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My gf left town and i dropped molly tonight alone

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dumb ass you should of dropped it with her

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its been so long since I had a gf. I forgot what it feels like, what does it feel like anon?

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brain damage. did you know you have a seratonin uptake limit and if you break it you damage your brain?

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We do that often enough, i fucked her on lsd last monday, lsd is so nice for sex, you will feel like the ultimate alpha ape chad fucking her from behind, and fingering a girl on lsd feels so weird lol

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I love her so much fren, she is the best thibg that ever happened to me. Shes unironically my best friend.
Yes, when i was younger i always got like "sparks" in my head from too much mdma kek, now im older and only do it rarely.

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how do you know it's pure and there's no chemicals that makes you die at 50

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I mean you can always test your substances if you dont trust the source. But its pretty easy to get mdma in the techno scene for example and i never had a problem with purity.

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Dropping molly alone is lame

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it gets old eventually and becomes a new baseline. there are pros and cons to having one, just as there are pros and cons to not having one.

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listen to some music

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yeah that's kinda how i feel, i'd only drop it with a chick that i really dig, always fun during these times.

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Currently makinz
G music with my octatrack

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Molly alone is boring and not wort it.
Its best to take with a female or with your very close friends.

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Nah it can also be very vool alone

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I Could only do molly at raves desu. Have a good roll though fren.
What are you holding?

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a gf, you say? are you friends with her exes?

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so this eternal burning pain will not stop with a gf?

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I dont have gf and i smoke weed everyday alone

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15k link
1.2 linkpool shares
77777 dip
15000 grt

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Scooter malfunctioned and my gf fractured her knee. Haven't coometh in a month. Losing all desire to fuck her.

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It did stop for me with my gf anon
I stole her from some guy...

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I made that pepe

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just go over and use her like a fleshlight

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try to get trapped in a feedback loop

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It will morph into something different, pain all the same

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it'll put it out for a bit, but it'll come back and when it does, your gf will end up leaving you.

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What’s her name?

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good for you for preparing her for her next bf

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Not is she isnt a basic bitch, my gf never took hormonal contraception jew pills, she is the most caring person i ever met.

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>dumb ass
>should of

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Nah, she adores me.

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>my gf never took hormonal contraception jew pills
and what does she use instead?

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My man. Looking into DIP now.

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Nothing at the moment but maybe a copper spiral soon. If we should get kids, we will keep them and ofcourse not abort them.

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Pull out method?

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>feel good for like 6 hours
>heavily depressed for like 2 weeks after

thats a yikes from me

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Do that, it will be a long hold but it has huge potential.

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Condoms at the moment...

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Basd thread op

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after molly you should not be able to type on the keyboard

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dump it

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Lol you have to be 18 to post here

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What are you listening to right now OP

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have you ever tried to use your smartphone after molly?

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Unironically permanently damaged myself once with it. For some reason I had a MASSIVELY delayed hit, so after like 2 and a half hours took more, then only felt a little wired and speedy but no euphoria so took more. Finally i was just trying a lot and never felt good but was chewing like a mad man and my eyes were all over the fucking place. Since then i've been a little dyslexic, just can't read easily lmao.

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Nice, OP. But I'm a eurofag and mutts have infamously impure mdma.
Maybe when you make it you can fly here and try some.
>but not with me because I'm not your friend

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Im currently doing exactly that sweetie

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>she adores me.
How long you been together?
First year I was with my ex she would have done anything for me. Many such cases.

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4 years and living together since 3 years. She is redpilled as fuck and doesnt wa nt somebody else

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>First year I was with my ex she would have done anything for me. Many such cases.
Don't take the equality pill. Keep her in her place - relationship is simple that way as it falls into a millenia-old dynamic.

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How do you feel that your gf has taken cock in the pussy and probably ass and mouth and at least one other dude has blown his load inside her?

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This feels normal to guys 18+ anon. Remember you're only allowed 2 hours of Internet a day!

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shes probably ugly

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Bullshit. All joy is a result of the presence of God. I have experienced ecstacy of the Saints and there are no limits. Dr David Hawkins experienced the Love of the Lord to such an extent he wondered how his body could survive.

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>shes probably ugly
How about a dash of salt with that salt, anon?

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I slept with tons of girls, so fucking what?
No 8/10 and 9/10 body

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JC would be so disappointed you used that word anon
>t felt the devine love of the Lord straight to my heart

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Hawkins is so incredibly based. Blessings to you, friend

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based response

not based response

why arent you doing mdma with her anon?

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>I stole her from some guy...
kek and the same cant happen to you, why?

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whore fuckers are OK with this

why would one not have a whore as a gf indeed

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Does she fart?

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Jesus christ anon, no it's not.

I thought that way for a couple of years in a cringe crowd at uni but just get out of it and you see people do still have good standards.

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Im also rolling with her, but she had to go
home to her family for christmas
Because im alpha and she loves me. Ofcourse everything can change but thats life frens

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> men and women are the same
> pair bonding doesn't exist
You have a hell of a lot to learn

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Shut up, i can smell the curry until here rajesh
Nah but she burps sometimes

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Sure, a virgin would be great. But I'm not insecure about previous dicks anon.
Don't worry, you're probably just average.

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Youre right fren, but it was her first relationship and she really wasnt happy. Now she is happy.

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Go back to scam coin shilling pajeet. This is white guys talking.

