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What percentage of millineals will actually manage to pay their student loan debts?

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in the UK? probably less than 25% its just a graduate tax for 25-30 years i guess

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Well, I did. So that is +1.
I kind of regret it though because it looks like Biden is gonna forgive them all.

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I'm a millennial and paid off my student debt this year thanks to all the unemployment money I was getting while I lived at home with my parents, for like 6 months I was making $800 a week doing nothing but playing xbox all day

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Someone made top shilling for Base Protocol and seems like they got my attention, price x4 just for a month!

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perhaps the ones who know about the safex freedom

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Im never paying. The nanosecond I pay they will forgive all student loan debt.

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Im not making payments until Bernie is in office.

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i have $140k in student loan debt. i plan on doing income based payment for the next 25 years, at which point the debt will be forgiven with a tax on forgiveness.

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U fags will never pay it off, because some pants shitting, dementia addled brain promises u a hand out. Ur not getting it. Keep thinking biden won trannies.

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I was frugal to not get into so much debt. I then paid them off over about two years.

I'll be fucking pissed if some stupid fucking morons actually get their debts just forgiven while they were out partying and I saved, planned, worked, and sacrificed.

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Love the hypocrisy goy.

Always remember, pic releated.

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pretty much this. ive got 20k in student loan debt i could pay off right now but it's differed at the moment and w/ it looking increasingly likely biden will be in the white house next year, it feels like an economically irrational choice to ever pay 1 penny towards it. im just waiting for it to be written off by the commies.

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Theres a good chance they get rid of the tax bomb before those twenty years. Imagine the IRS trying to go after trillions of unpaid tax debt.

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I only have 30,000$ in debt, but as a matter of principle I refuse to ever repay it. I've made far more than that in crypto in just the past month, I'd rather hire a team of lawyers to fight it in court to be honest. I feel as though I owe nothing to this country, or my school.

>mfw I bullshitted my way through every class, learned almost nothing of value, and then got rich from crypto anyways

I don't even have to work in my major, but if I did I'd be making 3,000$ a month like all the other poor fucks who got conned into going to college. Whole things just a honey trap.

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The non-retards

If someone's not paying for your Master's degree, you're doing it wrong.

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I hope everyone that went to college for a non STEM degree dies penniless.

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Hopefully none. I want all other millennials stuck in debt forever

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I did which means the government will forgive the debt for everyone else and then make me pay for it via my taxes. What a wonderful country.

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I think they will switch to income based repayment. The Student loan servicers are too greedy.

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Financially illiterate people would anyways be the losers.

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I think they should give out mortgage or tax discounts for those who paid off their debts.

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Only with government assistance.

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This could be reversed and it would be true of trump faggots. Russia has massive interference and Cambridge analytica manipulated the fuck out of the election yet trumpies dont care about that. The second their tweeting faggot dictator loses its all about muh voter fraud!!!!

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b-b-but think about the art majors, I actually had a whole argument with a retarded zoomer about this.

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Tfw you got paid to do a masters and then went into finance instead of the science field that paid you

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Student loans will be paid back because I joined the army. The world is sure to bitch me the fuck out.

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Who knows. But if you give a fuck about paying it off, then you deserve to be poor.

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I have no college degree and make $120k a year from my day job.

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Is it in software?

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it boggles my mind the democrats want to forgive student debt instead of fixing the underlying reasons that are causing tuition costs to rise so much

but i guess it's because their policies are the underlying reasons

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Loans are a meme. Just save up enough cash and pay for it

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>Is it in software?
Why yes, how did you guess?
Online games, but I'm a server engineer generalist.

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Imagine getting the election stolen by a bunch of libtards. You won't do shit about it pussy.

