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Sucked her way to the top.

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humiliated and jobless now. will probably rope soon

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What does making porn when she was young have to do with her job now? She's managing 300M while you lose sats holding your incel stack of shitcoins every other week

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That's the power of the pussy, pal

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She’s jobless now roastie

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why did she lose her job

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she lost her job get with the times newfag

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Back office? More like back orifice.

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because celsius looked very shady after it came out that she had no experience, porn aside

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Link to her porn, she looks like a girl I know.

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in 4 years went from doing porn and not really knowing what she was studying to managing hundreds of millions and being listed in one of forbes best featured articles? is that someone you would want managing your money?

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she obviously fucked the CEO

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I hope she sues. It's not right to lose your job because of your past actions, especially if they were something as innocent as expressing your sexuality.

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you sound like a cuckqueer or roastie that thinks she can fuck everyone in life than settle down once she's whored herself for 15yrs.

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Probably why Celsius covered up her existence after getting barraged by people who were rightfully obsessed that she was in such a high position. Her LinkedIn is still publicly available though, someone can go and check if she's still listing herself as an employee.

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Her professional career is over. Before 4chan outed her, she was fairly in the clear, but now her porn pops up first thing when you google her name.

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Give up mate, you do realise she isn’t going to read what you wrote and toss you a like don’t you.

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She probably got paid in Celsius tokens and held. Shes rich now

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She's not going to read this thread either so what's the point of pointing and laughing.

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She shouldn't have lost her job because she made a porno, that's fucked up regardless of what incels think. She should have never have had the job in the first place since she's clearly not remotely qualified for it and obviously flirted/fucked her way into it after starting working there in some menial role.

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Yeah she got fairly lucky when GDP's videos all got taken down. Then she made either the biggest or second biggest mistake of her adult life: she associated with a company that associated with Chainlink. Had no idea what she was talking into.

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And what did we learn today future onlyfans women? Use a fucking nickname

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she gotfired because of us!!! we need to help her find a new job!!!!

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are you fucking retarded, she got fired because she wasn't qualified as you say yourself and customers got spooked. if she was actually competent, she wouldn't have lost her job

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So this is the power of /biz/.

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Pathetic tits

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Based and hahapilled

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/biz/ is kind of like the blockchain, no transaction can be undone.

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Do you think it’s wise for someone who is obviously very careless with her life choices to manage $300 million?

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It's someone I would want managing my dick if you know what I mean

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>are you fucking retarded
Are you? I'm talking about the incels that think she deserved to be fired just for doing porn.

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Fuck off you degenerate piece of human filth

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Link is literally paragon level scam

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Whoops, posted wrong version

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>she got fired because she wasn't qualified

Horse shit. She got fired because the person who hired her for a blowjob got exposed and the company needed to damage control.

The issue isn't that Jessica Katar applied and got this position, the issue is that someone with power at the company approved it knowing she obviously wasn't qualified, and did so purely for an orgasm they probably never even got.

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Really is a tale as old of times - no matter how good you are there’s always someone better on em kneepads. Rip

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She is just a scape goat in the whole thing, Celsius is the ones who betrayed their investors by hiring her in the first place.

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It's this kind of shit that makes me want to go postal. I could literally get fired for having a facebook post get interpreted the wrong way but women can literally get throat fucked on camera and that's seen as "sex work" or "liberating"
fuck this world

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Have sex

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>My racists posts can get me fired
Well no shit. Racism, unlike doing porn, is illegal.
I hope she sues, lol.

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All women are whores

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but racism is cool and based and sex and by extension women are cringe
fuck you for defending this

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What is your problem? Just get yourself throatfucked too if you're so jealous about it

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yep, don't do racisms boys, racism is a crime, and crime is for niggers

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anyone have a link

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congrats jessica :)

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wtf, did she lose her job due to 4chan outing?

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>Racism is illegal
Where the fuck do you live?
Sounds like a dystopian hellhole.

