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Looks like NFTS are going crazy and wax
exchange is pushing it with new legends Coming on Wax NFT marketplace

after successful launch of atari NFTs,
deadmau EDM legend is coming with his NFTs on wax exchange,
great time ahead fro nfts and waxp.
this altseason dont miss WAXP!

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I am positively bullish on the nft market right now, think about how undervalued that is.

WAX is one of those projects that I think can really reach a big market cap if people start realizing how important this market is, and that will happen very soon.

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I have been holding WAX for a few months, but I really like the idea of nfts so that's just me.

As an actual investment I like to get some designs from the marketplace, WAX has the biggest nft market in crypto right now.

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wax is really the king of nfts with recent gains will see moon coming

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Yeah I think that is right, they have the best and biggest marketplace in the industry at the moment, and it is going to grow even bigger.

People are just coming in this space, and the growth we will experience is going to be huge.

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Deadmau5 is doing NFT? That sounds like some 2077 stuff lol so here for it

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Is this one of those flavor of the month scams? Not even bothering

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Hell yeah man, you should see their designs, I think they actually look good not like all those other spam nfts that you see around.

And they are not even the only good designs on the wax marketplace.

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WAX is the future, and not only that, NFTs in general are the future, it just so happens that WAX is the leader of this space.

The new tokenomics are going to be absolutely revolutionary, think about defi and nfts together, that is what WAX does best.

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fuck off with this scam, nfts are useless, no point in getting any

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I wouldn't be so sure about this anon, WAX has been around for a long time, there is no way that this is going to be a scam.

In fact it is the most reputable out of all the nft markets.

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This gives me hope for the future, I think that Nfts can really become the standard if people realize the potential.

I have my stacks ready and will buy more over time.

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well deadmau the legend is on wax then u cant argue more go for it!

i m even planing to get some deadmau nft!

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nfts are fake just like anyother shitcoin, with no value just speculation & volatility is even crazy

wax will go down once nft trend come down!

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get lost shill something better we have better choices than this you idiot!

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we are seeing huge growth in nfts volume with more users are coming i cant see people will loose interest in fact we will see more growth

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$PORN whitepaper + airdrop announcement in 2 days on t.me/FreeRoss

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what is ntf?

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The last few months have been a huge for NFT activity on market.

Wax is becoming favorite player in NFTs marketplace If they continue this way we will see huge growth in NFTs and WAXP token

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nfts are like rare arts you cant duplicate them thats y they called as non fungible token, try to get some and u will understand more

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with full suite of blockchain-based tools that allow anyone to trade NFTs instantly and securely to anyone, anywhere & with ethereum brindge waxe
they will win the nft race

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WAXP is doomed to win.

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didn't waxp have partnerships with Microsoft and marvel?

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wax is a scam, they got permanent banned by Valve for gambling shit, and they shutdown VGO skins. 2 exit scams so far, why the fuck would any1 touch this scam?

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think waxp is prity shit desu... explain to me why its a good coin?

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but WAXP is just the framework... and csgo was more about gambling then marketplaces but they also got hit.. but exit scams is just not true

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The got banned with millions of $ from customers.

Google VGO skins and see how they literally just shutdown waxexpress trading and all the VGO skins never came back.

stfu pajeet scammer

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yeah i believe so they are doing really good!

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if you want to work MacDonald for the rest of ur live and die a virgin go ahead but fuck off spreading fucking lies retard

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someone is mad cuz he hasn't had good pussy for years yeeeees .

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They REMOVED VGO with the snap of their finger and never added it again.

Valve even made a blog post about them shutting them down - https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/expresstrade/

stfu you "spreading lies" faggot

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also here's how much they got banned with - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/8ssrc9/a_estimated_87_million_dollars_in_skins_are/

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That is not WAXP that is scamming? like what are you trying to point out? people that used WAX scammed people? that is the same as saying people got scammed by fake bitcoin streams so bitcoin is scamming people.

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OPSkins = behind VGO skins = behind Wax = Behind WAXP

stfu you absolute fucking disgusting filthy scamming fuck

there's a reason this shitcoin went down -99% and stay at 98-99%

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People collecting NFTs and Pokemon cards are the dumbest lot anywhere.
Why dont you donate your money for better cause.

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Might have had more to do with their initial coin release being 1000x what they said they were going to do. A 99% fall isn't too shabby for a 999% oversupply. But yeah, fuck those guys.

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just a scam however you look at it, fuck those guys.

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still has a shitty doubt on WAXP like I'm more like trusting bitcoin and other fungible coins/tokens. Anyway time will tell

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dude, i know waxp i s going to play a vital role in the nonfungible tokens space. imagine WAX's team up with famous brands like google and microsoft.

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Is NFTs worth time spending and investing? I like spending my time and investing my funds on tangible projects like btc and eth. Anyway, I'll consider this wax of a thing and take a look

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it's interesting to see a lot of peeps are talking about the future and high chances of success for WAXP as the king and wueen of NFTs moon space. The future of games is bright on decentralized space. I can't keep calm I'm investing and hodling the damn sexy thing

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Lol you guys talking about nft's and i see no mention about the most superior one, NDR. Still hidden tho so i dont blame

check >>24649525

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oh who are these people

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Only new shit. 90% of WAX is dumping on you after the pre-sale.

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Anytime a thread has this much activity, and its all positive. Avoid like the plague.

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True dat. Fuck Wax get into NDR.

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they fighting for decentralised tomorrow!

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