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I'm spending my New Year's Eve on /biz/.

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Aren't we all?

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Have you guys ever been to Times Square at New Years' Eve? Is it any good?

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me too
i wish i had a gf or friends or family...

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same fren

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Same. Comfy af

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i have both of those yet i am still on /biz/

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new years is yet another holiday designed to get you spending money

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why post a nog?

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I spent 2 NYE on 4chan and last year I went abroad, hooked up with 3 girls and had a blast. This year I'll do the same.

Next year make it your goal to become a normie and you'll do it.

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I mean it's pretty much illegal to do anything else. Fortunately i have a gf but that said i found an old phone from when i was 18 earlier and read my simping, desperate, non stop autistic texts to girls and am now going into the new year thinking i might kill myself. You can never escape your past bros.

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thinking im going to pick up something good to drink any recommendations?

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dont post pictures of feces please good sir

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was the NYE where you slept with 3 girls better than shitposting on /biz/ though?

I am making myself a coffee.

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same, fuck new year and normies
my champagne is for BTC $30k
and ETH $1k

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probably going to have a hot chocolate.

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No one remembers any of that
Everyone is too busy remembering their own cringe

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same, considering getting some champagne
but i don't know, most of the time i feel like drinking isn't even worth it anymore

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As opposed to something you hate doing

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long lines, no bathrooms for 12+ hours not worth it

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You weren't invited

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>Tfw im going to the casino tonight and doing coke off a girls ass but will still be checking every hour

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I Liv win jew York I bene there once and it's as belligerent and loud as one would expect. Mabye it's more organized because of covid regulations but I doubt it

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Could be worse...
You could be wagecucking like I am.

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been there, fren
was a cook on night shift at waffle house during a new years eve and wanted to put my face on the grill

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No most people's cringe is like one or two mildly embarrassing moments, whereas pretty much every thing i did from 16 to 22 was just weird and unbelievably embarrassing. I used to think no-one ever gave me much of a chance but looking back i realize they did and just very quickly noticed i was a total loser.

Don't know why as im a normal guy now with a good job, get on with people, but i was literally an autist. I was from an occasionally violent broken home which may have fed into it but i wonder if that's just an excuse.

It's weird to realize your time on earth was destined to be one of the weird ones.

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Anyone ordering Chinese? That’s what I do every NYE. Going to drink some beer later. I have some Sip of Sunshine IPA from Lawson’s Finest Liquids.

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Are you getting paid extra at least? What a group of kikes

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Luckily its not too bad. I dont hate my job, But just got the feeling that there's more to life than just working.

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heard that stuffs pretty good
cant get it where i live though
any other recommendations for a good beer? i like ipas
>inb4 le reddit ipa meme

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i mean, mee too
oh well
at least im not sleeping like last time

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Yes luckily im getting double time for the holiday.

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who the fuck cares. NYE produces FOMO but there's nothing you're truly missing out on.

The most fun i had was when i used to take LSD each NYE during an underground rave. I've outgrown that and don't think i would handle it well at this point. Drugs are degen material anyways.

Most you're missing out on is maybe a good group of friends to bullshit with.

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I'm going over my girlfriends house for a little get together. The dude who took her virginity is gonna be there. Feels bad bros

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Yeah it’s pretty decent. Personally I like lagers, but I do like West Coast style IPAs (not the New England style orange juice shit that redditors drink). You can’t go wrong with Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale around this time. Lagunitas is also decent. I’ve always like Founder’s All Day IPA too.

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I have been spending Christmas, New Years and my Birthday alone on 4chan for the last 13 years.

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there is, that job drove me to my breaking point eventually (i was also abusing adderall at the time so that factored into it)
but i ended up rage quitting and sold all my shit and hitchhiked for a few months, it was great

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>just got the feeling that there's more to life than just working.

well no shit but it's hard to put in words what else you're supposed to be doing.

Industrial Society and Its Future outlines it pretty well.

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jesus christ, you're better than that anon. break up with her

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Same as last year

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Yeah gonna soon when I take a new job. They never really had a relationship but we're close in highschool because they were both losers

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Why is that guy still in her life?

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you should not allow that to happen bro
thats cuck status for sure

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you buyded bitcoin right?

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Same alone drinking vodka and smoking weed while browsing /biz/ and playing vidya

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I'm in covid isolation and /biz/ is my friend

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Honestly the only way to resolve it is to fuck him. Uroboros.

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God i pray that you end that shit.
that is worse than reddit's cuck stories.

