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Looking to give a gift of crypto this Christmas to 5 really close people in my family (wife, Kid, father, mother and one friend). My plan is to give it in the Ledger Nano S (already here).

I've already put $500 worth of BTC and ETH each. However I still have $500 worth left to give.

Tell me what other crypto we can use that have great team, use case, community and adoption. They do not use crypto and think it as a scam. I want to change that.

Tell me your picks and why? No cheap shills ok?

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Unironically GRT. It's low right now, and likely to shoot up to $1-2 in the next few months

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Please also say why

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I got something perfect for you. Oro
>check their latest promotion, you give gold and receive gold in return thats fucking good deal

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Cardano or Zilliqa. Both a rival to ethereum and at the very least will be a fuel for competition between the 3. All 3 will do very well this coming year.

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Stretch the impact of your gift. Put XDB in it.
>brands will have to innovate and eventually every single brand will be on blockchain, Digitalbits will be the go to platform to lauch

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anon ledger is not safe now many data of the user is spreaded all over the internet so better stay away in the ledger thing IMO

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If you bought a ledger then you need to be focusing on the Christmas pack

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It’s a stupid gift anon I’ve been down that road before. Receiving crypto as a gift, to 98% of people out there, is just as interesting as receiving some world of Warcraft gold. I suggest you use some of the crypto to purchase something interesting for them, and leave the paper wallets in a red envelope that is to be opened if something ever happens to you.

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make sure you keep the seeds.
normies aren't capable of securing these things

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My friends got rekt on this GRT and XRP they believe that XRP will hit $1 before eoy..

That's crazy and they did not put SL and crying now

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This!!!!! OP if they dont Care or think its a scam they wont appriciate it.
I think they will lose it

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I dont think he would be giving crypto to someone who doesnt understand it. That is just stupid

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Get them yubikeys instead.

Then you can stop them getting their email accounts hacked.


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suck his dick

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Interesting thought. I was hoping to have them track their assets on Blockfolio so they can see some gains. Hopefully increasing $$ can change their mind.

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INJ. Graph was the opening shot of AltSeason.
Why INJ? We just broke ATH because INJ listed 24/7/365 tokenized stock trading. It's bullish at.
Anons were waiting on correction to 4$, and well that not did fucking happen.
Risky, DYOR of course. You asked for good picks, this is one of them.
Also API3, which I hold too.

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well i would suggest you go with pols. pols will go good in future. it has many ido launches.

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merry Christmas buddy. i think you should invest more in nfts . buy them cheap and use a good wallet to store them. i would suggest go with wax.

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any crypto you buy will be a investment for them. buy a little of btc and and invest some little amount in alts. go defi and check plasmapay

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dex is the future buddy. cex wont go for long. too many regulations. people are tired of governments over it. suggest to go pols or any good dex.

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Cardano and Zilliqa are oldies coin and have slow development that's why they are left behind when it comes into technology, unlike in SPDR it is the first hardware-enabled on DAO governance, your privacy is safe on data hackers..

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Btc and eth should be enough anon, you can make it extra special by throwing in albt. 1 good alt is all it takes for gift to be next level fucking amazing

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If you want to give them something with monetary value, give them an apple share with an apple product. It is 100x more interesting for them, and desu probably will be worth more in the long run bar a total meltdown in the global economy.

You’d basically be gifting them ownership in the greatest company in the world.

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go with btc buddy if you want the safest investment in crypto. if you want some better returns go with alts. they will give much better results over the years

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Lolz.. it's not stupid idiot be practical now it's better to give the ledger and password as a gift and they can hold it or sell it, it depends on them anyways it's their Christmas present..

Don't be stupid dude..

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Since you have multiple ledgers, have BTC, Eth and 1 top 10 shitcoin, label them and let them pick the ledger they want for themselves. They gonna learn some shit.

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Lolz.. it's not stupid idiot be practical now it's better to give the ledger with PLOT and password as a gift and they can hold it or sell it, it depends on them anyways it's their Christmas present..

Don't be stupid dude..

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It's a very cringe gift actually. Just get them something to consoom and let them buy your bags later

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Why not pick NDAU. it's at a good price and good even moon further mate. An adaptive stablecoin

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dead coin lolz xoxo..
Kekk you must share good coin idiot..