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she lost her job due to being a literal whore

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story pls

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story: she is a literal whore

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Kek, all the pathetic white knights in this thread. How about go get laid instead of defending some whore’s virtue on 4chan lol

I-i-incels just hate sex!!11

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Google the porn title in the screens hot, literally the first result

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Came across baseprotocol.org, wanna know your opinion.
Is it true that this is new solutions for Cascade yield platform? They cooperate with Uniswap and provided liquidity pools. Seems worthy

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Cope more roastie.

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what is this monkey trying to do?

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Thats gay dude. Were no better than reddit. She shouldn't lose her job for that

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Why would anyone argue women are the better gender?

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you'll never be a real woman btw

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she did a girlsdoporn episode a few years ago and now was working at some crypto fund running like 300mil with only a couple years of experience after her undergrad
forbes named her to their 30 under 30 list and then i guess she was recognized and the story came out? fucking hilarious. she got owned hard, it's great

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She can go back to sucking cock on camera now

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that's basically what i said. whats your problem, faggot

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>sergey has a large amount of chainlink sell profits put into other assets
>announces the company jessica works at will be managing the assets which fell under her
>anons find the 30 under 30 article from forbes that mentioned her
>one anon recognized her from her porn video or searched hard enough to find some dirt on her
>chainlinks management funds were being handled by a literal whore who seemed unsure about what she was even doing in college
>hilarity ensued on biz for weeks
>ofcourse this gets spread around as much as it can, it becomes obvious she's grossly underqualified for her position and fucked her way to the top

honestly that was the worst fud link may have ever endured

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oh shit i didn't know these details thanks anon

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I'm sorry but there are certain positions in this world where, yes, absolutely you should lose your job for something like this.

She had one of them. Sucks for her. Make better choices.

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She's pretty cute in the interview, looks a but clueless, that's hot. Then the whole video is just boring porn, she's trying very hard to be what she envisions as "a good actress" even though she has no experience and it makes the whole thing sad. Just wished for something more wholesome.

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Not really, she deserved to lose her job, just not for doing porn in her past. If you disagree then you no better than sjw faggots that think people should be fired for making some politically incorrect comment on Facebook ten years ago.

>> No.24658266

>honestly that was the worst fud link may have ever endured
you are all correct except on that last part, swingers tried to use it as FUD but overall it had nothing to do with Link's future

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hahah get fucked tranny

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She probably felt empty the whole time and afterwards. Serves her good. Deep down she knew from the start it was wrong. That's what you get for "experimenting".

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>She shouldn't have lost her job because she made a porno
Yes, she should have.
Decisions have consequences. Beta faggots like you enabling thots is destroying the western world.
Why dont you go film yourself fucking and sucking on some strange dick, distribute it on the internet then try turn up to work on Monday like nothing happened.

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Where is she now

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You blame Jessica. I blame Celsius. The fact that she was fired for incompetence is shadowed by the fact that the person who hired her still probably works there in a high management position.

>> No.24658426

the joke wasn't even the porn
it's about the quote proving how clueless and incompetent she is

>> No.24658434

yeah, sure, she got fired for haivng sex

>> No.24658454

These incels ain't gonna become ur friends either bro, stop trying so hard to fit in w them

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>Decisions have consequences.
So if your employer decided to fire you because of your 4chan posts you'd be fine with it?

>> No.24658520

>Posting on anonymous forum = filming a porno
Fucking brainlet

>> No.24658523

i blame all of them

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I'm behind 7 proxies, post anonymously and don't show my stinky hole and my face to everyone with internet access

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you wish you could do the same anon

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>but racism is cool and based and sex and by extension women are cringe
fuck you for defending this
you need to be 18 or older to post on this site

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Newfags obey the cycle rule like markets

>> No.24658641

You’re missing the point.

>> No.24658648

>>Posting on anonymous forum = filming a porno
Your employer would probably see posting on 4chan as worse than being in porn. Your personal morality is irrelevant.
Also irrelevant. I'm not talking about how likely you are in being caught. I'm asking whether you'd think it was fair game for your employer to fire you because it didn't care for what you did outside working hours that had no bearing on your ability to do your job.

