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BNB value: $39.53 - 5.7B mcap
UNI value: $5.04 - 1.3B mcap
HT value: $4.92 - 979M mcap

LCX value: $0.044 - 24M mcap

What if I told you that you are literally staring at the easiest x75 in your life?

Red pills:


Old thread here >>25463420
Even older thread here >>25453080

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Token not needed.

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I would personally like to thank /biz/ for getting me in on this early. Not .001 early, but early enough

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EOY projections. Go

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$1 easily

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2000 EOY

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How do you sell your LCX bag from a wallet like TrustWallet?

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im bullish. i think this is my moon mission lads.

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I want my $30 back in failed transaction. I'm reporting Uniswap to FBI right now

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we don't discuss selling LCX

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Where you at LCX chads?

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They are offering subscription for 2900 LCX or 290 usd per month. Arent they just expecting the price to be 0,1 usd?

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Swiss banker

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kek the fudding begins for the late coomers

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>selling LCX
This will 10 CHF at some point, and I am not talking five years.

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4$ EOY. 0.5$ in February.

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we will see if the price jumps
worst case scenario it becomes a 0.1 stablecoin

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What are the other benefits of the token outside of an overpriced premium trading service and 10 cent valuation

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Swiss banker

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Angel, gonna move to Arms dealer soon.

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so binance doesnt neeed a token ?? K

1 day in and already 1k profit. this is gonna explode soon

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The demo version of the exchange is live

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climbing to swiss banker today, I just want to buy below .04. I shouldn't have hesitated last night.

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just short of Arms Dealer. Might get there in the next few weeks though.

i'm so excited. I grew $20 to this from trading chainlink and bitcoin from that so I haven't put a lot of money in.

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every 1mil bagholder gets a complementary cow

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British Aristocrat checking in

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New Swiss banker have no idea what’s going on but 10 cent stablecoin and world economic forum makes it seems like a pretty safe 2-3x atleast

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lol you are in for a hell of a ride my friend

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How do you sell your LCX bag if it’s stored in TrustWallet?

I’m not selling yet... just wanna know how

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Liechtenstein archduke here, 250k comfy Chad. Not selling on launch even with a 10x.

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RIP to the fallen soldiers who sold at 3c yesterday. Your memory will always illuminate our multipliers.


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What's my cheapest buy in for this? I tried to register on th exchange but their kyc is FUCKED lol. I gave up after like an hour of screaming at it.

Obviously I could just grab on uniswap but I'm really not keen on paying like $80+ to get a grand worth of this... especially not while my ETH is sitting there pumping

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i've literally already made a profit in the last few hours to make up for the gas fee. look at the cost/benefits and decide if its worth it.

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trying some scammy chink exchanges!

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If I end up missing my ETH gains for this I will find you and steal yours, anon.

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I’m at 21.3k actually so I consider myself to be an angel :3

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Ahh shit maybe I'll just get some on liquid and dump on you losers on uniswap.

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arms dealer

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ID and numbers show me the truth!

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gains are entirely dependent on your timeframe of reference anon

this is my moon mission, it can be yours too. this is officially the new coin of biz

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5 cent waiting room

>> No.25470452

Fuck, its already hit 4 cents. Im too late arnt I :(

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.05 Waiting room

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i bought at 3, that's only a 3x from 1 cent which was the floor recently. imo still has a ways to go

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latest swing made this a top 300 coin

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It hasnt even launched yet...

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>I am not needed.

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ok im in how do i buy

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Are you serious nigga? I'm up 3x since I read about the licenses and aped in a week ago. You'll have to wait for 5k ETH to match the gains you'll make on LCX this week.

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you had 12 years to get into cypto

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I'm so sorry bro.

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there's a pictured guide somewhere in the thread, check the old thread too.

chill out theres a shitcoin like this every month or so just lurk a lot and be patient and don't buy garbage and you will make gains.

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> pic

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i just want a .03 dip
is that too much to ask for?

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You can buy rope with your ETH gains anon

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why isnt it on chinance

>> No.25470654

its not on there help

>> No.25470666

You had the entirety of the past few days when it crabbed at 3c

>> No.25470676


Because they want to replace Chinance, customer service said so, someone post the picture.

