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Are there really people on biz that will miss out on PlasmaPay? I refuse to believe this, so here's a little help:
Plasmapay starts trading on the 10th of this month, on both bithumb and uniswap, get ready to fill your bags anons, because this projects is one of a kind.

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Fuck I wish I got into the private sale for this one, it has been on my radar for a while, not I will have to wait to buy once trading starts.

I will still be in it for the long term tho, too many good features to pass on it.

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I am not quite sure op, you want me to buy plasmapay for what reason? At least tell me what it does

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Sounds like one of those useless scams that rug pull after the token is out

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Very simple friend, it's the future of payments, with more potential than paypal even.

They have all that it's needed for merchants to send and receive transaction, high tps and low fees.

The team is also very good, lots of professionals working on plasmapay.

stop being a fag and do some research, so you will see how good ppay is

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I already knew about plasmapay, I am mainly waiting for the release of plasma.finance, that is going to be very bullish I am quite sure.

Also will get some once trading starts to make sure not to miss the moon mission.

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token not needed, I am not buying another shitcoin like this one

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Are you literally retarded? You are going to miss this opportunity just because you can't do a bit of research?

It doesn't take a genius to see that this project is legit.

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this altseason we will see all coins pumping like crazy specially low cap gems have 100x possibility cant miss this!

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what the fuk is this? arab shillers hit again

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have you check dot the next ethereum so cheap now just $5 sold eth at 600 now getting more dot bags

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you need bitcoin nothing else just buy bitcoin chill enjoy life

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plasmapay with zero gas fees has better opportunity to rise in this defi race i m getting my bags and hodl till see 10x

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lol who are they sounds like another shit to cashout on defi

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check them
Plasma.finance launch soon before TGE , which is like bloomberg dashboard for crypto
they have working product dude

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this is another money grab biz with big VCs behind it.

if you want to buy, wait 2-3 weeks because there will be a massive dump by all the private investors.

fuck op for scamming annons

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Why I am interested in this low cap gem plasmapay

>plasma.finance launch

>Plasmapay app which already have 100,000 users

>Plasmapay & elrond partnership

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leave that shit get cover has up 60% with upside trand we may see huge gains dont miss this buy now

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PlasmaPay is better than PayPal.
It has the potential to take over the PayPal market and give it proper competition!!

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Polkastarter defi future

>anti-spam feature
>Migration to Polkadot
>Multi-chain swaps
>Full KYC integration
>Whitelist features

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Can we buy it OTC?
Is it sold out in private sales or is it just a hype?

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Yes buy it in any of the OTC groups.
It is better than Paypal. Go for it.
In this bull run it will go very high!!
With plasma.finance token will come in your dashboard!!

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Buying plasmapay will get some money or will get it get dumped?
I am here for money no bullshit technology??

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There are many people who are here for money and some are here for the tech.
For money it is over subscribed and sold on OTC groups.
For Tech it is definitely better than PayPal, now you can see the potential it can tap.

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Plasmapay has partnered with Next Protocol, geeq, etc.
It has already launched plasma.finance.
The dashboard is like bloomberg!!
Check it out!!
Launching on 10th Dec on bithumb and uniswap!!

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Shiller please don't shill here.
Just get lost.

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Plasmapay already has 100k users and spread in 165+ countries it will surely go to moon.
Established since 2018.

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