>> No.24658684 [DELETED] 

I could understand firing over the porn, but prioritizing experience over competence would be bad

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>> No.24658794

Why am I a woman for not wanting people to lose their jobs. Do you think it's cool when conservatives lose thier jobs? I don't. It's the same shit

>> No.24658813

No >>24658520
Got it completely right. This is also a place to vent, beside only God and yourself can punish you for things nobody sees you doing or can't be traced to you. If there was a system that could trace 4chan posts back to you and it was used by employers without you knowing they'd be in the wrong.

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No I am not you fucking retard. One publicly exposed themselves being a massive fucking slut on camera for the world to see while I shit post on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
It is a world apart.
kek go fuck youself moron

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the point is that she got caught being a retarded whore and now has to live with the consequences
I won't get caught calling niggers niggers on 4chan but if I'd publicly post the same shit with my real name on FaceBerg I'd deserve getting fired for being a massive retard
It doesn't matter whether I think I should get fired or not, this is the real world you nonce

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i wouldnt expect any human to want to be within a quarter mile of me if they saw what i post here.

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this may be the original thread, it was a fun time and some great meme's came from it

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Obvious sell signal in hindsight. Least I got out at $15.

>> No.24659036

CEL token has done more than 20x since this became big news on biz earlier this year and before that it was a completely dead token.

>> No.24659045

You're basically just npcs trying to be edgy then.

>> No.24659108

Fuckin hell, isn't it bedtime in muttland already?
Absolute retard.

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>That girl did porn
>Porn is bad
>That is good that she was fired. She should not do porn

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She isn't going to fuck you cuck

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>That girl did porn
>Porn is bad
>That is good that she was fired. She should not do porn

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Predictable incel logic. Ironically you have a woman's brain beer your so easily informed by emotion rather than principles. You realise this is the thin end of the wedge and if it continues at some point you'll probably be threatened with dismissal for not doing some mandatory office BLM virtue signalling.

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Jessica was actually highly qualified for this job. Its a shame we live in a world like this where we fire someone over their only fans account.

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Shut the fuck up you beta faggot simp and stop making excuses for a pornstar thot.
You are fucking pathetic.

>> No.24659509

No she will just make an onlyfans account and make millions from simps.

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fuck off back to plebbit nigger, if you do porn you should be executed for the kike scum that you are
fucking faggot

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>> No.24659587

She would probably excel in managing 300 million dicks.

>> No.24659674


Porn is indeed a no go. There are fucking boundaries man. I dont want my boss to be a pornstar when I work in a serious financial institution, and I think other people will not as wel. The reason for this is that it is very hard to take her serious when you know you can get a video of her getting assfucked in 3 seconds.

I mean, I want to adapt a little and be acceptable and tolerant, but within reason.
No hard feels against pornstars or anything.

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>Shut the fuck up you beta faggot simp and stop making excuses for a pornstar thot.
>You are fucking pathetic.
Like I said, you have a feminine brain. Totally incapable of logic and ruled by emotions.

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>why are 4chin incels mad at women

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>you fuck up in your life once and thus deserve to lose all of your future jobs for it

>> No.24659838

Hahahaha dumb fucking bitch.

>> No.24659844

I work with children so given 4chan’s reputation, I wouldn’t even be mad.

>> No.24659857

>continues at some point you'll probably be threatened with dismissal for not doing some mandatory office BLM virtue signalling.
already the case at big corps and western gov jobs, faggot. not laughing at some kike whore being fired won't change it

>> No.24659870

I agree for the most part, I'd refuse to have a female boss at all frankly. Women are poorly suited to be in charge of anything in the first place, and she deserved to be fired for being grossly underqualified for the position. But employers shouldn't be encouraged to dismiss people for subjective morality reasons.

Incels ITT are creaming their pants over this because it's an outlet for their impotent rage but it's this sentiment that's going to get them fired in the future for not being enthusiastically "woke" enough.

>> No.24659889

if you fuck up in public that's exactly what happens

>> No.24659918

>oh no you shouldn't be accountable for your actions and judged by them
Kys scum

>> No.24659928

>already the case at big corps and western gov jobs
That's my point, brainlet. But obviously your fine with that if you think it's acceptable to fire someone for something they did that wasn't illegal and was years before they worked there.