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When does the token burning begin

>> No.25470700

You fucked it - LCX is starting on the warpath to at least 0.06 now, and the ETH gas fee is officially fucked

>> No.25470709


Coin gecko > LCX

>> No.25470710

The secret mountain jews have declared scorched earth against the chink menace

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u need to go thru coingecko token list

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Just signed up for hotbit theres no liquidity on there lol. Im apparently a whale on that exchange. Is it always so quiet?

Fuck it I'll probably just yolo in on uniswap and eat the fees

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CZ tried to buy LCX 2 years ago when it was unlicensed but Monty waited to get his financial licenses and threw him out.

Binance could get screwed in Malta this year and LCX is the only regulated exchange in the world. If it reaches only 10% of Binance's market cap this year we'll all 100x. Do you see why the hype exists?

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This coin ain’t shit

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As the price goes down I collect Waves.

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what wallet can i put it in? cant find it on exodus

cant believe im actually going to be millionaire bros this is so exciting

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But the eth is way the fuck up. So now you can buy even more lcx once it clears

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When does it launch?

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Let this sink in

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i use coinomi as phone wallet and trezor as hardware wallet.. u also have to add custom token in your wallet - by contract of lcx and decimal number (18)

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In two days

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how can the SEC sue Binance if they are based in China? assume he means BinanceUS

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> 24k 24h volume

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Just became an Angel Investor, see you on the moon!

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>anons will fomo in at 7c despite browsing for days


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use any exchange or wallet you don't have to do cuckbase

keep some eth if you ever want to cash out
eth is climbing as well
always keep some in the tank

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Ah. Thank you for the qrd. Where would you recommend buying it? I'm a leaf. And when is the rug? thx

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This will start dumping HARD right before exchange launch. Always sell the news you noobs.

>> No.25470964

does the token burning begin then?

>> No.25470970

btw the market cap increased 2 million in just the last 2 hours

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Would the Coinbase-Coinwallet-Uniswap LCX buying system work with Trust-Binance-Uniswap?

With the same logic?

>> No.25471025

based Angel Investor bro

>> No.25471027

Why would it DAMP?

Worst case scenario this is worth 10c surely?

>> No.25471029

this looks a bit like german but it's not
what is it called

>> No.25471032

LCX is going to replace Chinance. You think european investors want to buy on a chinese scam exchange?

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some shitcoins are made to gamble, others are hodl until you make it

>> No.25471069

it's literally german, or some alpine flavor of it

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Dropping this red pill from the previous thread:

Mystery guest is Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO. Coinbase will turn to LCX to handle their STO's.

Several anons called this, going full autismo mode doing facial structure analysis. Don't ever understimate biz's collective autism. It makes sense both based on this image and the new legal powers they obtained.

Oh, and their tagline has been 'tokenize everything', which also fits perfect for this theory.

Don Tapscott was advisor for Jibrel, which strived to do the same. They ran into a wall of legislation and couldn't get it off the ground. LCX succeeded in that so it only makes sense that he joined them.

This guy is deep into the WEF and probably has a lot of strings to pull.

(LCX CEO on the left, Prince of Liechtenstein in the middle, Don Tapscott right)

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How much token burning should we expect?

>> No.25471157

once a quarter

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Mystery guest

>> No.25471176


>> No.25471194

really? wish it were more often than that

>> No.25471204

we don't know yet

>> No.25471265

>based in China

>> No.25471272

Would I lose any LCX if I transfer my LCX from CoinbaseWallet to TrustWallet as LCX?


>> No.25471324

I'm an Aristocrasse but I don't want to be British

>> No.25471339

not too much, maybe few millions, but I think at least x10 more token burn in next quartal, because of platform launch in few days


>> No.25471360

long term hold this and be rich in 6 months

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I’ll answer you at 10c

>> No.25471405

is this your first day in crypto my dude? fuck off

>> No.25471417

That's not panic selling, that's simply selling. Panic selling typically comes after a lot of red candles

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Except Malta doesnt know about them lol


>> No.25471478

sent eth into my lcx wallet forever ago with fast gas speed. Where the fuck is it?

>> No.25471564

You pieces of shit, me buying more LCX will increase your odds. Compared to you poorfags I'm a goddamn megawhale.

So explain in detal so I drop 100,000 euros on this fucking mountain jew coin. NOW.