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The gift of insurance. Getting security against hacks and attacks against coins. Checkout bridge Mutual for decentralized insurance

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nice try anon the ledger is better used as a butt plug at this point

off to a good start anon, but don't give them shitcoins for xmas, give them a 1st edition Bondly BCCG card, easy.

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check out SCIFI, got some expert on the galactic coucil that are capable of selecting the most precious gem out there.
>Team token distribution postponed
> Liquidity mining released

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get better friends

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If you spend the 500 on XDB whoever recieves it will be a richfag in 2021

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rich fag to you pajeet, poorfag to the rest of us who got in early on Bianca

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Governance token is taking over the space gradually, SPICE is also governance token that is rewarded to all participants of the SCIFI mission and enables the participation in governance decisions. This also is worth looking into

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Yeah I see this INJ,. it suddenly surge the price and have the new ATH sadly they give on bounty hunter just dollar in reward LMAO I guess it's their strategy to protect the price,, but I see this FYZ too as interesting project more on tokenization of everything you love

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kek, you ask for too much OP, these fucking retard anons don't know left from right
I like how this faggot thinks
you shut your whore mouth anon, having butt plug and bccg in the same comment is disrespectul to say the least. is that how you treat the most exciting nfts and project on polkadot? I have no words for you.

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XED, having to play games with friends during this period while earning some tokens and NFTs
>allows gamers at all skill-levels to monetise their skills,competing against each other in a tournament, with high rewards.
> Whether a gamer wins or loses, every time there is a bet on your skills, you are game mining a XED reward

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Idiot your SPICE is like WTF no team and keep on promoting nice try pajeet..
No one will believe on ghost team happy Halloween unlike on SPDR it's on public

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you are a nice human being OP. if you want to score extra brownie points, then load it up with bondly and show them how to use nfts on opensea. they'll get an appreciation for nfts, polkadot projects and anime art all at once.

this is why we can't have nice things

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Thanks for calling the top

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how are they supposed appreciate nfts from a hentai art project? pitch a real project, like dgcl, that is about to hit acdx tmrw

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Imagine gifting ledger lmao do you want them to get jumped and robbed?

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Sylo is the gift that keeps on giving. It's a good gift for Christmas. Already got some

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Polkadot, DeFi, and NFTs we are revolutionizing the gaming industry, virtually all polkadot project seems to be doing great, i do not expect anyting less from XED. This is a good idea with great teams and partners.

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BMI. Having insurance is very critical in times like this. BMI will be listed in 2021 Q1 so you've got time to research.

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Sorry mate, not a good idea, they won’t care about magic internet money unless they know how shit FIAT is,
Educate them first on The MMT then give them a test, if they pass and accept they get crypto
In the mean time stack some NDAU as a more buoyant SoV ok anon cuck faces

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Be sure to teach them the difference from long term and short term hold anon or your efforts will be wasted. Let them download oropocket app and spend that 500 on gold. Happy holidays internet fags

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Got something perfect for your christmas shopping. it's called NDAU. It has connections with CBDCs and is at a very good price. Doesn't go down but up

>> No.25085105

yep BTC is nice and all but it’s a volatile asset in terms of price fluctuation just like Nipple know
Getting NDAU will secure ur wealth in the long term as it’s backed by endowment funds to support a floor price ok cunt bags

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OP is clearly drunk out of their mind, the ledger gift it definitely an april fools day play

also if your focus is on great team, use case, community and adoption. what better project than digicol? it's launching tomorrow, under the advisory of the old OKEX guy Andy Cheung, on acdx

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Gotta be thinking ahead man. And not just christmas. Take sylo with you. Big partners with Centrapay and CocaColaAmatil.

>you'll thank me later

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What's this BMI Thingy about. insurance is interesting. Good for future

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Her nipples are hard
Just like NDAUs candles are gonna look soon after sheople wake up from their slave labor

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Ndau is taking over as the markets continue to be bearish. It's got a monetary policy that allows it to mitigate the effect of downtimes in the market

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I go hard with her. And out ndau will moon harder

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>Most daily commits of any blockchain
>ERC-20 converter
>Smart contracts, native tokens, metadata, and DApps live
>Hiring at an unprecedented rate
>Project Catalyst has hundreds of projects lining up to build
>IELE devnet lets Ethereum devs pissed at ETH gas fees jump ship easily
>Left behind

Top kek anon. Last chance to buy your 20k suicide stack before 2021.

