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What went wrong?

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>massive inflation
>no liquidity
>andre fomo didn't come within 24 hours of the "cryptic" hints on twitter

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lmao sell already

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The volume is dropping and the tvl is dropping I think I'm gonna cut my looses

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>tvl is dropping
kys pajeet

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TVL is $108 million so that's a lie.


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thanks I almost sold....


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The project directly above IDLE is Keep Network with an mcap of over $50 million. If you're selling now you will regret imho.

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accumulation time?

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100% - whether this is AC's 4th or not, he's a big fan of it and it's been audited 5 times this year before its release. There's absolutely no way this is staying at 6m market once bitcoin picks up

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care to make a price prediction for summer?

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if TVL grows, MC will grow, 10x is in the realm of possibilities.

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lmfao just last night someone was trying to shill this to me on here saying $50 eow easily. this shitcoin is going to $5 or less. fuck you morons, glad i didn't buy in.

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EOW, EOD predictions are for weak handed, fomoing faggots like you.
I care about longer term

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if it is the 4th hype will take it to 100mil market cap no sweat. By next year probably double that again or more, depending on what DeFi 2.0 looks like (which AC seems to be setting the bar of)

if not, then, I have no idea. If the tech is as good/safe as ppl are saying then no reason it wouldn't go to over 100m by next summer anyway. Which from 6m at present is still a fuck ton

but hey could also go to zero amirite

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it could go either way, welcome back to the cryptoverse

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I bought when it was sub $2 and I just bought again. this will go much higher.

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you guys are chatting against USD like retards

charting against ETH it still hasn’t broken down from
It’s peak band. It’s on the lower end right now but it’s maintaining its ETH value

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Share your reviews/comments about DuckDAO?

Found Medium article about their Crypto Incubator, seems transparent, share your opinion about it.

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how about make your own thread dumbo

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Met the DuckDAO hunters game, does anyone take part in it?

Looks like this crypto incubator can provide useful options for investments. Please, share your opinion about it

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still fine

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Bull flag forming on the daily

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keep MC is 4x higher and has a measly 3m more in TVL, seriously wouldn't be surprised if this at least doubles in MC

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is it just because people don't know about this? lol if andre wants to make money it would just be ONE tweet away

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but there is bearish divergence all timeframes right now

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Why would you sell because of some anon's reply on here, are you retarded? There is literally a live TVL counter on the project's website..

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I was being sarcastic. Moron.

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I think andre’s tweet will be timed with YFI approval

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How long will that take?

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idk. I haven’t looked at the code and I’m
not on the scrum team

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What do you mean what went wrong? I don’t understand what this thread is referencing

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It’s the same price it was when I went to bed, and 8x the price I bought it at like 4 days ago. What is the thread about someone please fill me in lol

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OP bought relatively high and he was expecting this to do a 5-10x in a week like all other scams he's got fucked on, like sushi or YFV

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$idle is for governance (voting) and yield farmers will be rewarded with $idle.

It has no other purpose

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gee, only governance and farming? i guess better sell my stack then...

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It literally has no other purpose than to be sold


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what is YFI's purpose?

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What went right?

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probably a move to 12 is on the table, that's whats up

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volume is picking up. here we go, boys.

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snuck in another few eth. Let’s go

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link TVL counter? i can’t find it

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thanks anon

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