>> No.25471569

sorry Vitalik ate it

>> No.25471603

except they expected that and pegged 1 lcx to 0.10 within their exchange

>> No.25471611


Lmao easiest way to get an answer

>> No.25471612

We don’t want you to buy

>> No.25471635

I don't owe you shit "megawhale" lmao LARP

>> No.25471638

FYI $DUSK has the same use case, lower mcap, has progressed further in development, has confidential smart contracts, is a shareholder of a stock exchange, is backed by iFinex and is a member of IWA. Pretty overlooked token.

>> No.25471639

I'm sold

>> No.25471669

>can't afford 0.11 ETH gas prices

>> No.25471679


I'll answer you for 1 ETH

>> No.25471684

good to know thanks anon. we'll see if this project becomes vaporware long term but it seems solid

>> No.25471689

these jews are real geniuses

>> No.25471708

Dusk is huge, but people are crybabies bc they had a high entry point and are impatient

>> No.25471717

Why would you lose tokens if you transfer from exchange to wallet or wallet to wallet ?
You just have to pay gas fees.

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File: 15 KB, 353x125, fuckfuckfuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25471779

please stop pumping. i need to double my bag tomorrow

>> No.25471798

I could tell you but you will have to pay me .5 ETH for gas.

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File: 275 KB, 860x815, lcxwwojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25471829

Change the date on your computer, fren.

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File: 64 KB, 1151x616, 12548719601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Hurry up niggers. The ship is taking off.

>> No.25471926

OP of the previous two and this thread here. Thanks for the good run anons, I am going to sleep as it is bedtime for me. Please someone continue these threads as the post limit will be reached (300).

Good night.

>> No.25471969

fuck nigs :)

>> No.25471990

you should buy XRP instead, dont fall for rip offs like LCX

>> No.25471998


Good night Schwab. Get some rest, we need you to take over the world dark lord.

>> No.25472008

Its not about the gas price

Its about the shitty ass ETH network being 1-2 hours long in resolving shit.

I'm STILL waiting for a Binance to CoinBaseWallet transfer and its been 80 minutes.

What a shitty fucking guy Vitalik is that slavshit untermensch.

>> No.25472055


The fuck nigger? my transfer only takes me like 3 minutes at most.

>> No.25472112

Wow sir you say bad tings. You should know that LCX is best exchenge in world in 2021. Peoples who invest now will be the RICH man.

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File: 3 KB, 206x50, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25472162

Ok I got it thanks.

>> No.25472186


>> No.25472195

Sir this is dip. Imagine not invest in BINANCE when first launch. Hahaha! Then you very much LOSER! LCX TOKEN (Liechshitstain Cryptocurrent Exchenge) will become $1.00 soon. If you are purchase now you are RICH man. You buy now, then you are WINNER!

>> No.25472226

Thanks, just bought 100k.

>> No.25472239


Why are you talking like a Pajeet? What's your first language?

>> No.25472285

pee pee poo poo

>> No.25472294

Can someone post the comparison graph image of lcx and other exchanges please

>> No.25472311

very nic esir family very happy
buy token yes

>> No.25472315

is this some next level fud tactic?

>> No.25472329

I am for American sir. Born and verified on Los Angels, South California.

Very good job sir, you are WINNER now. Soon you become RICH man.

>> No.25472338

It’s fud. Low effort. Lurk more

>> No.25472344

Pls sirs look at the careers page. The location of their jobs are based in India. Kindly advise if I should apply for marketing position

>> No.25472350

I've been trying to link my kraken exchange to lcx website so I can buy lcx but it keeps giving me unknown error. I'm currently waiting to get verified on kraken. is there an easier, more immediate way to get this coin?

>> No.25472356

a Statera holder typed this post

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>> No.25472385

anon the exchange launches on the 5th, it's only a demo what you are seeing now

>> No.25472418

big volume increase past hour.

>> No.25472430

Yes sir, I happy to help my friend become RICH man.

Yes my friend this is very FUN! I agree very much! Who is not happyy to become rich man? Are you woman? Maybe only woman too stuupid to buy LCX COIN!

>> No.25472456

3 new questions:

- I swapped on Uniswap to my Coinbase wallet for 100,000 lcx from eth just to test

- What is the average mean time that the LCX will appear in Wallet?

- If I send it as LCX to another wallet, is it still as slow as Ethereum tokens in terms of confirmation time?

>> No.25472457

They have 3 offices ->
Switzerland, Liechtenstein and in India.
The brain of the company stays in europe, the pajeets are doing the monkey coding. Simple

>> No.25472464

based rick de la stick poster

>> No.25472481
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bros i only have 17k. im a poorfag but i can spare another ETH... but be real with me boys should i? don't bullshit me on guaranteed moon mission faggotry. i think it'll hit 10cents but i also think there will be post launch panic that will subside eventually but provide for a better buy in.

