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Should I drop $5k on a GPU mining rig right now? How long should it take to pay for itself? Is it even worth it? At $0.10/kWh

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nigger it's not rocket science, whattomine.com

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Is that Hackerman's battle-station?

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If you do don't buy RX 4xxs or 5xxs they are overpriced rn most components are cause everyone is trying to build a rig

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How loud are GPU mining rigs? It's hard to tell from videos

If you live in a studio apartment is it impractical to have a 6x GPU rig? Would 1 or 2 be okay?

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Loud. Some people even use box fans.

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Enjoy your house fire.

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Good luck finding GPU's that get a decent hash rate for a decent price. Everyone already beat you to this punch and everything under the sun is sold out or marked up 2-3x msrp.

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Nigger, that's what insurance is for.

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They're like $415 on newegg and Amazon for gtx 1070...?

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What OS does /biz/ use for mining?
The popular ones seem to be:
>Windows 10

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27Mh/s for $415
rx 470 is 22Mh/s msrp $180

rx 460 with bios to unlock dormant cores is 13Mh/s (11Mh/s stock) @ msrp $100

The dollars per Mh suck with the green team, even counting the insane markup on some of this shit.

And that's not even counting the watt per Mh, where green sucks even more.

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There's so much BS on the internet I don't know what to do

Some people are saying they're getting $100-$180/month with a GTX 1070. Some people say it's literally impossible to profit once you take into account electricity.

WHICH IS IT? I don't want to buy it unless it will pay for itself in 3-4 months

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There's calculators for this shit, google it. If you already have a quarter decent card made in the past couple years at current ETH rates you'd need like $0.90/kwh to not be profitable on a gpu, (cpu on the other hand is always shit). Now if you have to go and buy cards things get a lot more risky.

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I would have to buy GTX 1070's for like $500 each with tax and shipping. I have a long investment horizon. I'm asking for verification of these calculations, for instance is this site reliable?


It says a GTX 1070 makes $135/month in the past month

Is this legit or are there other factors?

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It's assuming $0.10/kwh, and is not counting increases in things like air conditioning, faulty cards buying the rest of your computer, internet bills, that time you trip and dump a pint of diet coke on your rig ect. Knowing all that yes it's relitivly accurate.

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Thanks my fellow anon, I don't drink coke so no risk

Going to buy TY

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How much internet does mining use? I've seen lots of info about rigs etc but what kind of upload/download speeds do I need to do this?

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Depends on the coin, many are almost none, others like sai can eat up 10 gigabit and still be thirsty.

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