can't break $17 let alone fucking $18 so that I can get even

fuck this piece of shit coin

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Who the fuck is buying link at these prices?

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It should be $30-40 at least with a btc valuation where it is. Btc will now wait for it to catch up

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anything under $100 is cheap

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People need to think. If btc valuation is 35 motherfucking Thousand, that validates the entire fucking space and market. There is just no way link won’t be a 30B company at some point in the next 2-4 years. It could be multiples higher but almost for sure 30B

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Me. Don't know why retards invest when pump and dump is the way to go

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For LINK to be $1000, it needs a 4 trillion dollar market cap. How delusional are stinkers?

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try 100b this year

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It’s not going to 1000 that’s just dumb. But 100 would be really really nice

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Also this is wrong. It would be 400B. Certainly doable

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To the moon!

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So what are you going to do when you make it with LINK, LINK bros

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>it's another "anon doesn't understand market cap" post

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>he doesnt know

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>literally in the brazilians

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You also need to take into consideration LINK that will for all intents and purposes "out of the ecosystem" due to permanently being staked by larger businesses.

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never mind, cucks sold

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either mentally retarded or bait

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