>> No.25472536

All Erc20 transactions depend on gas fees and network congestion.
Check your TX hash on Etherscan, if it went through it has a confirmation of a few blocks to show on whatever exchange you sent it to, for Binance it's 12 and takes about 5 minutes.

>> No.25472574

Excuse me but Liechshteinstain Exchange Coin only have job in EUROPE because it is VERY regulated.

>> No.25472616

went all in, this better not be a pnd, good night

>> No.25472627

You have absolutely nothing to lose right now. It's guaranteed to reach x2 from now. If you have something else that would do better than that, ignore it, but it's free money as it stands. 10 cents is a given.
Even if it fucking crash it will stay around 0.10 because the owners price it 0.10 on their platform which means it will be just a little cheaper on uniswap but still around 0.10.

>> No.25472629

THIS SCAM, I work 11 hours a day and am here to tell you why.

>XRP exists
Not being in XRP at this point is like not being in bitcoin when it was 0.0010c

>The ripple effect
Never heard of the ripple effect? Well go DYOR

>800-1600% gains
This doesnt happen, and frankly if it does happen the coin your in is a scam

Thank you i must work now, i come back later

>> No.25472630


I bought in at 0.01 when this was shilled over a week ago. All these alts have high risk, high reward. I would get in now, but just know you might lose your ETH if it tanks.

>> No.25472654


I am poor gay

But bought 5000 LCX cause of a previous thread today

Most likely to become rich or straight or both with my 5000 LCX?

>> No.25472685
File: 2.65 MB, 1920x1080, DEPVATO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i bought my bags at 1 cent as well, but the more research i've done the more i realize that i should have put even more. im just a huge poorfag

>> No.25472693

if it goes to 1 you'll have 5K usd, is that worth it to you ?

>> No.25472706

Ok just bought I'm too impatient for the dip
hopefully this investment will insure that I never have to fap again

>> No.25472715

It's world economic forum, IMO it's just a way for the big banks to regulate. I think it's a good idea to get behind it since the big banks and billionaires are backing

>> No.25472716

Arms dealer baby

>> No.25472766

Yes XRP is part of thr W E F, so there is no reason to not hold at least 40-80k XRP. Personally i bought at 60c and am very looking forward to 3$ X R P

>> No.25472820

In the $1-2 range.

>> No.25472825

can i ask a quesiton if i send from binance it has a fee 0.0005 bitcoin wtf

>> No.25472834


Some freedom :D

>> No.25472848

Wow! 5 thousands LCX means you are VERY rich man in few month. I like to advise you: VERY rich man can buy many vagina, if you buy many good vagina then you become straight MAN. GOOD MAN. Then your mother proud. Father proud. Family happy. You have baby. Grandmoth happy. Everyone happy. And WHY? Becayse you is buying LCX!! I am good man I like to help other man become good man but soon only rich jew man can buy LCX because cost too much ($2K+). This last chance for GOOD man to buying!!!

>> No.25472855

Currently striving to ascend to arms dealer.

>> No.25472864
File: 252 KB, 1118x798, emanuel-macron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your freedom is cheap, good for you

>> No.25472921

Ask me, I could have bought for 0.01 and had to buy for 0.03 because I went to sleep drunk, thinking "well, do that tomorrow, never make trading decisions with too much beer".

>> No.25472931

I am putting in 7 more dollar after my shift over, 10 hour to go see you good investor after

>> No.25472939

in also displeased about this cost of fuel

>> No.25472951

Checked and based!

>> No.25472997

i dumped my bags at .045 forgive me

>> No.25473001

#bullishbeat fren

>> No.25473037


fucking newfags

>> No.25473063

been here longer than your tranny op

>> No.25473069

so its guaranteed 10 cents in 2 days time? guaranteed by the exchange right? b-bros?

>> No.25473077

hello sir. If i am invest 7 $ after my shift over can I expect one RICH? Family wanting to be very happy

>> No.25473084

How is that even possible? I can transfer ETH from my Coinbase Pro account to any wallet within a matter of a minute.

>> No.25473106

How long does it take to transfer from coinbase to coinbase wallet to then transfer to LCX

>> No.25473151

There won't be no rug. European royalty doesn't rug you.