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Highschool friend, think that was the only time they did anything, the he got a girlfriend for the entirety of college so they were in the same friend group but never did more than that.

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What, her Dad will be there?

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Anon what the fuck

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Why are you so obsessed with what people think of you? The biggest take away I get from Christianity is that all men are sinners and imperfect in comparison to God, so all we can do is strive to become better.

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I'd usually go out on new year's eve but everything is closed due to covid. It's an overrated night actually, don't know why I even bothered these past years. A casual friday night out or even a weekday night is usually more fun, everyone acts like a tryhard asshole on this day. Gonna be a comfy night in for me.

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Yeah she a childhood friend and I'm only living here for a couple months before moving so I'm not to down about it. We started going out in November.
Not sure what he looks like desu, I'll keep the idea open. Think he's getting back into heroin right now because his long time gf broke up with him.

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There is always fiji and we might get some bitches of /b/ to show their tits if we drink enough

fiji * nebulasvisionaries (insert dot) org

Had to write it in retard bc of filters, just replace it with dots.

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I guess at least I'm having sex? Could be worse but definitely don't feel great

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first year I've ever spent NYE alone.
but at least we'll smash 30k before midnight.

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Yes. Take his anal virginity and it's fair game.

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indubitably based and quintessentially redpilled

>> No.25358686

Already 1st of Jan here fren and I was here the whole time.

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Up to you anon, I don't know what to say about that, yeah could definitely be worse, but could be better

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Always been enormously insecure. Even now most of my 'success' was insecurity driven - studied medicine because it would impress, work out and sometimes cycle test because im insecure. All whilst being permanently and self-defeatingly contrarian and never doing what other people like to do/ trying to offend/annoy them. I'm a pretty dysfunctional combination of traits.

I wonder if you can ever really get over childhood/teenage issues. Im 29 now and still think about a lot of it, especially recently when i cleared out the old family house and looked at old phones/school books etc.

Anyway im pathetically blogposting.

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I cope by telling myself it'll only be a 6 month relationship and she's a childhood friend. Also we can stay friends after because I'm moving away and not just breaking up with her.

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is it bad that my friend hit me up to hang out tonight but i would rather get high by myself and shitpost on the internet

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We're all in this together fren.
We all do the same

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Men used to try to conquer the world, now men are trying their hardest to be conquered by the world. What happened?

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Same bro I have to report to the wage cage soon

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Where can I read Reddit cucl stories?

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Don't get into that trap. Pay your people bills as sam hyde says. If people want to spend time with you that's valuable and it might mean more than you think to them.

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Dude...haves some self respect Jesus she’s probably a roastie too

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google lol

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My last two NYEs have been on biz, this will be my third. Much better than getting hammered with people I hate and hooking up with a random slut. Stay away from the temptation of alcohol and whores, that's a good way to guarantee you never make it

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Oh definitely

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Same here fren, you guys are all I've got these days.

That and my DIA bro's.

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based, same

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I feel bad for you anon, would much rather be sexless than in your situation. Have some self respect, dump the bitch and make it a better next year

>> No.25359644

Getting some South African wine.

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The roastie thing is a meme. It's a genetic lottery, some vaginas are like that. My mom for example has a pussy like a baby, you cant see the labia Yet my sister has a big labia even when she was a virgin Same as the "uncut dicks smell Thing I am cut and mine smells in just two days of not showering while the dick of my father, who only showers once a week, never smells.

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Probably the case for me as well unless I hit up my friends. Video games and biz. Not sad about it. Only thing I'm worried about is that I'm turning 25 next year, still live at home, and have less than 10k in net worth. Fuck.

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at least your wife won't tell you to get off /biz/

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Is this real guys?

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I am dying

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you could be outside, on the side walk, in a tent

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me too

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how they get pegs in?
damn clever, these homeless

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anon what the fuck

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im spending my birthday on /biz

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Imagine not Breaking up with her upon the first mention of a conversation between them Jesus Christ dude wake up. Hope this is funny Larp

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It's not, I'm sorry friends

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I work tomorrow if it makes you happy

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I’m spending money on /biz

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Now it's been 10,000 years
Man has cried a billion tears
For what he never knew
Now man's reign is through
But through eternal night
The twinkling of starlight
So very far away
Maybe it's only yesterday

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get a grip anon, what the fuck is wrong with you, I hope when you get wasted you see her smile at him, imagining his cock ripping her hymen open and visualizing her moans as she dug her nails into his back

>> No.25362513

Kek he actually couldn't get it in because she wasn't wet at all, so they played chess naked. It was probably because she was drunk and dehydrated though.

