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You know that NFTs are the future right anon? So why are you sleeping on WAX, the biggest and best nft marketplace in crypto right now?

I think a 10x from the current price is in order once NFTs become mainstream, and that is going to happen very soon.

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King of NFTs, only a matter of time before people and normies come flocking to this new space.

In the meantime I am building quite a big stack of wax

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So why are nfts that important op? Is it really the future or just a temporary fad?

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I am in WAX mainly because of the new tokenomics, I am quite bullish on that.

I think that getting defi integration in the nft market is something that needs to be done asap, and WAX is doing that.

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Not op, but let me tell you, nfts are very early technology, and like everything else the early investors will be rewarded.

This is just like bitcoin in its early stages when it was very cheap.

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Not buying, nfts are trash and no one cares about them

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kek you don't know shit then, look at the way the market has been growing lately, or just look at the WAX marketplace, even a moron could tell that NFTs are becoming the next big thing.

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I hold a few wax, not only that also some other nft project, I think that the market is very undervalued at the moment, a pump could be coming any second now, this is why I want to get ready.

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NFT's are traded these days to make some money!!
People are buying and selling NFTs on the WAX chain!!

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what is this nfts are going crazy but how waxp will make it thair are many nfts exchnage i cant see any improvement in wax

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Do you guys still believe in NFTs?
DO u think we can make any money from it?

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the are most traded exchnage users see trust and with new tokenomic defi fetures has been added on waxp get this gem or u will loose it

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i love nfts i have got my first nft on wax it was easy just want them to make it more user friendly hope they will bring more on it

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nfts going to down to zero no value no use case just speculation stay away from this mess get eth
stake it earn

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WAX is the top 4 in terms of market cap in NFT market.
The new tokenomics model coming soon!!

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i m confuse with nfts i lost so much i m just hodling now

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NFTs market is seeing huge grow, wax blockchain has already make it's mark on NFTs market place i m bullish on waxp

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why u guys get those shitcoin you know what u need just bitcoin get a like dude

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wax has just Buzz the NFTs market by teamed up withAtari to bring Atari digital collectibles to the WAX Blockchain.
More will come to wax blockchain 10x coming!

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Wax has a brilliant advisory team!!
Microsoft, Google, Atari, Marvel,etc.
Next Marvel will get its collectibles!!

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Is it a buzz in the market or a rumor being spread that marvel is launching NFTs on WAX chain?
Any news links?

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Wax chain has powered many secondary markets. They are making good money.
People are making NFTs like KOGS whose 1st edition is sold out and 2nd edition is about to be launched!!

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Maybe. I think NFTs are wildly ahead of their time and may be something worth keeping an eye on but don't expect anything in the next 5 years.

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KOGS has made a good amount of money on the WAX chain. They launched their NFTs and traded them.
Now launching 2nd edition ? Just be about 3 months though..

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WAX powered secondary marketplace are BOOMING!
atomichub 39.5M $WAXP
CollectablesIo 7.5M $WAXP

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what are pros and cons between WAXP vs RAR vs ENJ...these seem to be the trop 3 in NFT

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