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Who else here already got their plasmapay stack? I managed to snag some when trading started, and now I don't know for how long I should be holding.

What is the general consensus here? Sell it now for some quick profit of just hold long term?

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Lol anon you were late, I got in the private sale for this one, still holding tough, I think it can go higher.

Don't know much about the fudamentals, I am in it only for the moon.

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What is this? Someone explain please, does it have moon potential or what?

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this is long term hold, buy and forget about it, come back in 6mos-1yr

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It's just a scam op, you will get dumped on by early investors, and the price will collapse, am I wrong?

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after dip i m looking at breakout we will see new ath soon with dia parthnership things looks great for ppay

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Wrong as fuck, if that's what you think then you would not buy anything, there will always be someone that got in earlier than you

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Get your facts check

>plasmapay already serving in 150 plus countries with plasmapay app easy fiat system

>plasma finance has been launch check them out

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What do you mean by dip? Do you think that it is going lower than it is right now? Any price targets?

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It's not bad at all as a payment method, I think it can definitely challenge what UTK has been doing.

But it is still in the early stages of development, so it depends on what the team does.

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I am looking at the 0.05 and 0.08 price ranges, as long as it stays between does than it should be safe.

Over time I would like for it to break the 0.08 resistance barrier.

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just checked twitter of the ceo of this shit

>literally no-one cares about his posts
>person so narcissistic and detached from reality that puts his face next to zuckerborg
>page of the token full of fucking emojis
>price plunged like 50% since coingecko listing

go check it yourself, anon


are you fucking kidding me with this shit or what

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plasmapay is interesting with plasma finance dashboard was so easy to understand and whole process looks smooth

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bitcoin and ethereum looking good u need should get strong hands we will see new highes soon after institunal buying coming into bitcoin

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Fuck of Pajeet, nobody is going to buy your scamcoins!

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haters gonna hate but they cant stop the defi evolution with plasmapay with zero gas fees and cross-chain defi will see new innovation with plasmapay

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plasmapay had parthner with orion protocol, dia,
erlond & many respected blockchain tech they cant be wrong

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ppay after listing saw huge gain like 5x in couple of hours was so excited to buy more i waited and got even cheaper with plasma finace launch we will big price action

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i will be bullish on polkadot with current market trend cant miss this like i miss eth back in days 2016

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I think you should hold on for a bit more till may be Q1 2021. As they have 100k+ users let them get hold of the situation. Plasma.finance is also already launched!!

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I heard they had a recent partnership with DIA and Orion protocol, hard, kava labs?
They really have solid projects with them but I don't still see that kind of price rise!!

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The Kleros whale knows more than everyone on /biz/, and he's only just started accumulating a decent stack.

You're not too late now but you will be soon, buy a stack before it actually is too late.


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Shop shilling the partnerships and project here!!

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Does anyone here seriously think there is potential in PPAY? I haven't bought much bought some yesterday !!

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This is a VC dumpfest. 80% of the current circulating supply got in at $0.02 or less (go and read their medium article on tokenomics).
About 40% of the unlocked circulating supply each month will have also been bought at <$.02

Don't listen to the pajeets. If I have helped a single white man not lose his shekels to these shitskins then my job has been done successfully.

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After the launch yesterday's dip was sad. It went up 10x a great beginning then was dumped to 0.5 then again it pulled off well!!
I see a potential of reaching .2 soon seriously!!

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It but it is kicking off well with partnership with DIA recently!!
They have come on Blockfolio too!! Going on 2 exchanges Bithumb and Uniswap??
Was it a good idea?

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Vesting schedule makes it so private sale cant dump hard. But FYI the first unlock covered the initial of many private sale buyers

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it's 100000% a scam, literally just join their telegram and look at the 2018 messages retard.
The admin PFP are also AI generated

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On MVP day POLS is going to get dumped heavily then Pump.
Keep waiting you fellas and don't tell me I didn't warn u!!

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got my stack at 0.1 never lost money faster then now, with this shitcoin

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Definitely a very good idea!!
2 exchanges means more people get to access and buy tokens.

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I will go up soon!!
Don't you worry a good bull run all positives will make it happen!!

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thanks for reasurring me mc punjabi

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