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Is it a certain dollar amount? $500,000, $1,000,000 maybe? Is it a certain % return?

I'd feel confident calling anywhere from 750k-1m making it

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Ideally a 4% return on $1 million
Most anons will scoff at this but it sounds comfy as fuck to me during a bear market

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For around $1 million I could easily make $120k year through interest & trading.

But eve that isn't enough. I think $10+ million is when you've made it without having to work much at all. You can just live off interest.

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I never have to be a wage slave again.

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1m poorfag made it
2m middle class made it
5m upper middle class made it
10m richfag made it
30m wealthyfag made it
100m+ fuck you money

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$10 mil in terms of assets
Multi-generational wealth is making it in my book.
But given ongoing Hyperinflation, I am ready to adjust accordingly

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Yeah I guess there should be a distinction between making it to the point where you don't need to work for your money in any way again.

vs. having enough money that modest returns through investing/trading will net you enough to live comfortably

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This house looks like a building from a mid 2000s RTS

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Beheading lord Rothschild, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab using a battle axe in front of a packed stadium filled with screaming fanatics thus bringing an end to the NWO and their plans.
>money can’t buy freeing the world from the satanic elite

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now that i look at it, it kind of looks like the pieces from the board game Santorini

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4? omg what a loser

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I want around 5m so I can live on a nice hobby farm and fuck around for the rest of my life

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Just a fucking house

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I consider making it not having to work a single more day on my life

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if i can get my investments up to $5million, i can quit my job and take it easy

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I don't plan to make this my primary source of income. I have a dream job, but If I went all in I would not stop until 1b dollars. Don't care if that takes me 50bor 60 years.

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With the WEF Great Reset on the horizon, and probably a crash and expropriations to go with it, these are not the times to "make it" as a pathetic little worm.
Make as much as possible, for as long as you can, spread what you make across many asset classes and physical locations, and try to become more self-sufficient / hedge against crises, and hope to keep anything eventually.

Once the big transformation is over you can reevaluate whether you're good or not.

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I've made it using 4% rule on 2 million. This just replaces my wagie income though. Retirement has been my dream as long as I have known what work is. To make it make it I want the big meme house on a few acres with a basement pool/gym/spa and getting a safe 160k/yr after taxes. That will let me do some skiing or go up north to hunt shit like moose and elk or maybe catch some sea fish. Just for some variety though because my property is going to be lots of fun and killing. Fortunately southeast US is pretty cheap. Similar lifestyle in New England or west coast would easily cost 5x.

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The only thing they can't take is crypto, and even then if it becomes used only in black markets it becomes a little inconvenient. Especially if the authorities catch wind of me having extra sugar or eating meat more than once a year. Short of political power I don't see there being any hedge or defense against the great reset.

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A lot of idiots on here dream of snorting cocaine out of a hooker's ass in their mansion located on a their private island. This is a low IQ goal, and everyone who dreams of this will never achieve it. Actual intelligent people are conservative with their money and only buy what they need. I can fully retire on 1 million USD if I wanted to, but there's more to life than just doing nothing productive all day. The retired neet life sucks. What you should be trying to do is accumulate enough wealth so that you can enter politics and become the next Hitler. That's what the world needs right now.

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Enough to provide a middle class standard of living for an entire human lifespan without having to wageslave

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North of 40 million. Enough to hire a personal lawyer and accountant or CFA to do all my money. That’s the minimum I’d feel comfortable with. 200 million gives you a lot more wiggle room.

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Don’t use private wealth management. You need to build your own team after reaching a certain point and begin setting up networks of companies, holding, and shell companies so you are protected regardless of anything that happens.

