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new fag in this nft craze i wanna grab some before they shoot up in this bullrun!!!!

any nft suggestion n best place to get them?

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Fuck nft get into Penny trading

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trading on WAXP marketplaces is the place to go pajeet

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if you do that just give ur money to me then... degenerate fucking idiot

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gimme somme good NFTs to look at boysss looks like a good space to invest into

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Penny trading your mom

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ya larping wax exchange with deadmau nfts has surprice already

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N - N

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Urbit stars on OpenSea
Handshake names on NameBase

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NFTs are too new, I don't think there is money to be made in this market, better to wait and see what happens

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fuck that, no one cares about this shit, I would rather focus on something that looks more legit

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I got one of the deadmau nfts, they sold out quick as fuck, I was very lucky that time

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Buy the big names anon, WAX, RARIBLE, that is what should be in your NFT projects portfolio, everything else is either scam or useless

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I think this is the reason why there is actual money to be made, the market is new and undervalued, so get in now or be late.

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kek, stfu anon, we are talking about real serious stuff here

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trading oppurtinity

i think you meant this anon

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Not much money to be made there, better to invest in something like nfts if you want some real long term gains

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Buy the RARI token or buy some NFTs.
I wanna get in on NFT money, but I think they are bugmen cringe.
Is it worth it to buy NFTs compared to just the tokens?

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based nft anon, those are the two I have been holding long term, especially wax with the new tokenomics.

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never heard of rarible wtf is that

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Crazy anon wanta to get the juicy deal in the nfts market place. Go and attack waxp, it's token of the well known wax blockchain

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you mean WAXE ? defi and nft combined is very good combination

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lots people talking about nft looking to invest soon lots more media stuff is gonna go on the nft route

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this new tokenomic will change how we trade nfts on market it will open mindless possibility to nfts holder

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no stay away from that shit i will suggest see something on wax they have better options

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Indeed sir, inquire about Superfly RFI, mind you, it would be most lucrative.
Just partnered with Deflect, as well.

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looks good i hope it work out wanna make some quick gains for xmas

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look for nfts marketplace like wax with waxp u can earn more by staking

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Patience young one, launch day is imminent. We must build liquidity and then list on Coingecko, then prosperity commences.
Forget not that holders will earn fees generated by every txn made.
In due time, we rise

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The Niftygateway Whisbe drop tonight is dope

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NFTs markets are booming and buzzing and wax is the real king

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ya after atari and now deadmau they are unstoppable i hv no idea y this gem is still sleeping

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Dude those are currently the only NFTs that aren't absolute scams. you think tokenized art or whatever isn't a scam?

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best place to get nfts are wax or u can create ur own nft if u hv any value lol

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but why nfts market cap is still fucking low. only wax is really pushing harder in the space. cryptokitties are also trying

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i m staking some nfts and trying to get some wax or will try to get some free on them

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Buy some tweets

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they are waiting for pump volume is coming wax saw millions of dollars of trade in just one day it may be indicator something big is coming

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Around 1mln$ market cap public strong and well known team. Ex Huawei CTO as advisor.
Supported by trusted ppl like tehmoonwalker.
Test beta game just live.
Pre sale just dumped.



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Get the TrustSwap NFT when it comes out

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