>> No.24659931

Not him, but damn! that's one room temperature IQ argument.

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>fired in the future

>> No.24659987

She deserves to be an undeetipped waitress for the rest of her days.

>> No.24660005

Do you need me to explain it to you? You don't understand that it's allowing a precedent for dismissing people for their legal actions outside of work and prior to commencing employment?

>> No.24660010

>everyone on 4chins is mad at women

>> No.24660024

Stop being such a simp.

>> No.24660050

fucking kek

>> No.24660086

you sound like a massive faggot desu

>> No.24660098

goddammit woman
you had it all

>> No.24660122

How am I simping when I think she deserves to be fired, but for different reasons than you. Like actual logical ones instead of impotent incel rage? Are you capable of any legit arguments or just reading off the incel textbook?

>> No.24660149

The machine is not accepting her fake money i think, but she thinks it's because they are not straight. She was probably given the bank note by her drug dealer nigger man

>> No.24660150

But unlike you I actually have sex with women.

>> No.24660178

Who was the link meme made up of a bunch of pixels from Jessicas video?

>> No.24660188

Degenerate here. i rubbed one out to those big jew titties the first time biz discovered the jessica chainlink connection. I did it for the benefit of my link stack. Your welcome

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damn you are a sensitive one aren't you

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I can’t wait until I make it.
I’ll open a shitty shell company and look for gross whores like this. I’ll hire them into nice comfy positions; I can imagine how happy they’ll be when they think that they’ve made it to easy street and that God is watching out for them. Of course, once they’re in my company I’ll demand they suck and fuck me (which as good little whores they’ll undoubtedly be more than eager to do) a week or so later into their probation period I’ll fire them without warning and tell them they just weren’t the fit we were looking for. Right to work laws are so are God’s gift to man and I am going to use it to crush and fuck these whores.

>> No.24660283

I think it's obvious who's getting triggered here, anon

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>> No.24660313

> not thinking a little white cube that links things could ruin your life

>> No.24660329

So that'll be a "no" then?

>> No.24660331

How do you plan on not getting sued for this?

>> No.24660365

Show me your fuckin tits you disgusting cow.

>> No.24660377

I did cum many times to the facial cumshot. Based whore.

>> No.24660383

You are right, but if the fuckup cost the company millions, getting fired was a little price to pay. Now she shouldn't get damaged for life for it, agreed.

>> No.24660411

Sued for what?
It’s neither illegal to have romantic relationships with employees or illegal to fire them with no reason (in right to work states)
I’ll include a camera in my office as pro off that they were eager little whores more than happy to suck my cock to defend from potential rape allegations.

>> No.24660414

Thought so

>> No.24660468

>she gotfired because of us
Excellent. Jessica Khater got what she deserved.

>> No.24660490

god damn it i fucking hate women so much. she is fucking hot as fuck though. i cant believe women are stupid enough to do this shit for 2500 dollars. its on the internet FOREVER

>> No.24660515 [DELETED] 

>Now she shouldn't get damaged for life for it
Imagine believing whores shouldn't be shamed

>> No.24660540


>> No.24660597

>She can go back to sucking cock on camera now
I would watch more of her work yes

>> No.24660625

>19 posts by this id and counting

>> No.24660633

She didn't know, which makes her decision look even sketchier, she would have lied about funds and possibly even stolen from them if she was confident that she could hide her exploits.

>> No.24660652

>So if your employer decided to fire you because of your 4chan posts you'd be fine with it?
Found the brainlet

>> No.24660710

Go on, why is it different for your employer to decide to fire you over 4chan posts or porn? Both are potentially embarrassing from your employer's perspective.

>> No.24660802

It's an anonymous board...

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>going to get them fired in the future
As opposed to the past? Do you use your brain when you write? Please give it a shot (in the future, faggot).

>> No.24660890

And? You obviously missed the point.

>> No.24660904

Getting pounded out at an H+R Block as part of the interview process.

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