>> No.25473181

not 2 days but 10 days probably, if the exchange gains traction people who want to buy the services will be able to pay in LCX token and since the floor value is 10c it would be cheaper to market buy than to buy in fiat.

>> No.25473184

you are born from Los Angeles sir? sir, I have to ask if you do know Michael Jackson? I love Michael Jackson!

>> No.25473192

not guaranteed. i took my +40% and dipped.
is it guaranteed to be 10 cents within 1 year? probably. rather hold more btc/eth/ltc/xmr

>> No.25473194

Look at this activity bros. Super whale, suppressing price and dumping on all of us

>> No.25473204
File: 978 KB, 800x705, 1584376755459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's called DEUTSCH, faggot.

>> No.25473255

this is not HighGrow

>> No.25473269

but people are trading lcx coins, what exchange do I go on to do that?

>> No.25473281

Nothing is guaranteed in Crypto, and no, it won't be worth 0.10 market buy.

>> No.25473324

how does $700 united states american dollars sound?

>> No.25473333


>> No.25473334

Uniswap, sir. Eat the fees and curse Vitalik. It's worth it though. This is a guaranteed 2x this week. Won't guarantee anything else, but that is a nobrainer.

>> No.25473392

Still going up like crazy even with this cunt whale dumping. Imagine when he will have no funds left..

>> No.25473395

thank sir, family will very happy. 10 hour left I post too much boss not happy must make calls thank sir

>> No.25473408

Why the fuck are gas prices $35?

>> No.25473439

because fuck vitalik

>> No.25473446

ethereum season

>> No.25473465

Trace back the wallets and this is some sketchy shit, lots coming from Liquid wallet

>> No.25473473
File: 31 KB, 350x350, 1506715500939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck it
aping in

>> No.25473475

Everyone is trying to move their ETH / ERC20 tokens at once. And ETH is shit at scaling. Funny that fucking BTC is faster.

>> No.25473504

imagine the fun when eth will reach 1500$

>> No.25473515

of course sir! me too am working rite now, but I do not care about boss anymore! I'm going to be a very riche man very very soon...

>> No.25473668

Well I got a 50k stacklet now bros heres to us.

>> No.25473677

the fucking prince is behind this

>> No.25473680

fuck fren, you need at least few of them

>> No.25473742

is he on the discord pnd group?

>> No.25473753

I dont know what any of that means but LETS GOOOOOO

>> No.25473817

what's different from the last time this shit coin was below 1c?

>> No.25473829

anon does your trezor support custom tokens? I want to buy one for my lcx but I'm not really sure if it has a custom token option in it

>> No.25473864

Shall I take out a 20k loan to buy this anons?

>> No.25473874

He has 12m about half a day ago. Down to 9m already

>> No.25473875

news, partnerships... idgf anon and who cares just buy

>> No.25473894

it's work 5 times more now

>> No.25473896

Sure he is, together with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of European royalty.

>> No.25473908

The exchange is launching?

Too late, should have done this before Christmas.

>> No.25473988

yea i got trezor t and i just sent my lcx and sent it to ethereum adress, it picked it up and now is showing my balance and all

>> No.25474019

This isn't your run off the mill "New defi vegetable farming hype" shitcoin. DYOR, or better, just buy it ffs. You won't get many chances such as this. BTC is at ATH, crypto is booming like crazy and they release a fucking new completely regulated exchange in, of all places, the Principality of Liechtenstein - where the highest elite echelons of European royalty and big finance shake hands since a century daily - in two days.

>> No.25474040

check'd and thanks, time to secure our generational wealth

>> No.25474046

>what's different from the last time this shit coin was below 1c?
The exchange launches on the 5th. Then gigawhales start trading there and the price pumps to pluto. We got in a few days earlier after the license announcement.

>> No.25474077


Yes very good idea

>> No.25474113

There is a fucking gigachad with 80 millions of this shit. His wallet hasn't moved for almost a year. Wonder if its the fucking Prince himself.

>> No.25474160

Why are you newfags crying about ETH fees etc. when there are USDT and USDC pairs on multiple exchanges? https://www.lcx.com/lcx-token/

Fucking tourists

>> No.25474214

80 Million of these is nothing, thats probably what they pay the lawyers and business Chads while the STEM cucks do all the work for some fiat toiletpaper.

>> No.25474215

do you think he made those videos for free?