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Xrp down. Next all alts. Btc is the only gift u need.

>> No.25085428

XBY will be huge

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>Buy BMI
>give insurance coverage
>make money
>everyone is safe and happy.

Listing 2021. The future of insurance is bridge mutual baby!!!

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Ah if these NDAU Shillers say CBDC again I’m gonna throw some XRP at them

>> No.25085687

This pajeet seems to think COVER won’t be leader in crypto insurance

What is and who is BMI backed by

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unironically giving my tech-savvy teenage sibling a hong bao of crypto for xmas

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Gift? its not a gift without ALBT
>partnered with ocean protocol for big data market
>partnered with frontier for lp mining

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Well I always told them that XRP is just hype and sell when they already have profit but they did not listen, so I think it's better to lose their money for experience.

>> No.25085983

BMI has been overshilled by jewboy Scott, no more please
Crypto insurance is a scam, just look at nxm pajeet
OP if you're not aping into the digicol IEO with all those bags tomorrow then you've really gone off the reservation

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Better than Andre Clone yeah and his shit show his running

Bmi run by peeps with solid Legal backgrounds necessary for insurance protocols.

>> No.25086047

To be honest man, as these investments are going to your senpai, you want something really safe and not super dooper volatile. That's why I think SCIFI offer a really good product with their index. You can jump on and by the governance token called SPICE which will go up in value with the constituents. The constituents (gems) being cherry picked by the experts in all things crypto. Safe bet imo but of course please DYOR and always best to be sceptical from others on this platform.

>> No.25086074

Ledger is probably going out of business soon

>> No.25086375

NFTs desu. I've had great success in getting non coiners onboard that way. Crypto art is still art. my two cents? check out digicol which is launching tomorrow, its got a great team comboing nft/defi on one platform

no shit sherlock

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False you filthy pajeet. BTC is not all you need, its barely better than gold as a safety asset. Rather place some in hot alts so you can get filthy rich and buy that second Tesla. XED has some serious backing so you know it cant fail. Some of the backers backed previous projects that went 20x. Bitcoin cant do that in a year.

>> No.25086463

Too many faggots believes btc is enough. Btc is btc i got it but there are more than a million use cases it doesnt cover. Take connecting traditional finance to defi thats for sure an ALBT thing and they are doing god damn good at it

>> No.25086757

WTH richfag you must been joking anon BITCOIN is the only crypto will make us rich lol

>> No.25086821

He just want them to be rich like him when the time comes
Think about it anon hold the ledger with ETH and BTC I'm sure they will be rich in the future

>> No.25086926

BTC is the best gift, if they already know what is it all about or else your effort will be wasted by giving them ledger with BTC w/out any single knowledge
That is totally crazy ..
Fuck ..
Educate them first and tell the purpose of it..

>> No.25087048

too many anon here hiding on their IP,.
get your ass show your face,

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WTF just ditch eth, replace it with ocean and albt
>ocean protocol and albt teaming up to deliver a massive data market place

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give me the ledger and stop asking
Idiot you can search on the google

>> No.25087181

XRP you can give this as a gift fuck cheapest coin

>> No.25087206

pajeeettt go to your bed and sleep

>> No.25087256

Try to buy some PLOT anon, still retraced to 3.6 cents definitely worth it harvest next year eoy

>mark my word

>> No.25087276

ORO is a piece of fucking shit, I will never buy this coin

Full of anon team

No utility, come on wake up

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Those pajeets are never tired of blaming others while hes doing the same thing too. LMAO.

>> No.25087398

i always see this alien pepe and i dont think it is related with your shit

please fap out fast or others will cum her twice

Suicide first before buying this coin, aint worth of any life kek

>> No.25087412

Pajeets can identify each other lol fucking poorfags

>> No.25087428

You are really too generous, I highly recommend buying FYZ bro. Buy your own stars.

>Get free limited edition things too

>> No.25087473

Let me get that frog and slice it half on your face oro degen faggot

ORO sounds like a toilet bowl for me kekk

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Well dickhead you probably lost your mind by telling me poor. You can't even handle the logic. TAKE THIS.