>> No.25362527

this has to be a joke, i genuinely cant believe i share a board with people like this

>> No.25362565

I was just going to grab a beer with a friend. Then some girl offered me ketamine so I guess I'll be doing that. Happy NYE, all!

>> No.25362607

be you an elephant in pain, anon?

>> No.25362608

I guess I'll be banging her at the end of the night and he won't at least

>> No.25362649

you’re out of inceldom dont worry about the past, plan for the future

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>It's free

>> No.25362725

Dude, WAKE UP. Who do you think she's *actually* going to be thinking of when you're doing her?

>> No.25362744

Jesus christ

>> No.25362751

oh, theres always a price :)
take it easy and have a good one

>> No.25363133

I'm so glad that I'm not in a relationship anymore
shit like this just cannot happen anymore and by the time I'm getting into another one I'll be strong enough to handle it (breaking up on the spot the second anything bothers me)
I'm already "that strong" but still, no hurt in waiting

just remember there are 11 anons who feel for you

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Thanks anon, I knew I'd get clowned but sometimes you need that tough love to push you in the right direction

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Hey anon dont feel too sad.

I live in London (originally from NZ):

>go back to NZ in march for holiday
>gf also comes back with me, on different flights - rocky relationship, pretty much over but we live together
>lockdowns force me there until october (good thing, was great to be at home for so long and working from there)
>company suddenly cucks out due to my visa and says i need to return back asap
>book flight back to london in oct
>gfs company is relaxed as, she doesnt have to leave
>coronachan literally going fucking mental in london/uk/europoor zone
>forced to stay alone in my apartment, havent left other than for fucking picking up food etc.
>my family dog died on christmas eve.
>spent xmas, and now new years alone

Atleast I have you all, r-right frens?

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wow you're still here to reply, alright then let me be honest
you can just say that you don't like the situation and fuck off and spend some quality time somewhere else
and you'll be happier for it

or you can just sit it out and maybe use it as an opportunity to build up some mental strength, or at least that's the cope idea

if it were me I'd break up for even thinking it's okay, that's what I did actually.

it was last year same time, i got invited to a new years party by a good buddy, but my ex and her new bf was coming, but he said
>don't worry thought we'll be sitting together and they are going to be at the end of the table
i told him he should have known better and never spoke to him again, i don't fuck around with that, if any of my "friends" even consider talking to my ex they'll never hear from me again, which is often a problem for them since i help most of them with shit

i don't care if people think "lol you're being overly sensitive" i respect you if you respect me and i won't be friends with people i can't respect that's dead weigh
my ex cheated on me so it's probably different form a normal breakup

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>> No.25363575

True. I shall. Hope you have a good one too, anon!

>> No.25363590

Don't let the virgin brigade upset you. Just go and flex on the junkie and make it clear you're about to fold his ex over whatever piece of shit he was sitting on the moment he leaves.
Have fun dude whats to overthink here

>> No.25363647

I spent a NYE playing bf2 one year.
Was more fun then the party I was kicked out of

>> No.25363721

if he could do that he wouldn't be posting about it.
if he was this gigachad your imagining in your story there would be no need to be sad about it etc
but he isn't, and if he tried he would fuck something up.
you're confusing reallife with a movie
but I agree, he could do that. in theory and maybe it's wrong of me to implying he can't

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Me too
Happy new year /biz/

>> No.25364003

this man has principles and lives by them. you should all follow suit.

I also have been thru similar situations. Once someone shows you they lack respect for you, cut them off.

>> No.25364077

appreciate it, also yes, principles was the word i was looking for
>I also have been thru similar situations
want to share, i like listening to past or present problems of fellow bros

>> No.25364161

He can and should** absolutely do what I said. Or he can listen to everyone here and sperg out and break up with her when he made it clear he had no intent of staying in the same place or with her. The lad just wants some encouragement. Just act like you got a 10 incher OP. Yoy don't have to be a Chad to be a smug bastard. That should destroy the ex and the girl you'll be able to gage for yourself. Good luck!

>> No.25364180

Thanks for the replys anon. The dude is actually looking to get with another girl who's going, although she doesn't know that kek. Also I'm moving cities to work at lockheed martin so even if it was a girl I was really into I'd break it off

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Me too fren. I was at my parents' house and we watched a movie and ate some chips. Overall it was a good evening.