>> No.25474241

>There is a fucking gigachad with 80 millions of this shit. His wallet hasn't moved for almost a year. Wonder if its the fucking Prince himself.
Yes that's possible. But you know what's gonna happen right anon? Some giga-whales with 50-100M in flat will start loading their money. They'll see a 10 cent price and go "Hmm very cheap, I should dump 30 million euros in this". Poof, more of them fomo in. We laugh behind the scenes with our 100x'd bags.

>> No.25474268

Mikaela Jackson is my favorite sir, if I am rich man (LCX coin make me rich soon), I will become to be like Mikaela Jackson. Remember to buy LCX coin token before price is $1.00 then you can be rich man as well.

>> No.25474387

Also the Prince himself (Hans Adam II, delegated by his son Alois) arent in this shit, its "just" a member of the family.
But they will shill this hard oncd daddy Hansy sees potential.

>> No.25474457

Debit card is instant but has fees.

>> No.25474511

It's actually kind of embarrassing, what the fuck? I've sent eth and various shitcoins around alot and it's usually under 5 minutes. It just took over half an hour to transfer from binance to meta...

>> No.25474536

Sir if you investing $7 today then you cannot become to be rich man sorry. But you can become to be owner of very good gujarat cow by doing purchase using LCX token coin (after "$2K EOY")

>> No.25474567
File: 7 KB, 165x305, wojobro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its happening...

>> No.25474571

my binance withdraw cleared but it’s not in my lcx wallet wtf bro’s

>> No.25474607

I just sent 400 BTC to LCX but it's not in the wallet yet, what the crack?

>> No.25474618

take it back confirmed just slow

>> No.25474646


>> No.25474663

Yes sir we tell you for many days: pricing will be going up. Sir did you listen? Did you do buy LCX token coin when price only $0.0150? You have been told, did you do buying? Or you not believed ? I feel sorry for poor american friend who dont believe... then cannot become RICH man... then cannot MAKE IT... then cannot have many good vaginas/. is very sad very

>> No.25474684

dont worry, i heard about amazing crypto marketplace.. but its just starting.. hmmm maybe you will make it next time when you make your future trades on lcx ahahahha

>> No.25474719


With 48 gwei, the goddamn confirmation time seems as MORE THAN THREE HOURS


>> No.25474728

vaginas? show em sir

>> No.25474745

aye i can do that
many good vaginas sounds good pajeet
we will have many bobas to squeeze fresh milk every morning

>> No.25474759
File: 134 KB, 1111x597, 1609590255854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a demo exchange bruh.

>> No.25474768

have you finished the KYC?

>> No.25474770


ETH is mooning you dumb niggers. The exchanges are slow.

>> No.25474813

What the fuck? It's just a demo, the exchange won't go live before the 5th. Hope your funds are safu.

>> No.25474834

eth is going through hyper mode right now

>> No.25474842

i cant even buy this shit uniswap keeps failing on my ass

>> No.25474855

>gain 20% in a day

Altcoin scum, Bitcoin will show you what mooning is.

>> No.25474981


I just put them in the wallet on LCX platform, just can't seem them yet. Hopefully they're safe, don't know where else they'd go

>> No.25475024

If he's this stupid, then I'm glad he lost 400 BTC. But it's probably a LARP.

>> No.25475086
File: 8 KB, 199x200, 1608690518758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're fucked. Maybe you should have done a test of 0.1 BTC first.

>> No.25475132
File: 83 KB, 1982x604, Screenshot 2021-01-03 at 23.05.51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25475204

This launch is brilliant. GRT pumped so hard because they had a working product. I won't compare LCX to that shitcoin but to drive the point home, this exchange is the most advanced in all crypto with 8 major exchange terminals and defi shitcoin terminals.

Whales with over 1000 btc will move in because they want their money safu in the Alps, LCX will make it happen for them. We'll profet big league.

>> No.25475242

Sir my name is John Smith, come from South Californian, USA. Dont know who are pajeet. However, sir did a listen! you will become to have many good vaginas, I very proud to see my good american fried man become RICH man after buy LCX token coin. Yes Rich man can may have many bobas after doing sexy times and deposit white token inside eggschange

>> No.25475258

>defi shitcoin terminals
what does this mean for uniscam transactions?

