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Will the Graph make me rich and when do I sell?

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1$ will be the new bottom in q1 21, so it doesnt matter when you sell

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this is seriously the best FUD you got? that one pajeet holds it?

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The FUD is that this shitcoin already got pump and dumped with +600% wins for the Pajeet tranny scammers behind this shit and the current bump comes from a Sergay shillpost.
Back to 0.30 in no time.

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delegate some and sell the rest at 1.8

>pajeet tranny scammers doing 3b volume
your iq must be around grt's current price

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I bought at .44, converted to ETH at .58, then converted gains back at .40. GRT is the only shitcoin I have faith in

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I'm not feeling very girthy bros.

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yummi ID cofirmed

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uh oh

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Tired of biztards who suck at explaining GRT? This video pretty much makes it easy to understand.


Thank me later.


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>Yum IQ 8t
>IQ 80
Checks out

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why the fuck you retards think biz posts can affect the price in any way god youre so out of touch with reality it might be too late for you

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>IQ eight-T

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There is a select cabal of biznessmen who do control over 15% of the market. If you sold enough Chainlink at $20 you would have met them.

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there was a sergay shill post? Link?

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because they have men on the inside of all centralised exchanges or something? Lol they wish, grow up Delphi

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Good video!

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I was watching the order history just now and I saw something like 30 sell orders back to back with maybe 1 or 2 buy orders in-between. This coin is still heavily manipulated but seeing the volume up so much in the last couple of days is a really good sign. I hope we take off to .60 centirinos soon

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