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yeah that's pretty much it
preferably i'd move to some comfy town in eastern europe as well and maybe do things i like in my free time eventually leading to small business and/or find myself a wife there
i need x50 to get there tho and i'm already 26 so i'm probably never going to make it

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This is true, but there may be a few backdoors that are more subtle than just having a class of card-carrying elite members who are exempt from the restrictions. As you indicated, instead of just pricing the bottom 99.9% out monetarily, there might be much stricter methods of rationing that cannot be skipped simply by having a lot of money in the bank today.
But if say you have $1m in stocks (ideally with many "green" / "sustainable" titles), $1m real estate (ideally multiple geographically distributed locations, say 1 home + 1 vacation home), $1m in cash and precious metals, $1m in crypto - then there's a chance that they'll take most of that completely, but a little bit remains in some backdoor asset classes, like WEF-approved "green" investments. If you ramp up some more with real estate and stocks you can also distribute more across the world and increase your chances of keeping SOMETHING. That's why you just have to make as much and distribute as much as you can until at least 2030, the Agenda 2030 milestone.

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dont even need a financial advisor or wealth management,
with 40million all in VTSAX, you get 2% dividends a year, or around $800,000 a year. $100m , thats $2m a year.
plenty to do whatever you want for the rest of your life, while still growing your money.

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My goal is $1,000,000 after taxes. Anything beyond that is a victory lap. I’m a minimalist and don’t need much money to survive, as it stands I tread water on 25,000 a year.

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A 6 figure passive income off your invested capital is making it.

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Whatever nets me like 30k a year doing absolutely nothing so probably like 750k. 600k so I could collect interest in 500k and invest with the remaining 100k would probably work too

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>making it
That really depends on what you strive for, if you want money and to be finantially stable than yea making a good mil wouldbe comfy.
But some may find making it being having a good relationship with their parents or having a loving partner or a career that brings them passion.
You define what making it is, no one else.

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Being able to escape my shithole 3rd world country and be able to live among semi intelligent human beings rather than those who are accelerating long and far off the course of evolution.

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The boomers ruined everything with their liberal bullshit and boundless greed. Even if it were possible the world does not deserve another Hitler. Have you seen just how many people love the sjw stuff? They unironically believe in it. They deserve all of the hardships they face. The only thing I would do if I got in power would be to fuck them over even more. Raise taxes, ban homeownership, neglect infrastructure, send everything I can to help indigenous tribes transition mtf or ftm, no nuclear power, etc. I'd give the people exactly what they want. I'd even ban racist terms like water, tree, bird, etc. and hire an army of very angry and very hard of hearing people to go around enforcing the hatespeech laws. The fine is a beating on the spot with implement of enforcers choice. If the offender does not end up in the hospital after the beating then I would torture one of the enforcers family members to death while they watch and increase their monthly quota. It would be beautiful. That is the real definition of justice, giving people what they want when they know good and well how bad it is yet they still support it.

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Once you reach a certain point you diversify and need to spread everything out. Hiring people at that point costs less and you can make 4.65% on monthly muni bonds at that point.

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>4% a year
Mate I make 1% off my portfolio daily day trading.

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i feel like i could easily live my life on 20k a year

if i had a million dollars i would never work again and live off interest. fuck, i'd go live in a van and enjoy nature never worrying about anything again. fuck mansions, fuck material goods, just me and a comfy ride not worried about the world, but wealthy enough for a backup plan in case things go to shit

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Stfu newfag

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$500,000 in BTC/stocks/bonds + owning a home with a little land + homesteading is making it status in my eyes

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Couple million or so.

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no less than 100m

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Wouldnt it be pretty easy to diversify $200 million? I mean you can just do 90/10 ETFs and Bonds and that would be pretty diversified

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1 Trillion dollars

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Kind of cheesy but this is actually kind of what I've been thinking as well.

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Idk about orlando but in Miami those houses go for more than 25m$

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it is fucked up but true one of the worst things you can do to most people is give them exactly what they want

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Well yeah, now try doing that with 1 mil. The slippage would fuck you up

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10 million

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where we sign up for that?

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No. Diversify as in use Merril, Fidelity, Schwab. Own 2-4 50-100 unit apartment complexes through and LLC. Maybe buy a QT gas station in a busy area as well. That kind of diversifying. If I had 200 million and fidelity failed (it likely won’t) I’m not insured anything and SOL. You also set up companies that work with each other to lower taxes. What you mentioned works great for sub 50-25 million net worths. As you get wealthier the risk for bad shit happening to you increases.

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LMAO who is going to give you risk free 4%? retard

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