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mfw I have no student debt, pic related

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I don't understand why Americans even take out student loans considering the insane amount of grants and scholarships available to the general public. I just finished my bachelor's degree and I never took out a single loan. In fact, I was paid to go since the grants/scholarships I had exceeded my need. And anything that was left went straight to my bank account. I didn't have to work during my time in Uni and I wasn't living with my parents. Anyone that says they need student loans is clearly retarded and deserves the debt they accumulate.

Literally, just go to your Uni's student financial services and ask for help if you're too retarded. They're literally there to give you free money, just take it.

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I paid it off years ago, but I really should have just aped into crypto. I'd be a multi-millionaire by now. I'll still be a multi-millionaire eventually but it would have been faster and I might have been able to save my hairline.

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good goy, keep lining the kike pockets

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>I don't understand why Americans even take out student loans considering the insane amount of grants and scholarships available to the general public.
>available to the general public
No, available to the impoverished and brown-skinned and females. I didn't get jack shit in grants and scholarships, the only thing I was offered was loans with interest rates of 8 fucking percent.

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I doubt they will forgive all of it because they need constant voters for a solution to a problem they created.

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>No, available to the impoverished and brown-skinned and females.

I'm a privileged white male.

>I didn't get jack shit in grants and scholarships, the only thing I was offered was loans with interest rates of 8 fucking percent.

That's because you didn't look for or apply for any grants/scholarships. The truth of the matter is most grants/scholarships are never used. People just don't apply for them, that's literally the underlining reason. It's not because you're not the right skin color, it's because you're lazy. I am literal proof that you can get a degree without a single loan.

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I applied for dozens and got turned down for all of them. They screen for those grants you retard, they don't just give money to anyone who applies.

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If your parents make too much money you get way less money in grants/scholarships. Even if your parents are bad with money.

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All the grants and scholarships available aren't enough to even pay like, 5% of all student loans.

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I highly doubt that. You mean to tell me all federal, state, public, and Uni grants were denied to you? I'd believe you if you said you only applied for grants from companies like Boeing or Microsoft, but federal, state, and Uni grants are available to everyone and they make up the largest portion of my grant money. So this leaves only two possibilities, the first is you're just really stupid and outright ignored the free money being handed to you from your Uni, the federal government, and the State. The second is you're lying. I'm going with the latter.

That's only true if you live with your parents and file taxes as a dependent under them.

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Citations needed.

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Look up the total amount of grants/scholarships given and then compare that to the total amount of student loan taken on a year. Last time I did that it was like single digit percent of the total.

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The burden of proof is on you, mate.

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Me because I put it in link every month

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It's not because I don't care about proving anything to you. DYOR if you actually care.

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Plus scholarship's have ridiculous stipulations attached sometimes, beyond race/minority stuff. Like being the daughter of a farmer from a county in iowa to major in bovine studies.

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So you don't have any evidence to back up your bullshit claim? Interesting.

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This nigga thinks anyone cares what europoors do

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>I highly doubt that. You mean to tell me all federal, state, public, and Uni grants were denied to you?
Yes. My dad made $100k/yr when I was in uni, so I was auto-denied everything. Even when I appealed by pointing out my parents were retarded with money and not giving me anything, the best they would offer me was loans.

Look, it's great that you got your college paid for. But you have to understand that that's not the norm for most people.

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God I fucking hate our gov

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It’s not a hard concept to understand, the vast majority of the biggest working force in America is riddled with debt they can’t pay off. It’s the same philosophy of “if you owe the bank 10,000 you have a problem, if you owe the bank 1,000,000 the bank has a problem”. Our economy is fucked if something isn’t done about it in the next few years

