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ha, yeah i'm all right.
... just a little tired.

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Recover your energy, because the ride has just begun.

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So glad I sold this piece of shit. 1 million more will be dumped on your face by Friday.

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prepare for january friends

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You didn't buy API3 yet? ngmi

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lmao even worse cope. disgusting.

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KEK i'll never be that desperate

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This is your last chance to buy link. By the summer you will be looking for the rope if you don't.

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Extremely bullish and based

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>doesn’t know smart linkies are hedging with api3
Check etherscan newfag

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>LINK usually bottoms in December
we are dumping since summer, this is not about December at all

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I'm looking for the rope right fucking now. Bought chain link at ath rather than btc and have to watch it climb to new highs every single fucking day while chainlink limps along.

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no one wants your stablecoins faggots LMAO

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I had some hope for link, enough for me to get out, but that post about yearly cycles was soul destroying

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ill buy you a tombstone

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learn some english pajeet
it doesnt matter how long it has been dumping nigger

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especially after the ETH India shit. beefing with a pajeet con on twitter is as cringe as it gets.

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This website isnt for minors. You are not supposed to alter the wording if you quote someone.

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Holy shit can the discord people buy back in already. Shit is annoying

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Fuck off, Linkies use a different chart everytime the old chart fails their predictions. I'm sick of holding this shit and the delusional tards on twtiter.

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lol when staking launches this shit is going straight to $50

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Jesus christ, that shitcoin has done absolutely nothing.

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are you a spastic?

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Lmao chainlink has only existed during the bear market and the two crab market years before we broke ATH again
Bitcoin Leads the Market during the bubble year, we told you all this before October this year
You have no idea how much despair is coming

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This rally will fail like the others.

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>can’t realize it’s outperformed link since release
Nulinkies are the absolute worse. Topkek

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It's getting hard to hold on bros... I need some copium.

Could have been a millionaire right now

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how much despair is coming for whom? link holders or non-link holders?

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Going from a whopping 1.30 to 1.90 now.

Oh and it lost like 30% in the past week.

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Link holders, not so much in dollars than in sats
I think there will be an altseason at some point this year though
And I'm not a nolinker, I think it will one day be in the hundreds of dollars, if it doesn't happen this market cycle than that's whatever

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Don't pretend you can afford more than 0.1 BTC.

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God i'm excited for you stinky little retards HOLY FUCK SHIT PISS ASS

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i just recently put all my links in btc to save myself some sats becasue im poor
i'm just fearful of missing out

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Have you considered selling? You really should! Hope this helps.

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>implying link hasn’t lost 50% either
Hahaha fucking newfag

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Alt season wont exist. People are not dumb enough to go for shitcoins now.

Link will go its normal trend, which is retest $4 and then slowly go up again to $15

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I actually have considered because I but at 30 cents back in 2017 and participated in all the breadcrumb threads but all we have now are useless defi ''partnerships'', price feeds and delusional 1k nulinkers acting just like xrptards. It is a true cult.

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you should sell

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bought*. I'm sitting on 75k Link which is enough to buy me a house and leave more on the table for other investments.

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10k link and 5k api3 is a good stack.

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At least link did more that a pathetic 2.5x before shitting the bed.

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How is this hard to hold? Are you a fucking moron? It's literally guaranteed to go up

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If you bought at 30 cents, you’re up almost 4000% on your investment. You could sell now, or keep holding to see what happens, but either way I don’t understand why you could be anti link at this point. The only “people” (and I use this word loosely) who should be upset are nolinkers and nulinkers who bought in the 6 months or so

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Probably a good idea in this next year
Something is unironically different about this run, it just doesn't stop
I think this could be the biggest bubble yet

Might as well put it into bitcoin
If I were you I'd wait for a short pullback but who fuckin' knows at this point, like a 30% pullback from here is already above $20k
Every oldfag on /biz/ had that shitcoin that made them rich until they could buy significant amounts of bitcoin I feel
Institutions are not talking about anything but bitcoin now, and they're the ones currently buying up more supply than is mined every day
Mine was ETH, but you saw what happened to that in sats

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Last time we were dumping since June with a couple of relief rallies in the middle. This time we're in a much better position in fiat pricing. The sats nosedive is just BTC skyrocketing, LINK was always inversely correlated to BTC anyways.

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Seethe and dilate link tranny

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What? Are you a bot?

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You should sell right now, honestly. Don't lose a good opportunity. Sell into BTC.

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a-any day now

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something about this action just feels too weird to me, but then I remember it's already up 500% ytd.

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>saying ytd on dec 30

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We we have something more than weak breadcumbs to suggest that this has something to do with chainlink?

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