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Polkastarter after dip last month saw huge rally with coming mvp launch & moving from ethereum to polkado has make it hot pick for coming altseason, i m bullish on POLS hodling till 10x,

r u ready?

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pols with upcoming mvp launch and recent gains has make market buzz about pols i hope they carried out launch on time holding till then

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i m getting this why i need pols when i have dot
i m bullish on dot, pols is doing great work i cant see the results hope it work for u

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Polkastarter shows sign of growth as they will soon complete
>Migration to Polkadot
>Multi-chain swaps
>Full KYC integration
>Whitelist features

get pols for altseason

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The potential of this project is huge, I think having the possibility of crosschain support for eth and dot is what we need right now in crypto.

I have my stacks ready for the moon mission.

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what you need is eth the whole crypto is depends on eth chain, high fees are problem but i think with coming eth2.0 we may see cheap gas fees more defi futures on it

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POLS as a layer 2 looks quite promising at the moment.

The fact that we can have a solution to those high fees makes me hopeful for eth future.

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I have been holding 10k POLS for a few days now, seems to be going well price wise.

I am waiting for the MVP release to finally see what happens to this token.

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Once all of that happens POLS will be a $5 token or even more by the looks of it.

The fundamentals are way to strong for this one, it has the potential to be a top 10 coin

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bullish on pols with defi features under one roof had partner with covalent to bring anti-spam features

with coming MVP launch we may see new ATH for pols

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Not buying you bags, stop shilling this shit already

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Good because no one is selling POLS right now, you would have to be quite the idiot to sell what will lead the next alt season.

Good luck missing this moon mission.

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They call POLS the king of dexes for a reason, no one comes close right now

>low fees
>built on eth and dot

Who else can do this? Not even uniswap.

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Unironically kill yourself if you really think that POLS isn't the gem to hold in 2021.

Have you even seen what they are doing or did you miss out on that too?

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bitcoin is the real king we are just going thought correction its great opportunity to buy some and be a part of future

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>Polkastarter will help Startups and companies to raise funds on a secure platform.

>Token pools will include dutch and sealed-bid auctions.

>Closed OTC deals with password protection & munch more to come.

my 100x gem

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i think we have eth i dont need pols to raise funds cant trust them even polkadot is seeing low growth what makes pols to hold upto 10x

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I'm hold a bag of pols and this amount of shilling makes me want to sell if I'm being honest

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Give me ur POLS then fucking idiot if you dont believe in this project. go work mac donalds again.

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OP better get your shit together if you want to shill your bags here. GTFO

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OP if you want to shill your bags next time do a better job.
You suck at shilling your bags.

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