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Don't know about him, but I'm in canada and it's the same at least for post-grad grants: federal and state grants are super anti-white. They must show the winners by law so you can see it's 90%+ muslims, rest other shitskins, and the 1% white that wins are either white african males (1 in the entire cohort that year) or women. You can then research them and see they have 0 achievements (0 prizes, research experience, even research internships, no papers ever published...).
I have research patents, more published paper than the average new prof, a year of industry research experience, stellar reviews, research internships from the best lab in the world in my STEM field, excellence prizes, etc. and I rank at the bottom of their rankings, mostly on the grounds of publication record, though.
However, uni grants are a lot more meritocratic and I actually win them blindfolded with a hand behind my back despite their being arguably more competitive (my uni always nominates me for the federal and state awards, which then have 30% acceptance at federal, and 10% at state; the in-uni awards have 1% acceptance or less), which I find funny because they always virtue signal to shit. They even had pseudo-mandatory diversity training for all the students and I just skipped that shit and they're not saying anything.
At least for undergrad grants they are explicitly given only to niggers (every grant has a statement that says only niggers need apply).

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>Have three other brothers
>Two of them are mentally ill
>Dad is the only one work but makes like 160k
>Parents popped us out like one after the other so they'd have to pay an outrageous amount to send us all to school
>Comes time to apply for financial aid
>Haha seems like your parents make too much here's 3k
>Go to apply for grants
>Haha your family makes too much money
>Apply for scholarships
>Haha none for you
>Try to apply to LIMS or LISP or something
>Not for whitey

At least the good news is during corona I paid off a vast majority of my loans.

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if you actually read the Mueller report you would know that the interference was in the election campaign, not the election mechanism itself (ballot counting etc.)

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Again, I'm stressing this part. Why are you filling under your parents? What you're saying is only true if you actively choose to file your taxes as a dependent under your parents. You're literally hobbling your financial prospects by doing that.

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None because Biden will forgive all student loan debt.

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Jesus Christ, I've said this three times now. Stop filing your taxes under your parents. Your funds only get cut from you if you file your taxes under your parents. Why are you filing under your parents, it's literally the only thing making your finanical prospects shit.

Holy shit, it's like you all want to be poor or something.

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>no no, not THAT interference we meant THIS interference

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We need to punish these thieves. Bring back debtors prison. You follow the law and do that right thing and you got fucked like always. The government has created a society of deadbeats and criminals who face no consequences for their actions. Thank god for Crypto and this new emerging technology. However, once again we will all be on the hook for making all these insane gains and returns being innovators and early adopters as the brain dead loser will say it’s not fair.

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Which part of the campaign, the part where a political campaign paid a law firm to set up meetings with opposite political leaders or affiliates, entrap them, then submit unverified “intelligence” to a FISA court?

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God, this pisses me off. What a joke. I hope they never forgive student loans. They should raise the fucking rates and stop giving them out to anyone, seriously.
Universities increase tuition yearly because they know that they can because the funds are guaranteed by the government and the kids are too stupid to realize what they are signing up for.
School loans are as bad as payday loans.

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I paid off mine, which totaled 20k. The key is setting yourself up to be able to. Here’s what I did.
1) score well on SAT for scholarships
2) attend state school (tho I would’ve started at community college if I could do it all over again.)
3) study non meme degree
4) work part time to cover rent, don’t live in dorms (this was easy to do at Ohio state.)
5) download all textbooks, rent if you have to
6) don’t stress about mediocre grades, grad school is mostly a meme unless you’re actually gifted and want to research or go into r$d (I’m not gifted, I’m just a perpetual midwit that is ok at math)
7) profit while most of your peers from high school are swamped by loans

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For student loan purposes applying for the FAFSA you are considered a dependent till your 24 regardless if you file your own taxes.

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Yes because your parents are going to give up that sweet tax deduction.

Also what the fuck was I was i supposed to do when I was 17? It's water under the bridge at this point. I could pay them off in full at the moment.

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>Why are you filling under your parents?
This is starting to really frustrate me, I'm leaving this thread. I didn't file taxes at all because I had no fucking income. I don't get to decide who claims me as a dependent, my parents did it without my consent. And regardless of how my taxes were filed, my state university still required me to put my parents' income on my grant applications. Then even claimed me as a dependent when I was in the fucking military trying to pay back all the shitty loans.

