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Is defi here to stay or what? Seems like most alts are starting to recover right now and it might be a good idea to get in some, any picks that won't do a -20% right after I buy?

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Defi already proved itself to be a good thing, it can only grow from here

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just be careful about rugpulls anon, other than that I think defi is good, probably going to be mainstream one day

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Maybe buy good coins and stop shitcoin gambling? Or just buy and hodl? Either way check out plasmapay, still new so there is serious money to be made since we are early.

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Pnk is pretty stable, and we're still early, cases numbers are rising. I'm bullish on smartcredit but its a massive gamble, if their platform is delivered and gets traction peer to peer lending will be massive, easily could 20-30x if there comes a day where the public eye is shifted on it again. The chart is relatively bottomed out right now.

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Probably a wise choice to go after small caps, but not everyone has time to dyor, it ends up being a gamble sometimes

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how is that defi? Doesn't look like it does anything in that field

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Barnbridge DYOR

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RAMP DEFI best defi project Blackrock and BNP paribas on board.

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Not bad, I heard about it and might get some, I like the plasma.finance features

not defi

what is that?

Good fundamentals, I might buy some if it holds

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RAMP kek, good luck getting rugpulled by a bunch of scamming chinks

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look at low cap defi gem they will never dispointe u in this bullrun it may turn 10x in no time like ppay

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Where do I learn web3, solidity, block chain without taking me years?
Are there any cheap quickways like WordPress elementor?

How much would you guys like to be paid to teach me web3+solidity per month? I don't even know how to fork projects.

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Bitcoin is heading towards 30 K dont miss out on the defi hype that is about to come

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If you're going to buy alts find the charts that have bottomed out and aren't moving with BTC. That's my suggestion.

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Yeah you're right, sorry I just saw alts and not defi and sperged out a little

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well yeah most of alts are bottom out n they gonna follow bitcoin just hodl and u will have u r lambo

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ppay the defi payment system new defi entry in market has launch plasma finance with initial liquidity mining with 200% APR

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we cant predict future things look good now but will it sustain i hv my doubts u just need bitcoin n life is good

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defi is the future.it has tremendous potential. upward trend can be seen oonly from here.

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go with ppay. its the defi +wallet. i think it will be game changer in crypto world

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plasma finance is just like the Bloomberg of crypto. solid potential for longterm

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i think btc will give the best returns the way its rising . i think it will go around 30k soon

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go with ppay they recently made partnerships with kylin and ferrum. they have been making strategic deals . good for long term defi

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small caps are gems dude they will shoot up to moon look at fundamentals and hodl

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all good defi are pumping. go with plasmapay . better than pay-pal , at-least you are owner of your own keys. this is the real defi

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go with btc. it will be next big thing . for the defi i would suggest to go with ppay. already more than 100k users and with plasma finance it will be a deadly combination

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yeahhh buy. ppay is one you can invest amd sleep, while it's making you dough

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Ya paypal is shit that's y they turn to crypto they know future n ppay gona kill them

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UMA, SNX and LINK are worthy holds. SNX/BTC has been doing quite well.

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exactly. I prefer small caps gems to billion dollar caps ones. It's always a cool way to grow together with a project in crypto world

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ppay on hyperloop is coming with zero gas fees protocol may be implemented on next month watch out

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plasma finance is something else that's better than comparing to anything outside cryptospace

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so ppay is coming to hyperloop is another value-added news. ppay can also be traded on 1inch exchange

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we all are in the defi hype . seeing clear results just a few days before 2021

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ima buy pols and hodl the damn cute gem. pols is here to stay the way it's appreciating

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it's not bad to look into tokens with minor market caps and nfys as well

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DeFi is good but Etherium is kill

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hah newfagitry, you get rekt whenyou don't play it well. when it comes to when lambo, bitcoin isn't the only catch that's we're in modern era with defi gems and i don't regret getting bags of pols at the right time and hodling

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