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Dexes are the future of crypto and you all know that, just look at the charts for projects like UNI, POLS and INJ, they are all mooning. In a few years no one will care about binance, everything will be done on a dex.

How can I profit from this? Just buy the main dex tokens and hold long term?

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yes. hold the dex for long term. pols is really going good.

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People use the dex but there’s no reason for the coins attached to them to really exist.

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It depends, they can act as a governance token or to pay for fees so they have a good use

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Is it any good? I want to diversify my UNI since I hold way too much of that

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What I really like about dexes is the fact that they have no kyc, meanwhile binance wants all kinds of documents to let you trade.

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Dexes only coexist with Cexes though. Cexes determine the prices

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>Cexes determine the prices
This is going to change anyway, it's just because dexes are new

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that's what pols does with its token, unlike uni which is just a useless piece of shit. At least I can pay fees with my POLS

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Based, no need for the fucking government to be all up my ass trying to see what I do, I use dexes because of that.

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I heard a lot of good things about pols, might be time to finally get a good stack and hold until the moon

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dex will be the future. cex listing fees is too much.
pols just made three launches.

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Tell me more about pols. Is it related to polkadot?

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That’s not that great of a use case

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polkadot projects are really good. pols made three launches. mahadao and spiderdao and royal finance .

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Buy xbase.

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uni has surprice many with its recent price gain
new projects will follow that as we need less fees polkadot may win with polkastarter

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pols mvp is also live. dex is the future. no gas fee

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Same goes for the INJ token

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Injective will be working in several chains (polkadot, ethereum, binance chain) and there will be zero gas fees for trading.

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That's like saying, "There's no need for the nasdaq compsite, just buy the individual stocks." And since that boomer stock was created in 1980, it's currently up 65x. Everyone knows crypto is significantly younger than the stock market, and much more volatile because of its age. Not to mention INJ will offer derivatives which will cause their market share to balloon this market cycle. Combine all of these factors together and I think it becomes clear that INJ is an easy 10-50x over the next 12-24 months.

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i think pols has good chance to be next big thing after 2 successful pool sale things look good for pols holder

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Pols is going to the mooooo

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will choose pols over uni. pols has fair token sale advantages over it.

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Don’t buy layer 1 garbage. Look to the true future.

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people will get really tired of governments . dexes will be the future. startups will launch on deees only

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pols will be more great than uni. its current price iis also going strong. investors are really bullish

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binanace will be dead for sure defi is new key to success but not all project gold some are shits
shows just to gain on short term

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ya not all but pols with mvp launch and pool sale has gain that confident to rise in this market thinking abt getting some pols n dot

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great choice just add some dot with uni n pols it will be good for u mark my words

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i will stick with btc as price has gonna to 24k we mat see 30k coming in this month

get some btc before it reach 100k

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hold it long term. alts will have a bullrun after btc.

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ya projects based on dot will be huge just like on eth

pols has started its defi platform with bang lets see how it goes

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*silently moons behind your back*
Heh nothing personnel kid

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pols has bring change in defi with its anti spam n whitelisting feature which will stop sudden selling on launch

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Injective is a layer-2 dex and backed by binance. Need I say more?

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