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I bought $300 worth of $Base a few days ago and my tokens will be worth over 20 thousand dollars today

how badly will crypto tax fuck me over

I'm a broke 21 year old I've never had this much money

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Buy some giftcards with crypto

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>Land of the Free

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you can't cash out anyway bro

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you made it brother
probably best to keep it in crypto, learn about the tax laws for yourself and then decide:


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It will only fuck you over if you don't pay.

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i think the least you can do is at least put it into tether while you figure things out

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and like my ID says, your life with have 0 quality for 6 years if you don't

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I would put half in the bank and leave it there and play with the other half

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If you want the real answer its that if you sell, set aside the taxes now into a usd savings type account (like fusdc by harvest.finance) where you cant lose it. If you're holding theres no tax until you sell.

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$20k isn't taxed too much, if you decide on paying it, lend ~$3k of your crypto on a trusted site and pay the tax using that money. The lent out money isn't taxed.

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Others may tell you this is stupid and press. Just remember all risk is gambling. Even buying a goat is gambling.

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>how badly will crypto tax fuck me over
you don't have to pay until you sell/exchange for another coin or for cash.

also, if you can bear to hold for a year, you'll get a much lower tax rate.

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Just hang onto it for another few days.,
It'll be worth almost $100k, then $0.
You can claim the $300 loss.

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Nice shill pretending to be a larp.
Even if you bought im at the lowest point you'd have only made a 10x.
Away with you pajeet

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scam coin but this

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I bought within literally the first 10 minutes

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explain this.

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These idiots will get rugpulled so hard. Waronrugs told them and they tried to lynch him and even reported him to Twitter commies. These greedy fucks deserve everything thats coming to them.

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>made 19.7k doing no work, contributing nothing to society
>bitches about having to pay tax


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>I bought $300 worth of $Base a few days ago
> literally the first 10 minutes

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You won't have to worry. The shit just rugged.

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It rebased you dumbass. I don't like this project either but I at least know how it works.

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>It rebased
based on what?

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>Government literally did nothing to aid him in risking his hard earned and already taxed $300 yet want their share when he succeeds and disappear if and when he fails

God I hate that I share oxygen with midwit wagies like you.

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Le broken website

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Overall crypto market cap.
So token holders got 315% more tokens and price went back to $0.57.
Price is pegged to $1 = 1 trillion crypto market cap. So Right now at 575 billion, it's pegged to $0.57

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base launched literally 4 days ago

coingecko reporting error. it actually just pumped another 25% after the rabies

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Well it was a good run, now let's get into 0xycoreclonegemv3oracle like the rest of the jeets

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put it into stable coins and farm liquidity pool rewards on a stable coin pair.

Wait for crypto to be adopted.

No cashing out :D

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This is why I need sniping bots. Jesus how low was the marketcap? 5k ?

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If it's always adjusting how does anybody make money?

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Why the FUCK didnt my wallet rebase???? What the fuck bros

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Mfw I also saw base but wasn’t rich enough to have 300 to reap the benefits

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You don't pay taxes until you sell, what I would do (in minecraft) is buy silver and gold bullion with your gains (can do this on sites like JMBullion) and then sell those for cash at a local coin shop or something, you'll lose some money but less than taxes, I wouldn't reccomend doing this because not paying taxes is evil but it is a valid strategy in minecraft

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My tokens didnt increase. What went wrong?someone please explain

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Go to your etherscan wallet page and click on Base from the token dropdown menu. Proper amount should be on the contract page.

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