>> No.25087590

XDB already lost its potential, and XRP already sued by SEC theres nothing left to gift for my frens

how much is that gun? stuck that on your butt

What seeds? Those kids dont know how to use that ledger either

>> No.25087604

Care first with the privacy of your family and use SpiderDAO router for your connection.

>Privacy is a must dude

>> No.25087633

ALBT is a rigged project dude, I better get some premium porn than buy this stupid token

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Lory Ann | Never DM First, [12/23/20, 10:19 PM]
[In reply to David | Harmony Angel]

Lory Ann | Never DM First, [12/23/20, 10:21 PM]

David | Harmony Angel, [12/23/20, 10:21 PM]
Lol poorfag spotted, /biz is not a thread for begging some ledger go home and cry a lot

>> No.25087844

I dont understand your point but it looks like a Chinese thingy

Better have some ETH first

Then buy what you want on Uniswap

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File: 24 KB, 400x388, 20201223_222548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol poorfag spotted, /biz is not a thread for begging some ledger go home and cry a lot

>> No.25088250

Sure get some fucking cheap ass pack and get your info stolen way fucking easily

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File: 56 KB, 600x631, lsbbqnassu5y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have an IQ above 100 for sure since you bought majorly OG coins like BTC, ETH. But also add some aubit(fwt) tokens for yourself and for your family.

>> No.25088887

Buy a ledger now and loose all your data to hackers. Nice Christmas deal.

>> No.25088940

Institutions coming in crypto with full force. Greenbank has got some credibility here in UK for sure.

>> No.25088947

Injective Protocol is the best Christmas present you can give someone. In 1 year it will be enough to buy a lambo!

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Uniswao has been a shit place apparently and look at the fcking gas fees anon.

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Easiest way to show them crypto is the future, is to show them traditonal assets being tokenized. >opendefi tokenizes gold and silver
>will allow staking of real world assets
>100% insured not like typical banks

>> No.25089123
File: 64 KB, 640x640, IMG_20201214_005959_591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uniswao bloody joke lol BAKA dont pay fees on uniswao its ridic lmao

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File: 148 KB, 1080x580, 1607679335772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Learn to spell first faggot before jumping to any conclusions for uniswap. You got rekt that doesn't mean its a shit place. I got my 2x-3x unicorn project like bondly from it. Making money is not the clicking buy/sell button. Put your ass on the floor and research about bondly faggot.

>> No.25089498

Tell them to feed the homeless with that money.

>> No.25089546
File: 8 KB, 300x168, homeless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am homeless, can you give me 1 bitcoin, please.

>> No.25089643

Nothing will moon harder than your mum in heat.
Well that is apart from Xed, which will hit ATHs of crypto because of being the best in the biz when it comes to NFT and DeFi and gaming monetisation, where you get paid to play not only to win. Csgo beta coming up baby. Your mum will be there too.

>> No.25089661

LTO network

- UN partnership for land registry in Afghanistan. Biggest partner in crypto space.
-Just bought VIDT for digital ID projects.
- B2B data anchoring. Lots of transactions already. Deflationary.
Hasnt mooned yet. If u havent decided I really wholeheartedly recommend this.

It kicks off in 2021, will make your friends and family very happy.
The mcap is low, and the blockchain has one of the best mcap/transaction ratio. Legit team, great community.

>> No.25090046

Do you even crypto bro??????
Btc had its day already. Jump on etf-like index, scifi if you are too stupid an anon to find your own alts. Curated by experts and DAO governed. Easy peasy just watch the alts flow up with less volatility so you don't need diamond hands by buying Spice token

>> No.25090776

LTO Network. Real clients, paying for transactions on LTO's mainnet. Clients like signrequest, Sphereon, government and the United Nations. This is true value capture token driven by adoption. More companies using LTO network more LTO is needed for transactions. Max supply that is deflationary as every transaction burns 0.1 LTO. LTO is the Ethereum of the business world and firmly vested in Europe already because it tackles the GDPR problem of blockchains with its dual layer design.

LTO will pop in 2021. Guaranteed.

>> No.25090862

It is a cool idea if and only IF your relatives and friend know what bitcoin is. if not they will probably sell it as soon as they know how to.