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anon thanks for making this thread, reliving some good memories through your stories
and you are correct, druggy sex is just wild, ever try mushrooms+mdma fucking? ommmggg
enjoy your roll :)

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my buddy thought the same thing about his gf until he saw she had a missed call from her ex and investigated. don't want to discourage you from enjoyment, just remember all women are whores

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If that should happen then i will quickly find another one, they are almost wating in line kek.
No i didnt try mixing mdma and shrooms yet but that sounds very cool hehe, will try 8n the future :)

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truly an oof moment

>> No.24969433

called hippie flip for reference, use it to train for a candyflip (lsd+mdma) hehehe
your age, may I ask?

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One isn't particularly bad. The cheating is a big red flag but you know the specifics of that.

As for insecure not remotely, me and my fiance have only ever slept with each other so I'd have no idea how I am in comparison to random people but I've been blown enough/ drunkenly streaked a few times enough prior to that to know im on the big side. That said concern about that always struck me as kind of feminine.

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So many faggots flossing

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28, i am an avid acid head lol im tripping like 10-20 times a year since 12 years now lmao

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I started that stuff mid-20s, I'm pretty sure it's taken a few iq points off my dome, oh well those experiences were absolute sublime and worth it, and besides, ignorance is blissssss

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>As for insecure not remotely, me and my fiance have only ever slept with each other so I'd have no idea how I am in comparison to random people but I've been blown enough/ drunkenly streaked a few times enough prior to that to know im on the big side. That said concern about that always struck me as kind of feminine.
We are no doubt on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm an oldfag and have fucked about 150 - 170 women. About 40% hookers though (and maybe 8% ladyboys). So, I don't really have the room to judge women for a prior dick or two.
Happy you're happy though anon, but try not to look down on people for having different life experiences to yours.

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Ah, all drugs did to me were realize we live in a really shitty rat race. I really don't even care about money or making it. I hate fake people living fake perfect lives then I damn well know they're all kinds of crazy and fucked up in the head.
Also, if she has bangs, just run the fuck away, lads. Not worth the heart break. Crazy in bed tho.

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>that entire post
yeah okay bud

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I’m about to get some THC oil to use with this little guy. It’s pretty new

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>I'm an oldfag and have fucked about 150 - 170 women. About 40% hookers though (and maybe 8% ladyboys)
absolutely fucking gross

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Happy when people think my life is unbelievable.

>> No.24970107

Way too high body count and the ladyboy ratio is too low.

>> No.24970133

that's the right attitude. enjoy your life anon, treat yourself well

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so you're gonna fuck yourself silly with her dildo is what i'm hearing?

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Roastie spotted.

Yeah but even so I could never commit to a girl who has been filled with spunk by one or more other men. Disgusting.

Amen. God bless.
You know then that nothing compares to the presence of the Love of the Lord however you name him.

Science plus children apparently bear the genes of all past lovers.

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Based indeed

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Seratonin syndrome doesnt happen just because you took MDMA dare officer

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throw on some reggae and get down on the glitch, fren.

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pure molly is actually good alone, whatever molly+meth combo that's in pills is better for a night out

>> No.24970581

whos molly my dude

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Im listening to aphex atm its also nice, im too lazy to switch lol

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My mom found my lsd stack idk how she did either I hid it in a book about some indian. She just happened to go through my room and pick that exact book. She's like a sniffer hound I swear I had to flush it just so I have some leverage atleast.

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RIP that fucking sucks fren, sounds like she went through your room when xou were not there... Just buy more over darknet...

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How’d u meet your gf anon? And how do u buy acid knowing it’s legit? I get scared some crack dealer is gonna give me N-bome or something and i’ll die from a seizure. Do u test your stuff?>>24969479

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I met my gf in a techno club. Buy it over the darknet from a reputable seller. If youre in the US i think gammagoblin is still delivering. Just google the dark net market bible for proper opsec and you will be fine.

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B-but molly is an illegal drug anon! Why would you do that? Just go and break the law like some kind of criminal.

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lads should i just sign up with coinbase? i don't know shit and i figure i might as well have my hand held through everything, and i keep seeing it shilled everywhere

>> No.24971599

i need some drugs, whats the status of the dnmarkets. i haven't bought anything in years

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Make it more obvious officer ser

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most things on the dnmarkets are completely infiltrated by the government and even small time buyers are frequently tracked and busted if you make even a small error

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How old are you and her

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Thanks anon, hope you are having a good time

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Just curious. Theres a girl 9 months younger than me who really want to date me but I want a younger grill

>> No.24971785

Lol I will once things die down. She acted like she didn't know until I brought it up, and then conveniently grows suspicious. She's just paranoid about every thing and refuses to listen to any recommendation, quite annoying I must add. This kind of stuff just breeds division and corruption, and I just hope we can make up, I've been trying to help but she's been awfully distant as of late. Things have just been tough, I hope we don't fall too far, but I just have to stick with it.

>> No.24971840

your mom will always love you no matter what anon unless she's a psycho like casey anthony kek

>> No.24971860

Im 3 years older than her and im end 20s. Just date her and try, maybe shes a good match after all?

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You fags are such degenerate nigger children. Kys

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thats the most baller shit ever
totally makes you well adjusted and a functional member of society.
spliffs & medicated lotion. eryday.

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Calm down, we keep the degeneracy in our bedroom.

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How much is Molly there these days? I used to get 250g for 3k and been out the game for a while

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imagine the sweat

>> No.24973269

Doesn't sound like real md

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I hope you find true love anon!

>> No.24973652

Are you saved?


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Molly made me feel retarded for a few years.

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Why haven't the jannies deleted this post yet? Seriously? Bunch of mouthbreathing fatass c.ucks who delete relevant posts about other aspects of business but this gets to stay up

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Hell yes, I'm stoned right now.

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