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.1 BTC was always the /make it/ stack. Don't let anyone fud you out from holding .1 BTC

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you mean 21

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.1? that' suicide at best, but yes, anyone here without any BTC will rope sooner or later

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Not a chance. Paper millionaires will be rushing to the door and bitcoin will be offloaded as just another toxic asset.

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god you are fucking retarded

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In ten years, sure. If you wanna make it in five, have 1 (one).

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imagine the sell

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Consider the dump

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Make it stack is 1 btc
0.1 btc is at best a suicide stack

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Make it is and will always be 21btc you broke ass pajeets

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0.001, 0.002 btc isn't small change! Make no mistake, you damn brats. Bitcoin is worth more than life! Whether they want to or not, people use up most of their lives for Bitcoin . In other words, they are eroding their own existence and lives for just that! They're exchanging their own existence for Bitcoin ! Whether you're a wage slave or a Doctor, everyone is risking their lives for Bitcoin !
Imagine the lives of those who are called "elite". In school they go home only after attending their private tutoring sessions. They are always at the top of their class! They go to first-rate schools and first-rate universities by winning in the exam wars. When they think they've won and entered a first-rate company, the only thing awaiting them is the race to success. They place their jobs first and foremost, brown-nose their superiors, flatter their clients. They diligently go to work every single day and work overtime. After living that sort of life for little over ten years... Around their mid 30's or when they're 40, they're finally able to save up about 0.001 - 0.002 btc
Do you understand? 0.002 btc is a lot of money! It's big money! In comparison, what the fuck are all you? You never really studied hard, nor did you ever put all your effort into your jobs. You never built on anything, you never endured anything, you never overcame anything. And you just live you lazy life. All you did was get into bitcoin early! Now you are party of the top 1% of the population all you have to do is do nothing at all. Getting in early on bitcoin is more valuable then anything else you could do with your time, you have already made it, all you have to do is wait for hyperbitcoinization

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