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plasmapay the hiiden defi gem is going to list on bithumb & uniswap with latest partnership news with KAVA.
to provide plasmapay users access to KAVA & HARD token.
will plasmapay see new highs in this altseason?

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plasmpay is really surprising me with their continues partnership idk if it just gimik for listing looks promising i will get some ppay in case they pump u know how altseason goes

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get some DOT future is here they are next eth so cheap now u cant miss this gem so underrated but as more projects are coming we will see new higes 100 dollar confirm

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I am waiting for the plasma.finance release, it should be very soon.

I think that having all those features is gonna be a very game changing thing, it's only a matter of time before people notice how good that is.

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I will be getting my first bag on the 10 once trading starts, I have my money ready.

Ppay might really be the moonshot that I was waiting for, I just need to wait two days and finally get my bags ready.

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Can someone explain to me what this even is? I heard about it but still don't understand quite what it does

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let shit sink to the sea lol this wont last without i cant trust them

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Same here, I think that getting in early will be what makes a difference for me.

The market cap prediction for the start of trading is 50 millions, I am hoping to buy in that range and then just hold for the time being.

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You are very fucking wrong, did you even read what they do and how they do it?

It doesn't take a genius to understand that this is a very good project with a nice team and strong fundamentals.

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dude they alreday launch plasma finance and more will come great things take time just get some and hodl see the magic

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Let's just say that this is the future of payments, no one comes close right now, especially in crypto.

Plasmapay can really get even bigger than paypal as it is right now, it only takes a bit of time and some recognition, and that will come too.

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Correct, that is what makes plasmapay much different than any other payments projects.

Plasma.finance is like a bloomberg dashboard for crypto, who else has something like that? No one right now.

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Miss me with this shit, seems like a rug pull waiting to happen, better to put my money somewhere else.

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These constant announcements and partnerships that Plasma is doing is making me look weird. But who knows, as HARD and KAVA tokens about to hit PlasmaPay, definitely something valuable is getting added to blockchain

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what you need is just bitcoin once we get above 20k we are going to 3ok and alts will doom like crazy r u nood or what? get bitcoin

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Jesus Christ when does this end?! Just another shitcoin with no audits, so we will get rugged! Get an audit and Ill cosider it

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Why I am interested in this low cap gem plasmapay

>Plasmapay app which already have 100,000 users

>plasma finance changing defi games

>elrond parthnership, egld on plasmachain

can't miss this sale

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u r concerns are right i thing team looks goos with aim to change defi scene they are not new already serving the world from 2018

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cover is what u need in last couple of days it saw insane gains after binance listing will see 100x coming

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Why dont you guys just get a few contract audits there are a few nice options. Check out coinbae.org

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