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Missing out on POLS? How dumb do you have to be to not have even a small suicide stack of the king of dexes?

Let's be honest the MVP release will pump this coin to at least $1, and we are still sub 50 cents right now so perfect opportunity/

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>How dumb do you have to be to not have even a small suicide stack of the king of dexes?
Dumb as fuck, I got 10k when it was at 30 cents, best decision I have ever made, missing out on pols should be a crime.

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Why should I buy this piece of shit coin that only dumps? Literally no reason to do that.

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As far as dexes go this one is looking rather good, the team is professional and they are very close to release.

Personally I am waiting for the MVP, I only have 5k POLS right now but I might buy a lot more in the future.

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Are you for real anon? Why do you spread fud if you don't know shit about the project?

Go to their website and read the whitepaper at lease, so you can understand why POLS is the future.

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they call POLS the new uniswap for a reason, it has all the good features of uni with none of the drawbacks.

>low fees
>no bots
>crosschain operability

Not missing out on this

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How is this better than uniswap? Someone explain please I need to know

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What's a suicide stack for this? I threw 3 ETH at it and got a little over 4k, but feeling like that is too little when it might 3x before eoy

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Stupid shitcoin getting shilled once again, not buying your bags op

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You could say that the project has flaws or that they may not deliver, but calling it a stupid shit coin is ridiculous. It will be the cross chain dex on polka-dot with several features that Uniswap lacks for example. If it captures 1/10th of the volume of Uniswap it will go to 10$ easily

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You cant miss out if you already are involved in the EPICenter and keeping your true privacy intact while conducting your daily life like normal

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well yeah this is perfect opportunity for all the shitcoins u cant miss this shit

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ya it can help Startups and companies to raise funds on a secure platform.

Token pools will include dutch and sealed-bid auctions.

Closed OTC deals with password protection & munch more to come exited for MVP

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I botted it and got my 50x

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pols is so cheap right now with alts are seeing crazy swings pols has't breakout i m buying this dip with hope of 10x just hodl

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get the fuck out of here pols have nothing to show without officially launch i cant trust this bastered

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this hidden gem have big future with 100x gains
after covalent partnership i m optimistic with team they will deliever what promise

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I missed out the POLS dip do you think I can still make some money from pols right now!!

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i bought some at 0.32 and hodling till $5 my retirement plan is pols with its staking reward i m alreday making money get pols before mvp
moon coming

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they are launching it u will miss this rally so sorry for u crying baby

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Obvio buying it right now at a slight dip is also fine.
Be sane and buy it as MVP is coming. I am hoping it to cross $1 soon.

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I m so optimistic about polkastarter defi, what makes POLS different from other defi projects is that they
focuses on solving Uniswap's biggest challenge bringing anti-spam feature will stop those fake coins

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3.4k POLS here

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recnt massie gain on pols have make it hot token to be buy this altseason dont miss this thing!

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POLS is a good coin.
It has partnered with moonbeam for migration to Polkadot.
Token bought by DFG group and a commitment that the tokens are for long term and they will not sell it now.
The amount is undisclosed though. But due to which Pols and not going down anytime soon!!

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POLS is a solid project on the polkadot ecosystem.
It has been trending on coingecko since the past 10 day in the top most searched coin!!

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Pols is on ethereum will never come on polkadot.
Buy Uni uniswap is already running and famous.
It is a live project!!

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F**k Off!!
Bullshit if pols come on Polkadot then Uniswap will be a shit coin!!
It is still a shit exchange!!

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Polkastarter is a project which is based on the polkadot ecosystem.
Partnered with moonbeam for easy migration into polkadot,
DFG has invested an undisclosed amount of money. So from here POLS will only rise there is no looking back. MVP soon.

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POLS is a coin to HODL.
10x soon.
MVP soon.
retirement coin.

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shit name

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