Fuck this, I don't need to relive this shit.

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Again, you shouldn't take out loans. There are plenty of dependency grants as well and for some reason, everyone here seems to forget what dependency override is and how to apply for it.

Am I the only one here actively trying to be successful post-graduation? I can't be the only one.

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What are you on about? He can’t get independent status on the FAFSA unless he was emancipated as a teen you stupid nigger. He’s fucked until he turns 24.

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[Post a Reply]

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Do you get pissed at businesses that go under and declare bankruptcy? Do you get mad at people that declare bankruptcy to get out from under credit card and other debts? Or do you save all of that retarded anger for fucking kids that were brainwashed into taking predatory loans by their own government?

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Yeah, they’re niggers.

Niggers, anon.

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Yeah, but what does forgiving the debt do about the underlying structural issues which have caused tuition costs to balloon even as educational standards drop?

Debt forgiveness is a band-aid measure, it will cost billions if not more than a trillion to temporarily prop up those who failed to make measured choices in their degrees, loans and institutions they chose. And in 25 years we'll have the exact same problem.

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> I didn't file taxes at all because I had no fucking income.

Then you don't qualify for FASFA grants you fucking moron. How do you expect to get grants if you don't do your fucking taxes? Jesus Christ, you're fucking stupid.

>I don't get to decide who claims me as a dependent, my parents did it without my consent.

You literally do decide, you can file a complaint or a tax error.

>And regardless of how my taxes were filed, my state university still required me to put my parents' income on my grant applications.

Unless you're 17 years old I assume you're lying to me. You've already said you didn't file your taxes so that tells me you're a literal toddler.

>Then even claimed me as a dependent when I was in the fucking military trying to pay back all the shitty loans.

You realize that tax fraud, right? Do you not understand how a tax refund works? It's still available to you, just saying.

>> No.24824632

Also, if you're prior military you are not considered a dependent under your parents. So you're either fucking lying to me, which is my assumption. Or you're actually a retard. So which is it?

>> No.24824668

I have literally said this twice already, why do you people refuse to read? I'm not going to explain it again, read the fucking link, knuckle dragger.



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You're either being obtuse on purpose, or you're really stupid bro.

>> No.24824829

That's not an argument, and I'm completely right.

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Biden promised to forgive up to $125k of debt from public schools.


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you're conflating things others said about supposed meddling in the actual election process with what the Mueller report said.
stop grouping me with this so called group of "liberals", I do not agree with everything they said

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If they all coordinated and every millenial decided to just not pay then nobody would be able to make them. Just dont pay.

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It was just a question

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Don't remind me. They raised the rates from 3% to 6% while I was still in college.

I would say school loans are worse than payday loans. They push college on everyone now, including the inner-city idiots who shouldn't even graduate high school.

>> No.24826168


It’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation anon. To solve the problem would be so fundamentally and logistically difficult if not outright impossible, a band aid measure might be the best case scensrio

>> No.24826191

Yeah, you're literally the only one. Congratulations

>> No.24826271

This. I didn't get any gibs this year because my job doesn't get wiped out by a flu. So pay off my loans and I'll jumpstart the economy.

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not all art majors are useless desu; at least not from a business point of view. I did my MA in music and will likely start my PhD soon. Already making $50+/hr and about to open my own private school to make boatloads more.
That being said, I had a 97% average in a highly-competitive pressure program (only ~5 admitted annually) and deserved to have my masters paid in full plus ~$37k. Make yourself valuable and people will want to pay to have you. I believe people should have to prove themselves hardworking, competent, and disciplined to even be looked at for higher education - but that tuition should be MUCH less, or free. Fuck forgiving debt. Rather, have the country invest in competitive, driven, people to improve every facet of society.

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The problem is that there are just too many free-loaders. Jews and women don't feel that they have to give back to society once they've taken from it.

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