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2020 was crazy year wanna end this with defi gem with 10x gain atleast!

any underrated defi projects recommendation which hasn't shoot to moon?

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My dick is underrated but Defi projects dunno DUCKDAO is pumping crazy i see

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we are seeing btc correction may alts turn anytime soon u need to watch fo those they pop up and dump be carefull

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Lots of big ones, this will be the year of defi I am sure, I have my money ready to invest in alts once the time comes

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True, it might be best to just wait a little and see where it takes us, no point in going straight all in defi.

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u r missing big opportunity grab some eth before its shoot to new highs 3k is coming

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What are you looking at? I am not really an expert on defi so I have no idea what would be a good pick right now

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eth is good but the main focus should be on alts right now, that is where the real money is made once the alt season starts

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Dexg can be gamechanging

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stop shilling ur shitcoins if you want some decend DeFI project with good potential go for ppay

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Never even heard of ur shitcoin stop shilling coins that you know suck and you just got tricked into holding a bag

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>stop shilling ur shitcoins
>shill known rugpull scam PPay instead
kys faggot

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will look at this coin pajeet just checked on CMC only 3 mil marketcap thats very good for a defi project for sure

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kek, you are wrong as fuck on this one, ppay is one of the best projects around, they proved this many time, and now they are about to finally release their own dex, the pump will be unreal

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Ramifi protocol

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Seems like a trash project, there are better alternatives right now, and they won't steal your money

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Why do you say that anon? I have quite a bit invested in plasmapay and it's doing really good lately, no idea why you think it's a scam

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won't make it

this anon knows, plasmapay is the best small cap to invest in right now, it's literally defi+payments, pumpamentals are there for sure

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Unimex (UMEX) on uniswap.
Enables margin trading on uniswap.
Mainnet coming this week.
10mio circulating & max supply. Currently $7mio mcap, just $2mio above ico.
Voting rights and staking for rewards.
No cheap pre-allocation to people who will dump on you once it picks up.

UMEX is the first project im buying with conviction since LINK @0.30$

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everyone have shitcoin and when they pump everone praises them i mean look at fundamentals hold them u will see result

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Gfarm is going nuts already. You can leverage trade 250x on btc and eth and the economics guarantees this balloons.

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A fellow patrician...

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DeFis are going to be big hit in 2021. You should check out ppay anon. Great project with big partnerships

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>10x gain atleast!
lol buy niox, whales are almost done accumulating

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i just bought the ppay dip and holding it with upcoming parthnership things may change for ppay holder any time soon

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plasmapay recently announced partrnership with bondly and I was like that's a strong one. The DEX platform is powerfully pushing for adoption in trhe coming year

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Nebulas (NAS), worth a shot as small cap gambe.

You know the strategy. Shotgun those smallcaps, meaning small investments distributed over many projects.
Just track the charts, don't waste time getting involved and reading roadmaps, etc. If one breaks out, you're golden.

Why Nebulas? They're basically the mature version of The Graph (GRT), have been around for a while and as for now are completely under the radar.

They also have an island where sometimes chicks hang out, pic related -> http://fiji.nebulasvisionaries.org

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Cope. Stay poor.

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eRSDL is the winner lad! buy and hodl with iron hands!

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Get ppay you will never regret in life

>defi payment system
>hyperloop dex coming
>zero gas fees

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I'm in with on this one anon. the team at plasmapay are showing constant commitment so much that the token is going places

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Rari Governance Token

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dogecoin $1 eoy

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gfarm was on fire i m going to shot this shit before its start to dump with 20x

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Buy vaultz and smoke weed

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Invest higghly in eth and then throw some cash to ppay and see wonder. but go and research first

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thats how we do it smoke weed and buy ppay lol
ppay gonna end paypal RIP

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$VAULTZ nuff said

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that's a lot of dust

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Look at vaultz total aupply 7777
Listed on coingeco.
1inch and susgisawap cmc upcoming many good news by dev upcoming dont miss it

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That partnership announcement moved the price of ppay anon. Partnering with big guys is advantageous

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ya fagt ppay may win this defi game with its zero gas fees protocol which they will try to implement coming months

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>which they will try to implement coming months
Pathetic, when SwapDex and Injective Protocol already offer it and are about to hit mainnet. PPay confirmed trash

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my dick is a pyramid, and i let my bitch fuck kevim

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alt season is already here anon and i'm seeing defi gems such as ppay turning into gem

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I love the partnerships that plasmapay are dealing with. that's one of the reasons why i'm so bullish

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ya and we are in altsnz this makes me more bullish have picked many low cap gems hope it works out

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the only fundamental i'm seeing is in ppay anon.it's going to go all the way up. plasma finance is a massive dex that has all my defi instruments in one dashboard

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social rocket

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People missing on vaultz

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That will likely be ignored. Check back summer 2020.

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2021 will be the year of fully decentralised exchange for derivatives traditional aka injective protocol

DYOR on it until it's not too late

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I've got 400K of them bitches for free. Profits on my XRP, still holding 100K for a ride.


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lol wtf xrp gonna die sell it before it reaches zero

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