>> No.25364227

Nigga wtf

>> No.25364231

I am kinda smug because I have alot a of money compared to everyone our age and am pretty /fit/

>> No.25364278

are you a meme? you've literally accepted that your being cucked hard and just going with it? holy fuck get a grip you little bitch. if you ever want a chance of growing a pair you need to end this before tonight

>> No.25364303

agree, but, all i wanted to say was "easier said than done"
i know that because did something slightly similar, i was once at a party with my ex, terrible terrible story, with an even worse ending
shouldn't have went at all, trying to act like a retard would have made things worse.

hope it works out lad, and if it doesn't, make sure you act calm and use whatever happens as a learning experience, maybe even try what the other anon said kek

>> No.25364347

Good that you left a job that was making you crazy. Hope things are turning around for you since then.

>> No.25364398

No he can't you brainlet. Pulling that off is all about frame. Obviously he doesn't have the frame of a chad for a)being in that situation in the first place b) posting about it here
Just because you can do it doesn't mean he can. He is unironically a cuck thats begging for scraps. The bitch is probably an HB4 at best

>> No.25364472

cheer up anon, you’ll spend next new year here to.
time is a flat circle

>> No.25364539

Eh honestly anything else is too much hassle. It's a lot comfier this way.

>> No.25364561

You have us anon you're never really alone

>> No.25364595

The first times you hook up feel amazing but if it's not you it's not you. It'll wear off and you'll realize the reason you were like you were was because you preferred that way.

>> No.25364655

don't go, you need to have some integrity man.

>> No.25365093


>> No.25365242

bruh you are suck a cuckold lol

>> No.25365265

that pic...

>> No.25365305

this is only funny at the beginning of the thread and if the OP mentions labia

>> No.25365353

Hol up green boi got moves

>> No.25365504

See that's the right attitude forget this down and out loser shit. Bust a nut in her for me too friend

>> No.25365541

Sounds like a greentext get to it out with it mate I wana hear your story

>> No.25365620
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Will do anon, she has an IUD so I creampie her like 5 times a week

>> No.25365646

Me too fren, me too.

>> No.25366115

Happy new year you filthy Bastards. Just know even tho I don't know anybody here I want to let you that I FUCKING HATE YOU. Just kidding. I love you all. May you become rich and get what ever you desire. I hope its with BTC or GRT or ETH or Link or even fucking XRP.

>> No.25366344
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its gonna rot, savor it now

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I'd might have changed because I moved locations but im the same anon
>be me, 16yo retard
>always hang out with the girls
>get cute thick 9/10 face arthoe depressed gf
>get job as programmer in a big company
>life literally could not get better
>then life hits
>get fired because they thought I was under delivering
>gf starts getting depressive phases and ends up making me miserable in the process
>don't want to leave her, but get nothing out of the relationship
>bleed money
>few months later turn 17
>out with friends
>gf is on a birthday party and didn't invite me
>drunk types me saying I should pick her up (don't have a car)
>friends say fuck her
>day later, we meet up
>end up telling me a guy made out with her
>nauseating feeling
>walk her home
>after a fuck ton of drama end up NOT breaking up with her because I somehow tricked myself into thinking i needed her
>nothing changes
>keeps disrespecting me
>break up with her
>find out SHE wanted to break up weeks ago because relationship isn't what i used to be kek
>we were still invited to birthday of buddy
>go there, everything goes well
>at the end she end up flirting with this excuse of human being guy who knew we were together
>get driven home
>get put into same car, it's just us 3 in the back
>he puts his arm around her and she puts her leg on top of his leg
>get most vile feeling i wouldn't wish to any human being
>day later, call her out on it
>get called childish for being worked up about it and telling other people what happened
>ex is very mad about the latter
>months later
>insanely depressed
>still no job
>spend all of my time playing Vidya or go out with friends
>still remember how my hand used to shake when playing the witcher 3..


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>one faithful day i go out a buddy and randomly decide to put up solid goals for my life
>accidentally make the best decision of my short life
>discover /fit/
>discover new mindset on women
>discover new hobbies and skills
>discover insane optimisms
>singlehandedly pull myself out of a depressive hole
>turn 18
>lift every day, went from weighing 53kg to 65kg
>I'm a pretty good webshitter now
>yesterday made my first 10k despite having literally 0 income and or job
covid took a massive dump on most of my plans but i have nothing but optimism for the future, we're unironically all gonna make it bros

>> No.25367261

>tfw 33 yo neet

>> No.25367306

My first relationship in highschool was like that. Protip: It dosnt end well.

>> No.25367306,1 [INTERNAL] 

anon who wrote this still here, will keep tab open for a while, if anyone cares kek

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