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>Ramifi Protocol

Clear the noise, sift through the scams and gamblings shills. There's nothing stopping this project from becoming absolutely massive. A trade-able USD purchasing power index who's peg rises as the dollar inflates. Elastic Finance has functions beyond your wildest dreams. I hear it constantly when i'm around people in the industry, eventually there will be a rapidly increasing adoption for these protocols. The key here is to ride the market cap discovery phase and trade when it reaches supply and demand equilibrium, but there are other functions too. I haven't gotten in touch with the team yet but I'm trying to dig more into Amentum, the crypto hedgefund.

Biz isn't supposed to know about this but if you want to get involved in American crypto adoption I suggest you start paying attention.
Once Chainlink integrates layer 2 solutions for their nodes, a streamlined version of DeFi price feeds will flourish. This will include commodities.

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why does the logo look like a stealth bomber

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link is dead

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How does RAMs torrent compare to AMPLs geyser? Are the gains the same compared to YFI and other liquidity mining or yield farming methods?

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If the liquidity mining looks like anything like Ampleforth's Geyser program, those who were able to capitalize know just how ridiculous it can get.

Here's the red pill. The gains can easily go beyond Bitcoin because Bitcoin was never going to be a good payment system. Ramifi will run on many chains or whatever is the latest and fastest.

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> Red Pill
You realize that Ramifi is the next big project since BTC and Ethereum. You’ll live a comfy life as more and more people get red pilled, until the day you finally make it
> Blue pill
You keep living in your wage cage, watching others as they succeed. You’ll keep holding your meme coins thinking it’ll do anything important. That is when the day of the rope comes, realizing you were on the wrong side of history.

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Chainlink integrations just keep stacking up, it's only a matter of time.

I hope biz doesn't miss this.

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When do they actually integrate chainlink oracles? i fucking love their whitepaper

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This thread is going right to hell so I will check how you will lose with your fucking shitcoins, lol
>base is already on my portfolio so I just launching on you

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I was thinking about this concept earlier and about how easy it would be to do. Definitely useful if you're living in the US and you want to avoid the incoming inflation

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