>> No.25090867
File: 173 KB, 726x544, xeD3Dp0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should buy some gold on the OROPOCKET platform and send to them and get free gold, it's a Christmas giveaway from the oropocket team


>> No.25090886
File: 901 KB, 1727x1134, 3d-value-capture-LTO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Value capture cycle of LTO Network is one of the most direct ones in crypto. No non-usage like XRP, no indirect steps like VET and Vthor, just more usage = more buying pressure. And staking is currently 7% APY on a deflationary setup. It's grand.

>> No.25091153

I like this one tho. Real team and real working product. Could be a top contender of augur next year

>> No.25091514

Oro has the perfect package for anyone looking to send some Christmas gifts to loved ones, just buy and send some gold and earn some gold yourself, defo nothing beats that

>> No.25092000
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 998377229s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'd fucking dump it anytime soon

Let them lose their entire life savings to that xrp shit

>Could be a top contender of augur next year
If they implemented L2 scaling by elrond or matic and have near to 0 gas fees that would be a great start. Plotx is doing good despite being a startup. Give it at least 6 months and we'll see some massive developments.

>> No.25092464

Check Eva Elfie man, thank me later
I got this one around 20c and took some profits when it reached $1. Currently at dip so I'm accumulating like a rich dude. Still can't believe the Lil Yachty token launch and NFT were both successful.

>> No.25093253

Lil pump is the new star. That nigga cant do nothing on my boy pump.

Stack FYZ and buy PUMP coin soon to have special access with him.

>> No.25093666
File: 11 KB, 224x225, ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SpiderDAO is really one of the most innovative projects i've seen this year. They're dual governance is just amazing. Like no whales can manipulate voting since you need a Router and staked tokens to get 1 vote

>> No.25093927

You're better off putting that into ALBT anon, that's the only coin that seems immune to alts dump, it's been holding up and pumping non stop but really it's just getting started, ALBT will be the standard in 2021 my rekt plebs

>> No.25094026

DAOs are upgrading now lmao. When i first saw it only whales are reaping all the benefits.

You jeets should farm SPDR tho. 700-800% apy is not a joke. it can even give you the ability to give gifts on Christmas

>> No.25094033

Are you fucking retard or something, ALBT has done more 200% in the last couple of days, poc with ocean already out and the team was featured on NASDAQ recently as well, dyor well dick head and in your best interest better ape into this while it's still cheap

>> No.25094845

xrp was always a shitcoin i m getting some low cap hidden gem like ppay the defi payemnt system with plasmapy app is ready to roar

>> No.25094860
File: 476 KB, 731x732, d3LwOEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're better off putting that into XDB

>Low cap
>Solid team
>Unique use case helping brands with branded stable coins
>About to go bananas in 2021 with zytara that's set to bring different esports teams onboard

It's at discount prices at the moment, easy x50 for the gem anon


>> No.25094899


>> No.25094931

>>25082048 make this xmas special by gifting some nfts u can get some great collection on wax they will love it

>> No.25094948
File: 398 KB, 700x1051, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and stellarpilled

>> No.25094977

ppay seems great pick for xmas as zero gas protocol is coming next month i m bullish on it

>> No.25095043

you need pols dude with mvp launch n sold out pool sale in sex has make it hot pick for new year

>> No.25095152
File: 9 KB, 189x267, tro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol fag get ppay start liquidity mining and earn upto 200 APR be early make money

>> No.25095299

defi is here to stay n growing i m bullish on pols with upcoming migration to polkadot things getting better for pols holder

>> No.25095337

I thought about gifting my family some bitcoin for christmas but they are all tech illiterates and would probably lose it. giving them btc would be wasting it. I'm probably just going to buy them liquor since that's what they really want

>> No.25095552

ya pols looking great with many private investors are staking pols with huge investmemets whales are ready

>> No.25095639

Many are still sleeping on XDB but this will probably bring the biggest gains in 2021, having different stable coins building on digitalbits will be massive especially for brands

>> No.25095651
File: 17 KB, 266x200, jo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

better to diversify to gems which will surprice u with 100x like ppay this defi payment system is so underrated right now!!!

>> No.25095767

xrp is shit not coin lol white cuck thinks they are smart but they get fukd by xrp

i m betting on pols i miss this on dip now gearing up to load more

>> No.25095910

best place to get some nfts is wax i got some atari cards lets see with new tokemoic may start earning

>> No.25096931

the perfect gift you need is INJ, already set to launch their mainnet next year, it is going to appreciate in valued quickly

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