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>sell 2000 litecoin's at $49
>buy 3000 litecoin's at $39

Same time tomorrow lads?

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But I don't have 2000 litecoins :(

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well it's gonna crash in a couple of hours so... gl

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Wanna be a multi-millionaire and lead an easy life?

Sell everything you don't need, take out loans, buy as much Litecoin as you can and sell as soon as it reaches $1000 mid next year

Now you can no longer complain no one ever gave you a shot

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Worst advice ever. Someone has to lose their money for others to make money. That and "maxing on loans" is literally financial suicide when most people play this market like a slot machine.

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>tfw not sure if LTC is the news or the rumor

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like a month ago I was saying to myself this shit is too complicated I should just buy LTC and be done with it, then everyone on here said it was a shitcoin

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>tfw it almost scrapes my stop-limit order

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