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Whats plan B?

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14 years old I was when I got my first job, exactly that OP.. washing dishes, pots, pans and moving produce around the kitchen/cellar. Almost 16 years on now and I've recently surpassed 1M GBP. There were a lot of lessons learned from working at that pub and the biggest was to not let anyone walk over you. I still remember the owner who was the head chef fighting the new chef out the back in the car park over a silly disagreement.. though as silly as it was their principles remained the same and neither would back down. I carried these lessons on with me and as a result I am going to make it.

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idk desuu.. im going to school for b.s. in cs at a public ivy (lmao). im prob going to do gradschool whether I make it before then or not

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So the lesson to be learned is to fight over every silly disagreement or what? I am honestly trying to understand but the one thing you did not learn on your way to 1 Million is to write.

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No sir, it is to stick to your guns if you feel you are right. I see it all the time, people not saying what they feel like they should or going along with the norm 'just because'. You carve your own path by what you feel is right and don't stray. I live by this and I have had so many opportunities just because people can place trust in me I'm not going to flip flop and beat around the bush, similarly many people dislike me because of this and they're the people who want you to simply shut up and agree with them, they're of no use to me. No, I did not go to college or university, so my writing isn't great.. well noticed.

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Thank you for explaining. However, I see so many exceptions to this rule.

Imagine someone cuts you off in traffic or honks on you inappropriately. Do you follow them, brake check them, then go all road rage and pull a gun on them - possibly getting killed, maimed, or jailed? Or do you just brush it off?

Another example. My colleague has a very huge ego. He was advocating very strongly for a certain programming style and framework - functional reactive programming with webflux. I was strongly against, since nobody in the company had any education about it and we were on a tight budget. But my colleague didn't cave in. He was adamant not to back down. I thought that he is a very competent developer, since he is so certain. So I agreed.

This decision has cost us months of headaches and eventually perhaps also the company. It turns out my colleague lied on his CV. He is a fraud. But he followed your rule and fucked himself and everybody around.

Also, sorry for being so snarky. It is just my bad mood because of the story above seeping through.

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This is where you have to be smart about the application of the rule. I'm not saying you need to fight to the death because someone disagreed with you but the value of it is you need to be firm with your own opinion and stand your ground. Things like minor incidents which make no difference in the grand scheme can be disregarded, what help to me would it be if I lost my head over something stupid like a car incident if it was a minor one? That would be detrimental to me.

Your example is interesting, sure the person didn't cave in and was adamant he was right but he knew himself he was wrong, he convinced you all it seems. This is where you needed to be even stronger than him because you knew yourself what was going to be useful to the company.. in retrospect if you stood your ground and voiced every concern to whoever makes the final decision and they still went with the other guys idea then they would right now be holding you in a high regard.

We can all be wrong though, it doesn't work out every single time and that's when you are humble and put your hand up and say I was wrong..but when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing you don't give up on it unless you have no say in the final decision..

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Plan B?

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>if you stood your ground and voiced every concern to whoever makes the final decision and they still went with the other guys idea then they would right now be holding you in a high regard.


Congrats on you million.

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