>> No.25475302

grt hit all exchanges day 1 that really helped it

>> No.25475340
File: 71 KB, 249x243, 1474804567601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sirs why price no more 0.0008. shift end 9 hours too much can only get 6 american worth now.
family not happy we want RICH

>> No.25475484
File: 96 KB, 796x1270, Screenshot_20210103-181359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I deposited some btc to my lcx account, so I could swap it for some LCX. It's over 6 confirmations and still not showing on my account.

The transaction is showing on the blockchain.

Did I just get scammed?


>> No.25475503
File: 166 KB, 828x1792, Eq1xhzHUcAEzZEJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fren just buy now, we are so early...

>> No.25475505


>> No.25475549

Why should I use this over uniswap?

>> No.25475556

Go to Deposit & Withdrawal History

>> No.25475561
File: 9 KB, 205x246, 1608664239566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


5c waiting room

>> No.25475575

i bought roughly 120 dollars of hbar and lxc, did i mess up or was that a good investment?
please help i'm poor and i just want to make a little extra money to buy my parents and brothers cool shit

>> No.25475579


>> No.25475605

The exchange isn't live yet?

>> No.25475620

No, fuck you I guess it's already way too late.

>> No.25475635


ngmi, but yeah, having $100 worth is better than not having anything at all

>> No.25475658
File: 70 KB, 796x822, Screenshot_20210103-181652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25475674

missed the ride

>> No.25475689

I did the same thing, I don't know what's happening but I don't think we can view our wallet until it's live?

Overall I got 400 sitting in that LCX account and I can see it

>> No.25475699

Just wait about 1-2 hours. Btc transactions take quite a bit of time

>> No.25475701

thanks anon, god bless you. hey, it isn't like i'll buy dumb shit for myself, i'd buy useful things for the people i care about. i don't think that's bad.

>> No.25475728
File: 80 KB, 1000x855, 1604729034924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.25475729

sir you have been what we technically refer to as "scammed"

>> No.25475753

Should've bought it yesterday, but I was busy dealing with my booze leftovers.

>> No.25475761

its not even live yet till the 5th
Get in!

>> No.25475771

Its at 0.05 idiot and will brake 1 CHF easy, everything below a Rappen is a steal.

>> No.25475791

Same bro :/

>> No.25475792
File: 9 KB, 300x168, smug_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sent it to the wrong address, didn't you?

>> No.25475823

well, if they are usefull it's all good man, providing help or joy to our family through material goods is always a good investment

>> No.25475915

>You sent it to the wrong address, didn't you?
That's what I thought, even though I copy/pasted.

But you can view the balance on block explorers, it's just not reflecting on the lcx account.


>> No.25475953

Arms dealer here. Should I buy enough to classify as a British Aristocrat?

>> No.25476011

>massive shill campaign out of nowhere for a nobody gabage shitcoin
>complete with pre-created shillmemes and bog-standard shill-props like holder rankings

So tiresome

>> No.25476040

what kind of volume can we expect on day 1 launch? is there a % of volume ffrom the partner exchanges that is routed through?

>> No.25476465

>out of nowhere
This has been shilled since 0.01
Backed by the European coinbase

Stay poor.

>> No.25476516

Im gonna coooooooooooooooom

>> No.25476538


>> No.25476596

Please make it stop I haven't bought yet

>> No.25476704

Just increased my stack to 187k.

>> No.25476745

If it's regulated and meant for "professional" traders and invested, then why would this be as popular as Binance? What is the token for? Not that many professionals are actually trading crypto assets

>> No.25476858

arent you fucking fed up with marketplaces holding your crypto and pretending like they are not doing that? in every lcx thread there is few anons that got ethereum hold up for hours and days.. coinmetro had 20 of my ethereum for 3 days recently, if that happened now and i missed on lcx i would be livid

>> No.25476928

Absolute retard if you sell this

>> No.25476930


And tech support is MIA.

>> No.25477007


With 48 gwei it might take you days

>> No.25477257


>> No.25477355

You have to transfer to Coinbase wallet, then transfer to LCX

>> No.25477435

thanks, anon
i'm new to this so idk if i can learn how to do that in time
it's too late, isn't it?

>> No.25477460


Connect uniswap to coinbase wallet.

>> No.25477484

soon anon https://www.coinbase.com/price/lcx

>> No.25477605

fucking coinbase making me wait for my deposit to be verified before transferring more than $500

>> No.25477681

It's at $0.05.... should I get in now or is it too late for the coin of the Jews?

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