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You want to know the game plan?

>Be the large investors, invest in bitcoin and eth.
>Now that you have a position, find a way to get retail baggies to invest more into bit and eth so your margins increase.
>Call up buddies at SEC to start rumor about lawsuit on next highest market cap coin.
>Create a panic sell in XRP, and where else are the normies going to place hold? You guessed it -bitcoin and ETH where they already have a position because their buddies in news stations are saying its going up without fail!
>Squeeze bit and eth for a few months until steam runs out.
>Sell off and let people hold bag while switching position to XRP.
>Call up SEC and tell them to offer a deal.
>Ride XRP position up as other coins drop leaving bag holders or people selling at a loss because they don't want FOMO on XRP rise.
>rinse repeat.

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Haha okay champ

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SEC just literally put everything you faggots call FUD in the court filing, how does this make you feel?

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Smarter than everyone else.

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I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it time and time again. Nothing will come of the SEC filing. It’s all bullshit.

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Cope. Take your meds schizo

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XRP bagholders are the most retarded people on earth, glad I got out at 0.6

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except your plan failed and xrp holders sold to buy grt instead
grt is now a stablecoin and no one is selling anymore until it's at least 4 dollars
once it reaches 4 dollars, ripple and xrp would have been long gone

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lmao yeah man, it's totally "their" game plan - you better hold onto the bag, it's really gonna moon ! ahhahahahahahahaha

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XRP %26 dump today and Avax %28 pump today. Choose your fighter!

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Schizos... Nobody cares about your shitcoin... It's simply the end of the road. Centralized Coins never had a chance. In the world of centralized finance there is only one winner.

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Here's how we can still Moon

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hello xrp my friend......
....your back to 30 cents again
you will never recover from this..
your coin was a global miss...
and the sounds, of schizos still holding, losing cash... in the sound of failure....

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This unironically may be the smartest post on /biz at the moment. I had a similar thought earlier today. I bought more and am continuing to hold.

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How can you think that

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pick one

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Holy cope. Nobody clwver is buying Xrp but newfags, the team did a buyback and created a shit token for hype so they could sell the pump before they got charged. the team can’t sell it fast enough, they’ve even been trying to stop jed from dumping so much that they’ve taken him to court, yet he still has billions of tokens left to sell and sells a ml or so worth everyday, It’s unironically ogre

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Your problem is that you feel the need to be able to tell yourself that you are somehow smarter than other market participants and thus come up with a convoluted contrarian theory.
But sometimes it's just simple. And in trading, you habe to cut through the BS and trafe on the facts. XRP could be viewed as a security (non zero chance a judge will) and deliberately targets financially illiterate people, through back door deals with third parties too. Now that it is in the open, many former holders opted to sell. End of story.

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This is all a big show, so many questions regarding this lawsuit. Why did we hear from it from Garlichouse before it was even filed?
Why did the SEC wait for 8 years and file the suit literally a week before the current nigger in charge is to leave his post?
Logically speaking this does way more harm to those invested in xrp than protect them, so if anything the SEC could be sued for negligence and damages caused by said negligence.

Believing this is anything more than simple theater and the SEC looking for a christmas bonus is on the same page as believing that covid is a deadly disease and lockdowns are warranted, or that 90 million voted for Joe Biden, both of which anyone with 2 functioning brain cells knows are a load of horseshit.

Of course I may be wrong in which case I'm fine with losing all the money I invested in XRP, either way it goes I won't lose sleep over it. Any investment you make in crypto you should be fine with it going to 0, anyone that invests money they can't afford to lose is an absolute degen

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honestly, the best move in this situation was to sell.... even if your holding.... it was still the best move to sell, then buy back in when it slams back down to 0.001 lol

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this is too much cope in one post

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100% this move by the SEC only harms investors..... ripple themselves and their bosses have already made their billions, all this does now is harm the millions of individual investors and makes investors lose their money and value... this isnt a attack on xrp, this is a attack on the investors, the people. so yeah, the investors should be able to sue the SEC for this if it was a fair system, or the SEC should pay all xrp holders the all time high equivalent of their holdings...

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>SEC should pay all xrp holders the all time high equivalent of their holdings...

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>i-it's all part of an elaborate plan to buy more of our shitcoin that the devs sell millions of every single week even though it's going to $2k any day n-now r-right?

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as i said im fine with xrp going to 0

im also fine with joe biden (or rather kamala harris) being president and usa becoming a chinese colony, i live pretty much on the other side of the globe

I just shared my thoughts on the matter, nothing to cope about for me because I literally can't be negatively affected beyond a small financial setback

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they've literally released the documents you retard, it's happening.

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I have literally only lost money in crypto because of governments stepping in and causing drama.

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You’re probably wrong OP, but I’m gonna hodl my stack til it goes to zero anyhow, cuz fuck it.

I bought into btc in 2014 and have been laughed at for hodling many times along the way. Just roll the dice and hope for the best.

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Do you not see the fundamental differences between BTC and XRP/Ripple? Fucking hell, you deserve to lose your money.

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Trump is going to save us all, you retards!

Trust the plan...

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KEK imagine STILL being a RIPple cRIPple AHAHHAAHA

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Coinbase delisting is coming. It's fucking obvious.

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Makes me feel blessed that my scope of vision far exceeds the capability of most people.

How does it feel that you can't connect dots? Just single thoughts at a time?

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Ya I do see them, but I also saw the potential for XRP to catch on. And please just don’t waste your time lecturing me on how it’s a shit coin, blah blah. I understand its shortcomings.

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